Arizona vs UCLA Betting preview and odds for this game set for March 7, 2024. Place a bet on this college basketball game now.

Arizona vs UCLA Betting Odds

These are the Arizona vs UCLA Betting odds:

ARIZONA -9 -430 Over 147
UCLA +9 +330 Under 147

Arizona vs UCLA Betting Preview

Here is our Arizona vs UCLA Betting preview.

At the illustrious Pauly Pavilion in Los Angeles, California, on Thursday evening, the Arizona Wildcats will compete against the UCLA Bruins in a college basketball game.

Currently ranked fifth in the Pac-12, the Wildcats have a record of 14-4 in the conference and have won 24 games so far this season.

Based on their overall record, the Bruins have a record of 14–15, while their record in the Pac-12 is 9–9, which places them in fifth place at the conference level. At 9:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, the first tap occurs.

Arizona Wildcats Betting Prediction

Here is the Arizona vs UCLA Betting prediction for the Wildcats.

The fifth-ranked Arizona Wildcats defeated the Oregon Ducks 103–83 at home on Senior Night, bringing their overall record to 23-6 and their Pac-12 record to 14–4.

The Arizona Wildcats were successful in 61% of their field goal attempts, including 56% of their three-point shots.

One of the players who led the way was Caleb Love, who scored 22 points, and Oumar Ballo, who had 11 points and 12 rebounds, achieved his tenth consecutive double-double.

Keshad Johnson and Pelle Larsson, both seniors, had a fantastic Senior Night by scoring 22 and 21 points, respectively. Both of them had a wonderful performance.

Both of these games are the final two that the Wildcats will play during the regular season. They are almost certain to receive an invitation to participate in the NCAA Tournament.

Despite this, the Wildcats still have a lot to play for, including but not limited to winning the Pac-12 championship and securing the top seed in the NCAA Tournament.

When compared to other teams in the Pac-12, the Wildcats have scored the most points this season. As far as making field goals and three-point shots are concerned, they are in second place.

The Wildcats maintain a fourth-place ranking in the Pac-12 in terms of the number of three-pointers they make in each game.

When compared to other teams in the country, Arizona’s score defense ranks eighth. It is the third best defense for field goals, and the fifth best defense for three-pointers.

The Wildcats are the very best team in the league when it comes to the total number of rebounds they get every game. In addition to this, they make the second fewest errors possible per game.

UCLA Bruins Betting Prediction

Now we have the Arizona vs UCLA Betting prediction for the Bruins.

This was UCLA’s fourth consecutive defeat in a row. They headed on the road on Saturday night and met with defeat at the hands of #19 Washington State, which they lost 77–65. In the beginning of this season, UCLA had defeated Washington State, and since then, they had won four consecutive games against them. To lead the Bruins in scoring, Dylan Andrews finished with 21 points.

There were four additional Bruins who scored ten points or more. Adem Bona contributed 10 points to the total, while Sebastian Mack and Lazar Stefanovic each scored 11 points to bring the total to 11.

Mick Cronin, the head coach of the UCLA basketball team, stated that “Our front line needs to be better on the glass.” “You play games like this away from home against a team that is part of the top 20.

If you are unable to maintain control of the defensive backboard, all of our efforts and yours in the defensive position will be for naught. If you are unable to maintain possession of your backboard, you will either commit a foul or they will hit a three-point shot.

That brought about a change in the game. If you are unable to maintain possession of your defensive backboard, it does not matter how hard you work or how good your defense is. Simply said, it’s ruining my mood. That is the most significant problem that we are facing. In all likelihood, that is what caused us to lose.

A total of two games remain for the Bruins to play. Both tonight and Saturday, they will be competing against the University of Arizona and Arizona State, respectively.

If the Bruins are able to win all of their games and accumulate more than fifty points, they will be able to complete the season with a record that is better than.500.

The Bruins have the lowest point total in the Pac-12 Conference. Additionally, this team has the ninth fewest three-point shooting and the fewest field goals of any team in the league.

In addition, the Boston Bruins have the lowest percentage of 3-pointers made per game.

When compared to other teams in the Pac-12, the defense that the Bruins play is the most effective in terms of stopping points.

The defense achieves a second-place ranking in the conference for field goals and a sixth-place ranking for three-pointers. Additionally, they have the fourth fewest errors in the Pac-12 and the fifth most rebounds in the league.

Best Bet for this Game

They played their first game against each other in Arizona, and the Wildcats came out on top with a score of 77–71. However, the Wildcats have won each of their five most recent victories by a margin of more than ten points.

Prior to this match, the Bruins had a losing streak of four games in a row, with two away games and two at home. With the most rebounds in the conference, the Wildcats are the team to beat.

The Boston Bruins, on the other hand, have been grappling with the challenge of guarding the glass as of late, and they currently hold the fifth spot in the conference in terms of rebounds. Among the top five teams in the country, Arizona is the team that has the most point total of any other team in the Pac-12 Conference.

The Wildcats are capable of scoring a lot of points, which means that a Bruins club that struggles to score will suffer a significant loss. This competition has been one of the most intense in the Pac-12 over the course of the previous few years. The Wildcats, on the other hand, are the superior club going into this season and should comfortably prevail in this matchup.

  • Arizona vs UCLA Betting Prediction: Wildcats to Cover

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