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Mystik Dan, the horse that won the Kentucky Derby, Seize the Grey, and Sierra Leone, the horse that finished in second place in the Derby, have been the horses that have dominated the narrative in the days leading up to the 156th running of the Belmont Stakes, which will take place on Saturday.

This should not come as a surprise, especially when taking into consideration the fact that Todd Pletcher has stated that Fierceness will not be attending the Saratoga competition that will take place this coming weekend. It appears that the top of the odds board is a close call because this race has the potential to go in a variety of different directions, particularly if the weather is heavy.

Similar to this, bettors who are willing to take significant risks on races such as the Derby, Preakness, and Belmont have a greater likelihood of making a profit. There have been only 66 favorites out of 154 who have won the Belmont since 1908, 40 favorites out of 116 have won the Kentucky Derby, and 73 favorites out of 149 have won the Preakness.

These stats make it very evident that gamblers ought to exercise caution and refrain from putting all of their eggs in the basket of the odds-on favorite. In order to determine the value of each and every aspect of sports betting, we must first determine the value of each and every aspect.

2024 Belmont Stakes Betting Odds

Here are the 2024 Belmont Stakes Betting odds:

Pos. Horse Odds
9 Sierra Leone 9-5
10 Mindframe 7-2
3 Mystik Dan 5-1
1 Seize the Grey 8-1
2 Resilience 10-1
8 Honor Marie 12-1
5 Antiquarian 12-1
4 The Wine Steward 15-1
6 Dornoch 15-1
7 Protective 20-1

2024 Belmont Stakes Betting: Best bets

Now in this 2024 Belmont Stakes Betting preview, we have the best bets for the race.

Sierra Leone (9-5)

Sporting News believes that Sierra Leone, who has a good track record, is the best choice this weekend at Saratoga. Although it may seem arduous to identify a clear favorite, Sporting News believes that Sierra Leone is the best decision. An exceptional speed profile, tactical quickness, a respectable pedigree, and an established track record on a variety of surfaces are all characteristics that this horse possesses at this point in time.

Chad Brown, a trainer from Saratoga who has claimed several Belmont training crowns and is familiar with this track, is a candidate for the Hall of Fame. As a result of his ability to recognize when it is appropriate to make adjustments, he recently altered Sierra Leone’s bit and jockey change.

In light of the fact that Sierra Leone did not appear to require a great deal of alterations in order to restore its position, the choice of Flavien Prat to succeed Tyler Gaffalione ought. Two times and once, the horse has finished in third place out of its total of five appearances. He has a fantastic record that he can build upon this coming weekend.

Mystik Dan (5-2)

It has been a wonderful experience for Mystik Dan, who has won the Kentucky Derby and finished in second place in the Preakness. Despite the fact that the colt, who is only three years old, still has the potential to win two of the three major races or to finish in the top three, he has missed out on the chance to become the fourteenth horse to win the Triple Crown.

After winning the muddy Southwest Stakes by eight lengths, Mystik Dan, a strong galloper with stalking speed, earned appeal as a cheap bet for the Kentucky Derby. His victory in the Southwest Stakes was the catalyst for his rise to prominence.

During the Run for the Roses, he displayed a comparable degree of positional speed and endurance. He kept a lead from the halfway point onward and ultimately triumphed by a slim margin in a finish that was historically tight.

An outstanding pedigree, a fantastic starting position at post No. 3, and incredible closing speed on any surface are all characteristics that Mystik Dan possesses. It is not a bad idea to compete under the direction of Brian Joseph Hernandez Jr., who has already won the Eclipse Award. Unquestionably, Mystik Dan is one of the two solutions that is considered to be the best.

Belmont Stakes 2024: Best Exacta Picks

Next in this 2024 Belmont Stakes Betting preview, we have the best exacta picks.

Seize the Grey

Following his spectacular victory in the Pat Day Mile on the day of the Kentucky Derby, Seize the Grey made headlines when he won the Preakness Stakes by a significant margin. This triumph came one month after his victory in the Kentucky Derby. Because of his exceptional speed profile and his ability to adapt to any track conditions, this colt is an excellent option for an exacta this coming weekend.

Seize the Grey broke his maiden at Saratoga, and his trainer, Wayne Lucas, had already won four Belmonts by the time Saratoga was over. The rigorous schedule of this horse, which included three races in a span of five weeks, would have had an even greater impact on his chances of winning.

Despite this, he should be able to finish this Saturday night at Saratoga at least in second or third place. This is because he is coming off of the lead, which is the most successful lead in the history of Belmont.


When it comes to the Belmont, Antiquarian appears to be undervalued and appears to be getting better with each race that passes. This three-year-old colt, who won the Peter Pan Stakes at Aqueduct a month ago, is in fantastic shape heading into the weekend and has a good chance of running away with the victory.

Todd Pletcher was responsible for training Antiquarian, a horse that possessed great tactical speed and an unappreciated endurance. In his four starts, he has two victories and one second-place finish. Even if Antiquarian might not be the best choice for the straight win, you should still take into consideration the exacta or trifecta tickets that are available for this weekend.

Belmont Stakes 2024: Exacta with Sleeper/Long Shot

Our preview of the 2024 Belmont Stakes Betting includes an exacta that includes a long shot and a sleeper. This is the last but not the least of our predictions.

Honor Marie (12-1 to win)

It is difficult for the Sporting News to ever consider Honor Marie to be out of the running. After six starts in his career, he has two victories, two seconds, and a fifth-place finish to his name. At this point in the year, he has not yet won a race; however, if he gets out to a strong start this weekend, that may change very soon.

Since Honor Marie’s disappointing eighth-place finish at the Kentucky Derby, trainer Whit Beckman has been complimenting her outstanding performance in training. On Saturday, it is not difficult to picture Honor Marie, a horse that is a fighter, bursting through and achieving an overwhelming victory that came as a complete surprise.

Protective (20-1 to win)

Due to the fact that Protective has never won a race in his entire career and is still a maiden, the horse that is being trained by Todd Pletcher for this weekend has the longest odds of any horse that is competing in the field.

Having said that, we are discussing a colt that has strong stamina genetics and appears to improve with each start throughout the course of its lifetime. If you are too afraid to pick Protective to win, you can decide to roll him into a low-stakes exacta box instead of picking any other horse.

Best Position in Horse Racing

As a result of a pause in the rebuilding process, the event that is scheduled to take place this weekend will be held at Saratoga Race Course in Saratoga Springs, New York, rather than at Belmont Park, which is the typical location for such events.

Having said that, it is still extremely important to take note of the post-position success rates from prior years, taking into consideration not only the race but also racing in general.

Obtaining the best position in horse racing is contingent upon a great number of factors, including the horse, the track, the jockey, the terrain, the weather, and the other competitors.

On top of that, different roles call for different strategies. Every single position from one to thirteen has been victorious in at least one race at the Belmont Stakes. Despite this, the top post has earned the most number of victories in the history of the sport, which is excellent news for Seize the Day, the horse that won the Preakness.

Not only should Mystik Dan and his company be thrilled with their victory in the Kentucky Derby, but they should also be pleased with the fact that the No. 3 post has won 16 times, including the race from the prior day. The final victory for the top slot occurred in the year 2018.

With regard to the Belmont Stakes, the following is a comprehensive list of winners, broken down by post position, throughout the course of its history:

Post pos. Belmont winners
1 24
2 13
3 16
4 10
5 15
6 9
7 14
8 7
9 4
10 1
11 3
12 1
13 1

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