Will your local pay your winnings on time?

Offshore sportsbooks are large, solid companies with lots of money in the bank. Offshore books don’t run out of cash. They don’t depend week to week on other players losing to pay you. You won’t hear excuses about why you can’t meet up with your local after having a winning week. Local bookmakers have limited financial resources. This leads to situations like  “slow plays” and “no plays.”

Does your Local Bookie offer you bonuses?

Short answer, No! Local bookies need to worry about getting paid. They operate on thin margins with almost no capital. Because of this, they can’t offer bonuses or cash back programs. Also, they’re usually not in competition with other local bookmakers. This means they don’t have to offer a better product to keep their customers from going elsewhere. Offshore sportsbooks are in constant competition with one another. The end result is that players get bigger bonuses, more cash back, loyalty programs, juice discounts, and promos.

Our Top Two World Class Sportsbooks offer monthly calendar promos, huge bonuses on every deposit, up to 25% cash back twice a year, and a loyalty program. You’ll never get so much from a local.

Don’t you prefer your winnings delivered to your door?

If you’re like us, you’re over meeting up with your local in seedy bars, gas stations, at rest stops, and other sketchy places. We don’t need the hassle, want the trouble, or have the time to deal with those meetups when we want to collect. When you bet offshore, you can count on your money getting to your fast and delivered to your doorstep. Moreover, we can track it the entire way. Even better, if you use bitcoin, you can get your money in hours. That’s the sort of service a local can’t compete with.

Do you like being taken advantage of?

Local bookies are always on the low end when it comes to payouts on parlays and teasers. They jack up the juice on teasers, and lower the payouts on parlays. They do the same thing on props and futures. The juice they charge on live betting (when they offer it) is obnoxious. A dirty secret is local bookies charge extra juice or short a half point when you bet on your local teams. In contrast, offshore books offer a wide array of betting options at fair odds.

BetPOP, one of our Top Two Sportsbooks for 2017, offers some of the highest parlay payoffs and lowest teaser juice in the industry. Youwager, our Top Sportsbook, has a 105 juice special football season on Friday evenings. You’re never going to get such lucrative offers from a local bookmaker.

Read Between the Lines

What your local says and what he means aren’t always the same thing. We help you decode some of the more common local bookmaker deceptions.


Situation What He Says What He Really Means
You win big on the weekend and hit your settle figure. “I got a lot of stuff going on, why don’t we let the figure roll into the next week?” “I got stiffed by some players and don’t have the money to pay you this week.”
You have a losing weekend and hit your settle number. “We need to meet up early this week. I’m going out of town.” “I don’t have the money to pay my other players and need your cash before I see them.”
You can’t log into your account and call your agent. “We’re updating our software so I’m going to give you a new account number. The system will be back online in a day.” “I got kicked out of my per-head shop for not paying and am switching to a new company.”
You’re waiting at the bar to collect you’re winnings. Your local is an hour late and sends you a text. “Sorry, had an emergency. Let’s reschedule for next week.” “I have no money to pay you and never intended on showing up.”