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Uconn is currently undefeated at 30-0. If they manage to beat the Crimson Tide,  and win the title game, they ‘ll be able to do something no other NCAA college basketball team has done in 17 years: to win a title back-to-back.

Oddsmakers actually think this game presents no challenges for the Huskies as they have them as 11.5 favorites to win the game.

Uconn will play this game after takin down number 3 Illinoins in the Elite Eight, thanks to a 30-0 run that allowed them to win the game comfortably, 77-52.

On the other side, we have Alabama, a school that is well know for its accomplishments in football. But, when it comes to basketball, this will actually be the first time the Crimson Tide reaches a Final Four spot in team history.

Alabama made it to the semifinals after defeating number six Clemson, and are currently 11.5 underdogs for this game.

Alabama vs UConn Betting Odds

Here are the  Alabama vs UConn Betting odds:

+11.5 +575 Over 161.5
-11.5 -775 Under 161.5

Betting the Money Line

UConn is the huge favorites to win this game. If you wish to bet on this team just to win, you need to risk $775 for each $100 you wish to make.

If you want to bet on Alabama to win, you can make $575 for each $100 you get to risk. The reason you are making more on Bama is because they are not favored at all, and this means that if they win this will come to a surprise of those creating this savvy lines, and that means good luck, and a lot of money for you.

Betting the Spread

The Crimson Tide are the underdogs, and because the oddsmakers don’t believe they have a big chance of winning this game, they are currently 11.5 underdogs. In this case, Bama can lose for no more than 11.5 points and you can still collect on this bet.

Betting on UConn and winning is a bit more complicated as the team needs to win by more than 11.5 points for you to be able and collect on this wager. If Connecticut wins the game, but by less than 11.5 points, you lose the bet.

Betting the Total

When it comes to the total, it has been set at 161.5 points for this game. And this gives you the option to bet for the combined score at the end of the game to be lower or higher than 161.5 points.

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Alabama vs UConn Betting Trends

Here are the Alabama vs UConn Betting trends for the game.

Alabama vs UConn Betting: Moneyline

  • UConn has won 30 of 32 games this season when they were the top pick (93.8%).
  • The Huskies have won all 14 times when the odds were -773 or less and they were the moneyline favorite.
  • The moneyline for this game says that UConn is 88.5% likely to win.
  • Ten games this season have had Alabama as the underdog. They have won three (30%) of those games.
  • The Crimson Tide have never been a bigger loser than they are now (+513).
  • There is a 16.3% chance that Alabama will win based on the moneyline.

Alabama vs UConn Betting: Against the Spread

Here’s what you need to know when getting your Alabama vs UConn Betting action on the spread.

  • UConn is 26-12-0 ATS this season.
  • With a spread, Alabama has won 21 of its 36 games this season.
  • Every game, the Huskies score 81.4 points, which is just 0.3 more than what the Crimson Tide give up (81.1).
  • UConn has won ten of its last thirteen games where it scored more than 81.1 points.
  • Alabama is 13-3 against the spread and 15-1 when they give up less than 81.4 points in 13 games.
  • They score 90.6 points per game, which is 27.3 more than what the Huskies give up (63.3).
  • Alabama is 17-13 against the spread and 21-10 when it scores more than 63.3 points.
  • Twenty-eleven times, UConn has won when it has given up less than 90.6 points. This makes it 20-11 against the spread.

Alabama vs UConn Betting: Over/Under

Here is what you need to know when getting your Alabama vs UConn Betting action on the total.

  • The Huskies’ average predicted point total this season is 79.7, which is 7.3 points less than their projected total for Saturday’s game, which was 87.
  • This season, UConn has scored more than 87 points in 14 games.
  • There are 12.1 more points than the Crimson Tide’s expected total of 75 points in this game, which is their normal implied total for the season.
  • In 31 games this season, they’ve scored more than 75 points.

Alabama vs UConn Betting Insights

Here are the Alabama vs UConn Betting insights for the game.

This season, UConn is 13-6 against the spread when they are at least 11.5-point favorites.

Each team scores 10.5 points more than the 161.5-point over/under for this game.

In games against this team, the other team scores 144.4% fewer points than this one (161.5 points).

This year, UConn has scored 144.7 points per game, which is 16.8 points less than the over/under for this game.

The Crimson Tide have scored 10.3 points more than the game’s over/under this year.

The Huskies are 26-12-0 ATS this season.

So far this season, the Crimson Tide are 21-15-0 against the spread.

UConn Huskies Betting Insights

First, we have the Alabama vs UConn Betting insights for the Huskies.

The reason is that UConn gets 81.4 points per game, which is 22nd in college basketball, and gives up 63.3 points per game, which is ninth in college basketball. This gives them a +691 scoring difference. A game against them, they won by 18.1 points.

Most of the time, UConn gets 8.8 more boards than the other team. That’s the 36th most in college basketball—39 boards per game. Each game, the other team gets 30.2 boards.

The Huskies shoot 35.8% of their three-point shots, which ranks them 72nd in college basketball. The other team makes 5.8 three-pointers per game, which is 30.9% and the 72nd best rate.

With 108.6 points per 100 possessions, the Huskies are second in college basketball. Their defense gives up 84.4 points per 100 plays, which is eighth in the country.

The Huskies score 8.2 points more per game at home (84.6) than they do on the road (76.4) this season.

UConn Key Players to Watch

Tristen Newton has 15 points and 15 assists, which is the most on the Huskies. Averaging 6.1 helpers per game, he’s the winner.

Donovan Clingan is UConn’s best defender. He gets 7.5 boards per game and scores 12.9 points per game.

It’s Cam Spencer who shoots the most three-pointers for Oregon State. He shoots about 2.5 three-pointers every game.

Spencer and Clingan are the team leaders in steals and blocks. Spencer has 1.4 steals per game and Clingan has 2.5 blocks per game.

Alabama Crimson Tide Betting Insights

Now we have the Alabama vs UConn Betting insights for the Crimson Tide.

Each game, Alabama gets 90.6 points, which is the most in college basketball. They also allow 81.1 points, which is the third fewest in college basketball. Alabama now has a +343 score difference.

Every game, Alabama gets 4.2 more boards than any other team. The team gets 39.9 boards per game, which is 18th in college basketball. The teams it plays only get 35.7 boards per game.

Each game, they make 11.2 three-pointers, which is second most in college basketball and 3.8 more than the other team.

The Alabama offense is sixth in college basketball, scoring 106.6 points per 100 plays. It’s the 255th worst defense in college basketball, giving up 95.4 points per 100 plays.

The Crimson Tide score 87.3 points away from home and 93.9 points at home.

Alabama Key Players to Watch

It’s Mark Sears who gets the most points for the Crimson Tide, with 21.5 points per game. Every game, he also grabs 4.2 boards and passed the ball four times.

Grant Nelson has 11.7 points, 5.6 boards, and 1.6 assists per game, which is the most in state history. He has also passed the ball more than anyone else on the team. Aaron Estrada has 4.6 assists per game, which is the most. He also gets 5.5 boards and scores 13.3 points per game.

Out of all the Crimson Tide players, Sears makes the most three-pointers—2.6 per game.

Nelson stops the most shots (1.7 per game), and Sears steals the most (1.7 per game).

Alabama vs UConn Betting Picks

Here are the Alabama vs UConn Betting picks for this Final Four game:

  • Pick ATS: Alabama
  • Pick OU: Under

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