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Auburn vs GeorgiaBetting Odds

These are the Auburn vs Georgia Betting odds:

GEORGIA +15 +950 Over 151
AUBURN -15 -1500 Under 151

Auburn vs Georgia Betting Prediction

Here is our Auburn vs Georgia Betting prediction.

Both teams are from the Southeastern Conference, and they are going to compete against each other on the court in the state of Ohio. On Saturday evening, the Georgia Bulldogs will be traveling to Auburn, Alabama, to compete against the thirteenth-ranked Auburn Tigers.

Georgia won their most recent game, which was a home victory over Ole Miss by a score of 69–66 on Tuesday night. They were a two-point favorite to cover the spread.

Auburn’s most recent game, which took place on Tuesday evening, was an away victory over Missouri by a score of 101–74. Although they were a favorite by 11.5 points, they covered the spread.

Two of the Tigers’ most recent victories came on the road, with the Tigers claiming a 97-76 victory on February 24. The Tigers have won the series between the two teams 81-53 during the course of their entire history.

Georgia Bulldogs Betting Prediction

First, we have the Auburn vs Georgia Betting prediction for the Bulldogs.

Georgia was on a losing streak of three games in a row and nine games in a row before they won their most recent game at home against Ole Miss. The Bulldogs sit in a tie for eleventh place in the Southeastern Conference with a record of 6-11 in conference play. The Bulldogs have a total record of 16-14.

Over the course of the first half, Georgia had a lead against Ole Miss that reached as high as eight points; however, just before halftime, Ole Miss decreased Georgia’s advantage to three points. After 15 minutes and 26 seconds, the Bulldogs were down by one score. Following that, they went on a 7-0 run to take the lead, 47–41, with 11:24 remaining in the game, and they would go on to win the game.

The Georgia Bulldogs were successful in 43.9% of their field goal attempts, including only 4 of 21 attempts from beyond the arc. In addition, they held a 39-30 advantage on the glass during the victory. Noah Thomasson, who plays for the Bulldogs, posted the highest point total of any player in the game with 15 points.

At this point in the season, the Bulldogs have scored 74.9 points per game, which places them 141st in the nation in terms of scoring average. The Georgia Bulldogs have been performing above average on the glass this season.

During each game, they rack up 35.6 boards and dish out 11.6 assists to their teammates. The defense of the Bulldogs is not very good; they allow 74.2 points per game, which places them 252nd in the nation in terms of defensive unit performance.

There is no other player on the Bulldogs’ team that scores more points per game than Jabri Abdur-Rahim, who averages 12.2 points per game. The backup scorers RJ Melendez (9.9 points, 4.4 boards), Noah Thomasson (12.8 points), and Justin Hill are all capable of consistently scoring points.

A number of players on the Bulldogs’ squad, including Blue Cain, Russell Tchewa, Jalen DeLoach, Frank Anselem-Ibe, RJ Sunahara, and Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe, are considered to be major contributors.

This season, the Gators have a field goal percentage of 43 percent. There are 7.9 three-pointers that the Bulldogs make each and every night, which accounts for 33.1% of their shoots from beyond the arc. The percentage of time that Georgia spends at the charity stripe is 73.9%, which is slightly more than the average.

It is possible that two players, Abdur-Rahim (foot) and DeLoach (unknown), will not be able to start this game because they did not participate in the game against Ole Miss.

Auburn Tigers Betting Prediction

Second, we have the Auburn vs Georgia Betting prediction for the Tigers.

It was Auburn’s second consecutive victory, and their most recent victory came against Missouri. They won the game. Additionally, it was their seventh victory in the previous ten games. There is now a tie for second place in the Southeastern Conference with a record of 12-5 in conference play for the Tigers, who have a record of 23-7 overall the season.

After a first half in which Auburn was leading Missouri by as many as ten points, Columbia was able to narrow the margin to five points by the time the game was over. In the beginning of the second half, the Tigers came out on top by scoring seven points in a row, putting them in a 12–0 lead. They maintained a lead of more than ten points throughout the remainder of the game.

The Auburn Tigers were successful in 52.3% of their shots from the field, including 8 of 23 attempts from beyond the arc. During the course of the game, they also enjoyed a 41-28 advantage on the boards. To contribute to the Tigers’ victory, Johni Broome not only scored 17 points but also grabbed eight rebounds.

When it comes to scoring points, there are fourteen clubs in the country that are higher than the Tigers. This year, they have scored an average of 83.2 points per game. As a team, Auburn has an average of 38.1 rebounds per game, which places them in the 60th position.

When it comes to assists, they average 17.7 per game, which places them in ninth place. They allow an average of 68.2 points each night, which places them in the 76th position in terms of scoring defense.

The Tigers’ defense is now above average as a result of this. There are three players on the Tigers team who average more over ten points every game, and Johni Broome ranks among them. During the current season, he has a scoring average of 16.4 points, draws 8.5 rebounds, and blocks 2.3 shots per game.

The offensive capabilities of Aden Holloway (7.9 points, 2.8 assists), Denver Jones, Chad Baker-Mazara (10.4 points), and Jaylin Williams (12.9 points, 4.5 boards) are also noteworthy when it comes to effectiveness.

Many individuals believe that K.D. Johnson, Tre Donaldson, Dylan Cardwell, Chaney Johnson, and Chris Moore are all capable of assisting Bruce Pearl, who is responsible for teaching.

47.1% is the field goal percentage that Auburn has achieved as a team this season. This season, the Tigers have a three-point shooting percentage of 34.7%, which indicates that they make an average of eight shots per night against the opposition.

Over the course of this season, Auburn has performed exceptionally well at the free throw line, making 76% of their shots, which places them 37th in the nation.

Auburn vs Georgia Betting Pick

By the time they were in the thick of conference play, Georgia had already lost nine of their previous ten games, with the exception of the game they had just won against Ole Miss. The Bulldogs have only five wins and four losses on the road so far this season, and they have a lot of work to do in order to overcome the high-octane offensive threat that Auburn poses.

Auburn has a record of 14-1 at home this season, and they are now working toward securing a good seed in the SEC Tournament, which will take place the next week. After watching Georgia break apart over the course of the last five or six weeks, it is impossible to have any faith in the Tigers’ chances of winning this game away from home.

The Tigers are superior on both ends of the court. You should anticipate that Auburn will cruise to victory and enter the conference tournament with a strong level of momentum.

  • Auburn vs Georgia Betting Pick: Tigers to cover.

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