Bear at Commanders Week 5 Betting preview, including predictions, wagering insights, and stats for both teams.

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Week 5 odds for Bear at Commanders

The Week 5 betting odds for Bear at Commanders are as follows:

Washington Commanders -5, Chicago Bears +5
Total: 44 Week 5 Over/Under Predictions for Bear at Commanders

Here are the Week 5 betting predictions for Bear at Commanders.

Week 5 betting prediction for the Bear at Commanders: Chicago

The Bear at Commanders Week 5 Betting Preview for Chicago comes first.

The Chicago Bears are currently winless for the year. The last time the Bears competed on the field, they were defeated by the Broncos 31-28. 28 of Justin Fields’ 35 passes were completed, for 335 yards and 4 touchdowns. By the end of the game, he had thrown one interception and had a quarterback rating of 132.7.

8 passes were caught by D.J. Moore for a total of 131 yards, averaging 16.4 yards per grab. The Bears’ top rusher was Khalil Herbert, who finished with 103 yards on 18 carries (5.7 yards per carry). During the course of the game, they ran 70 plays for a total of 471 yards.

Averaging 5.5 yards per carry, the Chicago Bears carried the ball 31 times for a total of 171 yards. 19 attempts to run the ball for 97 yards were failed by the Bears. This equates to 5.1 yards per run on average. Chicago allowed 21 completions out of 28 attempts, for a completion rate of 75.0% and a total of 214 yards.

This season, the Bears have gained a total of 1,221 yards. Chicago has a total of 43 first downs, but 28 errors for 212 yards have cost them. Chicago has scored 7 aerial touchdowns and 2 rushing scores en route to the goal post. They have made three errors and five interceptions while losing the ball eight times. They rank 13th in the NFL for team rushing average with 119.0 yards per game. The Chicago Bears score 18.8 points per game on average.

The Bears are currently ranked 29th in the league after giving up 1,071 yards through the air. They are surrendering 267.8 yards per game in the air, and they are successfully catching 70.1% of the passes they attempt to grab. With 383.3 yards allowed per game this season, they are now ranked 28th in the National Football League.

They are allowing the opposing team to gain 115.5 yards per game and 3.8 yards per carry on the ground. They have allowed 462 yards on the ground in 4 games. The Bears’ opponents average 34.3 points per game, which ranks as the league’s 31st-highest total.

Bears Gambling Tips

Chicago has failed to cover any spreads so far this season.
The Bears have failed to cover the spread when they are more than 6 points down in a game this season.
In four of the four Chicago games played this year, the total has been exceeded.
Chicago has been the underdog three times this season, but they have not succeeded in winning any of those games.
The Bears have only had one game this season where they were a +215 loser or more.

Chicago’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 186.3 (745) 24
Rush yards 119.0 (476) 13
Points scored 18.8 (75) 22
Pass yards against 267.8 (1,071) 29
Rush yards against 115.5 (462) 18
Points allowed 34.3 (137) 31

Week 5 odds for Bear at Commanders: Washington

Second, a Week 5 betting prediction for Washington on the Bear vs. Commanders.

This season, the Commanders had a 2-2 record. The Commanders lost to the Eagles 34-31 the last time they were on the field. Washington averaged 3.2 yards per run thanks to the 14 times that Brian Robinson Jr. carried the ball for a total of 45 yards.

The best receiver for the Commanders was Terry McLaurin. He hauled in 8 receptions for 86 yards, a catch rate of 10.8 yards. Sam Howell completed 290 yards of passing for one touchdown. His quarterback rating was 98.6, and he completed 29 of his 41 throws. He didn’t throw any interceptions, and each ball he completed averaged 7.1 yards.

In total, Washington allowed the opposing team to carry the ball 27 times for 104 yards (3.9 yards per carry). The Commanders’ defense allowed 311 yards on 25 of 37 air throws for a completion percentage of 67.6%. After 74 plays, the Commanders had accumulated 365 yards (4.9 yards per play). 28 runs for a total of 107 yards, or 3.8 yards per carry, were made by Washington.

The Commanders rank 17th in the NFL in terms of points scored per game with 22.3 PPG. The Commanders have passed for 805 yards and 201.3 yards per game so far this season. In terms of NFL teams, this places them in 20th position. They run for 426 yards this season on the ground, averaging 106.5 yards per game.

The Washington Commanders’ 307.8 yards per game average puts them in 20th place in the NFL. The Washington offense committed 25 errors, which resulted in 197 penalty yards. When it comes to surrendering free yards, this places them 20th in the NFL. They have obtained 41 first downs despite losing 3 fumbles and losing 5 interceptions.

They rank 20th in the league in passing defense with 230 yards and 6 passing touchdowns allowed per game. Washington has allowed 490 yards and 4 touchdowns on the ground this season (122.5 yards per game). They have lost a total of 120 points.

They have stolen the ball five times thus far this season (3 fumbles and 2 picks). The Commanders’ defense has participated in 252 plays, which ranks them 17th in the league. The Commanders are the 29th worst team in the league based on their 30.0 PPG defense.

Commanders Insights For Betting

Washington has outperformed the spread twice in 2023.
The Commanders have only been favored by six points or more once all season, and they lost that game.
Washington has had two out of four games this season go over the over/under total.
Washington has only been the moneyline favorite once thus far this season, and they prevailed in that contest.
The Commanders have only faced off as a moneyline favorite of -265 or less once all season, and they prevailed.

Washington’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 201.3 (805) 20
Rush yards 106.5 (426) 17
Points scored 22.3 (89) 17
Pass yards against 230.0 (920) 20
Rush yards against 122.5 (490) 21
Points allowed 30.0 (120) 29

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