Asante Samuel, a former Patriots cornerback, advises quarterback Lamar Jackson to think twice before choosing New England, if he still wants to play quarterback.

“Lamar Jackson, my brother trust me, you don’t want to play for [Patriots coach Bill] Belichick,” tweeted Asante Samuel, who won two Super Bowls while playing for New England from 2003 to 2007.

This week, Jackson—who disclosed on Monday that he had asked the Baltimore Ravens to move him—was connected to the Patriots. Jackson received a reference from a well-known rap musician, according to Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Kraft responded, “You know, Meek Mill is my friend. Lamar Jackson wanted to come here, he texted me, but Bill Belichick has the last word.”

Given that the Patriots have been one of the Ravens’ major postseason adversaries for the past 15 years, it would be shocking if the Ravens permitted Jackson to join them. On March 7, Baltimore issued Jackson a nonexclusive franchise tag, meaning the Ravens could match any offer sheet he would have accepted in exchange for two first-round picks.

When asked if Jackson might be a target for the Patriots, Belichick responded on Monday, “I’m not going to talk about players on any other club.”

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Samuel, a four-time Pro Bowl defensive player, has previously criticized Belichick. Despite New England’s success, he claimed that Belichick fostered a toxic environment, and he praised quarterback Tom Brady with helping the Patriots win six Super Bowl championships.

Jackson, on the other hand, enjoyed his time with Belichick. He recalled the pre-draft trip to New England in 2018, where the typically stoic coach startled him.

Jackson remarked, “I saw Coach Belichick smiling. He usually has a straight expression, so when I saw him smile, I thought, “Dang, you’ve got humor.” I told him as much, and he replied, “Yes,” to which I replied, “I wasn’t expecting you to be smiling.”

Jackson’s ability to play in the pocket was an issue that Belichick was asked about in September.

Definitely, Belichick replied. He is the kind of guy who is a candidate for MVP, in my opinion. But, we’ll see what his deal is, that will answer them.

Jackson and the Ravens have been at odds over a new contract for more than two years, which has raised questions about where the 2019 NFL MVP would end up.