Here is our Bears at Buccaneers Week 2 Betting preview, including best bets, for this game that will be taking place at Raymond James Stadium.

Week 2 odds for Bears vs. Buccaneers: Chicago analysis

Our Bears vs. Buccaneers Week 2 Betting Preview starts with an overview of the game in Chicago.

After their opening contest of the year, the Chicago Bears remain winless. When the Bears last competed in football, they lost to the Packers by a score of 38-20.

Justin Fields completed 24 of 37 passes for 216 yards and one touchdown. By the end of the game, he had one pick and a QB rating of 78.2. Darnell Mooney averaged 13.3 yards per catch while catching 4 passes for a total of 53 yards.

Justin Fields, who carried the ball nine times for 59 yards (6.6 yards per carry), was the Bears’ top rusher. They completed 70 plays in all, gaining 311 yards. Averaging 4.2 yards per carry, the Chicago Bears carried the ball 29 times for a total of 122 yards. The Bears allowed 92 yards on 32 attempts to run the ball, averaging 2.9 yards per attempt. Chicago completed 15 of 27 throws for a completion percentage of 55.6% and a total of 237 yards.

This season, the Bears have gained a total of 311 yards. Chicago has 12 first downs overall and has accrued 61 yards in penalties from 7 infractions. Both rushing the ball into the end zone and throwing the ball there have resulted in touchdowns for Chicago. Two times (once by being picked off and once by fumbling) they have handed the ball to the other squad. They are sixth in the league in the run game with an average of 122.0 yards. When it comes to putting points on the board, the Chicago Bears do so 20.0 times each game.

The Bears are currently the 26th-best team in football because to their 237 passing yards allowed. Only 55.6% of the throws they’ve attempted have been successful, and they’ve surrendered 237.0 yards per game in the air. This year, they have allowed 329.0 yards per game, which places them 22nd in the NFL. People are allowed to run for an average of 92.0 yards every game and 2.9 yards per carry. They have allowed 92 yards on the run in 1 game so far this season. The Bears rank 31st in the National Football League when it comes to giving up points, surrendering 38.0 PPG.

Week 2 odds for Bears vs. Buccaneers: Tampa Bay analysis

We also have a Tampa Bay analysis on our Bears vs. Buccaneers Week 2 betting preview.

With a perfect start to the season, the Buccaneers win the game. The Buccaneers defeated the Vikings 20-17 in their most recent meeting on the field of football. Tampa Bay averaged 2.3 yards per run thanks to Rachaad White’s 17 carries for 39 yards. The Buccaneers’ top receiver was Mike Evans.

His six receptions for 66 yards averaged 11.0 yards. Baker Mayfield completed 21 of his 34 passes for 173 yards and two touchdowns by the time the game was over. He had a 94.4 quarterback rating. He attempted 5.1 passes on average, threw no interceptions, and gained 5.1 yards. The opposing side ran the ball 17 times for a total of 41 yards (2.4 yards per carry), thanks to Tampa Bay.

The Buccaneers rank 18th in the NFL for scoring offense with an average of 20.0 points per game. The Buccaneers have passed for a total of 169 yards thus far this season. They get 73.0 yards per game on the ground on average. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers rank 26th in the league with an average of 242.0 yards per game. Three errors by the Tampa Bay offense have resulted in 19 penalty yards for them. In terms of how much they harm your team, they rank 31st in the league.

The Buccaneers rank 12th in the league with 17.0 points allowed per game. They rank 30th out of all teams because they allow the other squad to pass for 2 TDs and 328.0 yards per game. Total rushing yards allowed by Tampa Bay are 41. The 63 plays the Buccaneers defense has been a part of rank 15th in all of football. Through the recovery of two fumbles and one interception, their defense has successfully taken the ball away three times this season. Who will win tonight’s NFL game between the Bears and the Buccaneers?

Week 2 betting forecast for the Bears vs. Buccaneers game: spread

We now have the spread for this Week 2 betting preview between the Bears and Buccaneers.

The Bears have dropped their last three regular-season contests. They are therefore 1-2 against the over/under and 0-3 against the spread. In their last five away games, Chicago has just a 1-4 ATS record. However, they had a 1-4 overall record and averaged 21 points per game.

In their past three games of the regular season, Tampa Bay has a 1-2 record. They were only 1-2 against the spread (ATS) but 2-1 over/under in these games. Tampa Bay is 1-4 ATS and has an average score of 16 points in their last five home games. Overall, the team’s record in these games was 2-3.

After Minnesota, Tampa Bay’s passing game was terrible, and I don’t think they’ll be able to rapidly turn things around. Due to this, even though Chicago is a 3-point favorite, I believe they will prevail.

Week 2 prediction for the Bears vs. Buccaneers game: Bears +3

Week 2 betting pick for the Bears vs. Buccaneers game: MoneyLine

Next in our Week 2 betting for Bears vs. Buccaneers

The Bears and Vikings played each other in their home opener. However, they were defeated 29–13, dropping to 0–1 for the year. Nathan Peterman only completed 11 of his 19 attempts for 114 yards of passing. Peterman finished the game with a passer rating of 92 and one touchdown pass under his belt.

The Buccaneers’ season got off to a rough start on the road against the Falcons, when they were defeated 30-17. They had a 0-1 record going into the second week. Tom Brady only made 13 of his 17 throws for a total distance of 84 yards. Brady had a passer rating of 106 and had completed one touchdown pass by the time the game was over.

After Minnesota, Tampa Bay’s passing game was terrible, and I don’t think they’ll be able to rapidly turn things around. Due to this, even though Chicago is a 3-point favorite, I believe they will prevail.

Bears at Buccaneers Week 2 Betting Pick:  -156

Week 2 betting forecast for the Bears vs. Buccaneers game: total

Together, the Bears and Vikings scored 42 points, giving them a season-opening over/under record of 1-0. The over/under prediction for the contest was 42.5.

The Buccaneers had an over/under line of 40.5 at the beginning of this season, which neither they nor the Falcons were able to surpass. In the first week, their 47 points ranked ninth in the league. They enter this week with a 0-1 OU record.

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