The NFL locker rooms are never without a good dose of drama, and this week’s highlight has been undoubtedly Le’Veon Bell’s early exit from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Did Bell answer to Big Ben’s text message? Probably not, but other players in the league have been coming in and out of the locker room with bigger fish to fry.

Let us now take a look at some of the most pressing injury cases of the previous week with our Benched Report, ahead of the regular Week 11 game schedule.

Baltimore, Packers & Patriots

For starters, a hip injury has sent Quarterback Joe Flacco to the questionable list ahead of Baltimore’s game against the Bengals on Sunday. This might finally propel Lamar Jackson to the front stage, as the former Louisville player has been considered for Flacco’s starting QB replacement. Coach John Harbaugh has declined to make any comments in either respect.

Benched Report – The Fine Cost of Injuries Baltimore-Ravens_Joe-Flacco

The Green Bay Packers will have to do without linebacker Nick Perry, who’s already dealt with plenty of health issues this season. Perry was forced to leave the game against the Dolphins due to a knee injury and is not expected to make it for Thursday’s game versus the Seahawks. In a similar fashion, tight end Dwayne Allen, missed the conclusion of New England’s loss to the Titans, also due to a knee injury. However, the Patriots don’t need to worry themselves much this time, as they’re headed for their bye week on week 11.

Rams & Saints

Wide receiver Cooper Kupp had to be rushed to the locker room after his knee failed near the end of Rams match with the Seahawks. LA Coach Sean McVay hasn’t yet provided any more specific details about the mishap, except to express that the injury might be more serious in scope than originally perceived. OT Terron Armstead didn’t make it past the first half of the duel between the Saints and Bengals, in which New Orleans beat Cincinnati 51 to 14. Armstead’s new shoulder injury comes to add into a long list of health issues that had affected the #72 tackle throughout the recent years. The Saints will face the Eagles next at Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Miami, Jacksonville & Arizona

Thankfully for the Dolphins, Jakeem Grants Achilles doesn’t seem as bad as first thought. The wide receiver was seen walking out in a boot after Miami’s 31-12 loss to the Packers, and even though he is not expected to feature throughout the remainder of the season, his recovery lapse shouldn’t take the whole 9 months usually required to heal this type of injury. Likewise, DeVante Parker was seen with his arm in a sling inside the locker room and won’t be playing with the Dolphins during the next few weeks. Miami is headed to a bye week, which should provide them with some extra room to better heal their injured bunch.

Benched Report – The Fine Cost of Injuries Jacksonville-Jaguars_Brandon-Linder

Jacksonville’s Brandon Linder had to be carried off the field with a right knee injury during the second half of their game with the Indianapolis Colts. Jaguars were already under plenty of stress prior to Linder’s problem, after center Cam Robinson suffered a torn ACL in his left knee that’s kept him out of the field for some weeks now. Lastly, Arizona Card’s offensive guard Justin Pugh won’t make it to Sunday’s game against the Raiders, due to a knee injury that took place during the third quarter of Arizona’s loss to Kansas City. Eagles’ cornerback Ronald Darby is dealing with a torn ACL and is not expected to make an appearance in this weekend’s game against the Saints.