Here is our Browns at Steelers Week 2 Betting preview, including odds and picks for this game that will be taking place at Acrisure Stadium in Pittsburgh.

Browns at Steelers Week 2 Betting Odds

Here are the Browns at Steelers Week 2 Betting Odds:

  • Cleveland Browns: 2.5
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: +2.5
  • Total: 38.5 Over/Under

Week 2 Betting Analysis: Browns @ Steelers

Here is our Week 2 betting analysis for the Browns vs. Steelers.

That is why I adore the NFL. Play in the division begins almost immediately. College football has been entertaining this year. Our wagers are coming in on the money, but how many competitive games or good games have we watched thus far?

However, we only receive a “doubleheader” of games on Monday Night Football in Week 2 of the NFL season. The New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers are divisional rivals. The first game will pit them against one another. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns play from Heinz Field at 8:15 p.m., which is at 7:15 p.m. Eastern time.

The Browns and Steelers are true rivals despite the fact that the Saints and Panthers are both strong teams. There have been 143 meetings between these two teams, and as you might anticipate, the Steelers have triumphed in the majority of them.

But this year, a few things have changed. Cleveland finally has a quarterback who has the potential to be among the league’s best. This is what. The Browns have had over 40 individuals start games for them during the past 20 years.

You did indeed read it correctly. The entire Hall of Fame won’t be revealed to you. You get the idea.

Although not everything is going well just now, DeShaun Watson appears to be becoming more confident and at ease as he plays for Cleveland. Nick Chubb, an All-Pro running back, and a strong defense maintain him in terrific field position for him.

On the opposite side of the ball, the Week 1 matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Francisco 49ers was a disaster. 30–7 was their loss. Pittsburgh needs to play much better in Week 2 if they don’t want to begin the 2023 NFL season 0-2 even though I don’t think the Browns are as good as the Niners.

In Week 1, we witnessed one club easily defeat a playoff squad and another team get completely destroyed by a playoff team. The Cleveland Browns were the focus of attention, despite the fact that the 49ers appeared to be playing better than the Bengals.

For almost ten years, this club has had a lot of talented players. Simply said, they’ve never had a top quarterback. But during the past few years, control has become more of an issue. Although Watson lacks discipline, he has in some ways contributed to the team’s unity.

He’s not Baker Mayfield, though. He has consistently been superior. Since Bernie Kosar, Watson has been the Browns’ best quarterback. The group believes in the player and what they can accomplish together as a unit when they play with him.

Do we believe that in Week 2, the Steelers will improve and the Browns will deteriorate? Yes, in my opinion. The Steelers will be attempting to do all within their power to avoid beginning the season with a 0-2 record because the game will be played at home during prime time.

Browns at Steelers Week 2 Betting Prediction: Spread

Let’s start with our Browns at Steelers Week 2 Betting prediction on the spread.

Cleveland’s record in their previous three contests is 2-1. Additionally, they have a 2-1 ATS record and a 1-2 over/under record throughout this time. Cleveland is 2-2-1 ATS and has scored 19 points per game over its last five home games. Overall, the team’s record in these games was 2-3.

In their last three games, the Steelers have a 2-1 record. In these games, the team had an ATS record of 2-1. They have a 1-2 record when wagering on the over or under in these games. In their previous four home games, the Steelers have won both straight up and against the spread (ATS).

Cleveland is my pick at -2 against the spread. I predict that Cleveland’s rushing attack will succeed against a Pittsburgh team that struggled to stop the run in their most recent game. By two, Cleveland will lose.

Browns -2 Free Spread Prediction

Browns at Steelers Week 2 Betting Prediction: MoneyLine

Let’s continue with our Browns at Steelers Week 2 Betting prediction on the moneyline.

The Browns’ first game of the year came against the Steelers on the road. They suffered a 28–14 defeat. They had a 0-1 record going into the second week. The quarterback, Deshaun Watson, attempted 29 throws throughout the contest and completed 19 of them for a total of 230 yards. He completed 83 passes during the course of the contest.

The Steelers defeated the Browns 28-14 in the season’s opening week at home. With a passer rating of 78 against Cleveland, quarterback Kenny Pickett completed 44% of his throws. He had thrown for 195 yards by the time the game was over.

Cleveland is my pick at -2 against the spread. I predict that Cleveland’s rushing attack will succeed against a Pittsburgh team that struggled to stop the run in their most recent game. By two, Cleveland will lose.

Browns -131 is the free moneyline prediction.

Browns at Steelers Week 2 Betting Prediction: Total

Last but not least is our Browns at Steelers Week 2 Betting prediction on the total.

The Browns’ over/under record for the first game of the season was 0-1 after scoring 42 points versus the Steelers. The over/under prediction for the game was 40.

The Steelers had a 40-point over/under line at the beginning of this season, which neither the Browns nor they were able to surpass. In the first week, their 42 points ranked ninth in the league. They enter this week with a 0-1 OU record.

My best guess for the over/under is the over at 39. Our algorithm predicts that the two teams will score a combined total of 43 points, which agrees with my gut feeling that the over will occur.

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