Here we have the 2024 NFL Draft Predictions for picks 1, 2, and 3

The NFL draft is underway. As the current NFL stars, role players, and washouts try to enhance draft stock, betting companies are providing 2024 NFL draft odds. Stocks will fluctuate during workouts, interviews, and “anonymous scouts” and “team sources” claims. NFL draft chances will change too.

In light of this, blog has listed recent NFL draft betting markets. These will show current pricing before and after this week’s revisions.

2024 NFL Draft Predictions

Here are the 2024 NFL Draft Predictions:

2024 NFL Draft Predictions: Number 1 Pick, Caleb Williams

The Bears haven’t indicated they’ll draft anyone other than Caleb Williams first and only. The mystery team that paid a king’s ransom hasn’t showed much interest in taking someone other than Williams if the Bears trade the selection again, which is unlikely. All or almost all mock drafts and huge boards rank him first.

A different athlete hearing his name called first on April 25 would be surprising. However, stunners have occurred. Prior to his 2018 first-round pick, Baker Mayfield had odds of +1200. Only genuine excitement about Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels might lead a team to trade Williams at No. 1.

First-quarterback taken betting is pointless in NFL draft betting. First-round picks have been quarterbacks six times in seven years and twenty-seven times in 27 games.

2024 NFL Draft Predictions: Number 2 Pick, Drake Maye

Most fake draft players agree on Daniels or Maye.

Some believe Washington could trade back (see recent PFF mock draft), allowing a team other than the Commanders to pick. Although Sam Howell accumulated a lot of yards this season, he didn’t appear like a good enough quarterback to lead Washington to victory. Team needs a new quarterback.

Whatever team picks, they’ll likely pick one of those two quarterbacks. Since last season, majority predicted Maye’s triumph. Daniels was named Heisman Trophy winner after scoring 50 times and other great figures. This puts him in striking distance.

Number 3 Pick, Jayden Daniels

Daniels leads the list at No. 3 because the market marginally prefers Maye at No. 2. Things are also unresolved here.

This is clear: the Patriots need receiver help. Some believe this draft’s receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. will be the best in the future. Only Patriots’ Kendrick Bourne got over 45 receiving yards in eight games.

The squad hasn’t had a great wide receiver since Tom Brady left. The trades for Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill and their wages prove that the league values them.

Kirk Cousins and Justin Fields are tradeable.

Watch for evidence that the Patriots may do so, but they might also trade down. After the top two picks, several teams will covet the remaining quarterback.

First Non-QB Picked

Many consider Harrison the best player in the class, but positional value will push the QBs ahead of him.

Could anyone beat the Ohio State star?

According to mock drafts, Georgia TE Brock Bowers is of interest.The league has rarely rated tight ends this highly.

The last time it happened, Kyle Pitts had mixed results. In addition, new coach Jim Harbaugh has always emphasized line play, so Bowers doesn’t seem like his type of pick.

Notre T Harrison Jr.’s biggest market rival is Joe Alt. Alt is fifth in Jeremiah’s prediction and seventh elsewhere. He fits the Harbaugh philosophy of building from the trenches, but how he can beat Harrison Jr. to Arizona’s pick slot remains.

No one is clearly the best at this position, but NFL teams usually prioritize it at the top of the draft.

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