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There are two talents who, if the betting odds are any indication, are clearly the favorites to go first overall in this year’s crop, making the 2024 NBA draft class one of the most open in a long time.

The front-runners for the Atlanta Hawks’ No. 1 overall pick are Frenchmen Zaccharie Risacher and Alexandre Sarr, the big man for the Perth Wildcats of the NBL.

Check out the latest odds to find out who will be the next player taken first in the draft, following in the footsteps of players such as Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, and Victor Wembanyama.

2024 NBA Draft Betting: Who Will Go First Overall?

Prospect Odds
Alexandre Sarr -170
Zaccharie Risacher +150
Donovan Clingan +500
Reed Sheppard +3000
Matas Buzelis +10000
Stephon Castle +10000
Nikola Topic +20000
Robert Dillingham +20000
Bronny James +30000

2024 NBA Draft Betting: Who Will Go Second Overall?

Prospect Odds
Alexandre Sarr +130
Zaccharie Risacher +130
Donovan Clingan +420
Reed Sheppard +1000
Stephon Castle +3000
Matas Buzelis +3500
Nikola Topic +6000
Robert Dillingham +6000
Bronny James +20000

2024 NBA Draft Betting: Who Will Go Third Overall?

Prospect Odds
Reed Sheppard +140
Donovan Clingan +240
Stephon Castle +650
Matas Buzelis +1000
Zaccharie Risacher +1000
Alexandre Sarr +1500
Nikola Topic +2000
Robert Dillingham +3000
Ron Holand +3000

2024 NBA Draft Betting Prediction: First Overall Pick

Now in this 2024 NBA Draft Betting prediction, we have the two players that are the top favorites to go first overall:

Alexandre Sarr

The 19-year-old French 7-footer Alexandre Sarr and the unicorn Wembanyama inevitably share some characteristics, but there is where the similarities end.

Sarr still has a great deal of potential. Despite averaging only 9.7 points per game with the Perth Wildcats, he is tough to dismiss due to his 7-foot-4 and a half wingspan and athletic gifts. His offensive repertoire is also far more nuanced than some may think.

It is impossible to transmit size, yet Sarr has plenty of it. Sarr may have the best long-term potential for any struggling club trying to win big, despite his general uneven play and shooting efficiency (just over 70% at the free-throw line and less than 30% from 3-point range).

Zaccharie Risacher

Basketball runs in the family: Zaccharie Risacher’s father, Stephane Risacher, won the 2006 Spanish League and was a six-time French League All-Star. Playing for JL Bourg-en-Bresse in France, young Zaccharie has shown that he can defend large men and guards, which is an important skill for any small forward. Risacher makes few mistakes and converts shoots frequently, despite his lack of ball control and lack of artistic ability to create his own shots.

Where Will Bronny James Be Drafted?

The wild card in the class is Bronny James, the superstar LeBron James’ son. Before his own career concludes, LeBron has stated that he would like to play with Bronny. The 19-year-old prospect is most likely a late second-round pick with +30,00000 odds to go first to Atlanta, while it’s possible he ends up undrafted.

And there’s a potential that one of the 30 teams in the league may decide to sign Bronny in the hopes that LeBron would do the same, given that LeBron has the option to forego his 2024–25 player option and enter unrestricted free agency.

Bronny played for the Trojans, primarily as a reserve, and averaged 4.8 points per game. He probably would have benefited from spending one or two more years in college to continue developing.

Last 10 NBA First Overall Picks

Year Player School / Team Odds at Time of Draft
2023 Victor Wembanyama Metropolitans 92 (France LNB) -50000
2022 Paolo Banchero (ORL) Duke -200
2021 Cade Cunningham (DET) Oklahoma State -8000
2020 Anthony Edwards (MIN) Georgia -125
2019 Zion Williamson (NOP) Duke -2500
2018 Deandre Ayton (PHX) Arizona -2500
2017 Markelle Fultz (PHI) Washington -750
2016 Ben Simmons (PHI) LSU -650
2015 Karl-Anthony Towns (MIN) Kentucky -200
2014 Andrew Wiggins (CLE) Kansas -250

Wembanyama is the first first-overall selection to play for a team outside of the United States since the Toronto Raptors selected Italian player Andrea Bargnani in 2006. He becomes the latest in a long line of exceptional players, most of whom are currently the focal point of his teams.

2024 NBA Draft Betting Trends

The draft does a great job of showcasing the excitement of NBA futures betting; on draft day, we can always count on some drama and unexpected transactions. Nevertheless, it might be difficult to spot trends from year to year because new teams draft every year and because player position and quality are so crucial. Teams will adjust their standards to accommodate every possible participant.

Regardless, make use of our NBA Draft betting guide and keep an eye out for key patterns to help you calculate the potential value of a futures bet on the first overall pick and other factors:

  • A fair distribution of positions results in the first pick of the NBA draft. There have been three centers, three guards, and four forwards selected in the past ten years.
  • Only three of the last 10 first-overall picks have taken home the Rookie of the Year award.
  • The only player to play three years in France’s LNB against the grain in the previous ten years is Wembanyama. Before joining the league, the majority of NBA prospects only play one year of collegiate hoops.
  • Duke has generated five first-overall choices, the most in the history of the school. Kentucky continues to hold the record for most overall draft selections with twenty-two.
  • As evidence of the NBA’s global appeal, five of the last ten players selected with the first overall choice were not Americans.

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