Now we have the Cavaliers vs Bulls Betting prediction for this NBA game that is set to take place on February 28, 2024.

  • With the game underway, the Cavaliers have a record of 38-19.
  • The field goal percentage for Cleveland is 55%, which places them 11th in the league.
  • They defeated the Mavericks by a score of 121-119 in their most recent game.
  • With a record of 27–31, the Bulls will battle the Cavaliers.
  • The field goal percentage for Chicago team is 53%, which places them 25th in the league.
  • The Bulls are looking to get back on track after suffering a defeat at the hands of the Pistons.

Cavaliers vs Bulls Betting Odds

Here are the Cavaliers vs Bulls Betting odds:

CLEVELAND CAVALIERS -5 -200 Over 216.5
+5 +170 Under 216.5

Cavaliers vs Bulls Betting Prediction

As part of a Central Division matchup, the Bulls will play host to the Cavaliers tonight at eight o’clock Eastern Time. Compared to the Bulls (+155), the Cavaliers (-187) have a 4.5-point advantage, and the over/under for this game is 217.5.

Currently, the Bulls are in ninth place in the Eastern Conference with a record of 27-31, while the Cavaliers are in second place with a record of 38-19 in the Eastern Conference. In a row, Ohio has triumphed in two games.

Cavaliers vs Bulls Matchup At A Glance

  • Sport: NBA
  • Teams: Cleveland Cavaliers at Chicago Bulls
  • Where: Chicago at United Center
  • Date: Wednesday, February 28th

Cavaliers Prediction: Can the Cavaliers Lock in a Win at Chicago?

With a perfect record of 2-0 straight up and 2-0 against the spread, the Cavaliers are the favorite to win. They currently hold a 4.5-point advantage over their opponents while they are away from home. At this point in the season, their favorite has won 39 of their 57 games.

The over/under record for Cleveland this season is 26-30-1, and the line for 47 of their games has been higher than the current 217.5. This is the overall record for the season. Over the course of this season, they have averaged 223.9 points per game.

In their most recent matchup, the Cavaliers recorded a victory over the Mavericks by a score of 121–119. That game had a total over/under of 230.5, and Cleveland had a four-point advantage over the other team.

The Cavaliers are now in second place in the Eastern Conference with a record of 38-19, which places them in the best position possible. While they have a record of 25–13 while competing in East games, they have a record of 13–6 when playing against teams from other regions.

They have a record of 28-27 against the spread for the season, and they have already lost five of their previous six games when they were playing against the spread. Against the spread, they have a record of 14-11 when they are playing away from home.

To put the Cavaliers in 15th place in the NBA in terms of points scored per game, they have 114.6. When they are playing at home, they score 116.0 points per game, whereas when they are playing away from home, they average 112.9 points per game.

Since the beginning of the season, the Cavaliers have won 45.6% of their games, which means that they have scored more points than the typical NBA club did. Their average number of touches per game is 97.6; this places them 22nd in the league in terms of speed.

When it comes to making three-point shots, the Cavaliers have a 36% success rate, which places them eleventh in the NBA. The overall percentage of their field goal percentage is 48%, which places them in the 12th spot in the NBA.

Cleveland’s defense has been working well; they allow 109.3 points per game, which is the second highest in the National Basketball Association. The defense of the Cavaliers experienced a difficult game against the Mavericks, as they allowed their opponents to make 52% of their shots, which resulted in 119 points for the Mavericks.

Bulls Prediction: Can the Bulls Lock in a Home Win?

The Bulls scored 200 points in their most recent game against the Pistons, which was lower than the over/under of 223.5 points placed on the game. In spite of the fact that they were holding a 10-point lead, Chicago was defeated by a score of 105–95.

Both of Chicago’s most recent two games have resulted in a score that is lower than the total announced. As a whole, they have a record of 30-27-1 overall for the season. There is a line that reads 217.5 points for the over/under for today, and the team has scored an average of 224.5 points each game.

This season, the Bulls have played 58 games, and forty-two of those games have been against the odds. As the underdog, they have a score difference of -4.8 points per game since they started playing. Their record while betting against the spread is 17-15, and when betting straight up, they have a record of 11-21.

In the Eastern Conference, the Bulls are currently in ninth position with a record of 27–31. This puts them in ninth place overall. Regarding the Central Division, they are now in fourth place. There is a 30-27 over/under record for them for the season, and they have a 15-14 record when playing at home.

A loss to the Pistons by a score of 105–95 occurred during the Bulls’ most recent game. That game was a favorite for the Bulls by a margin of ten points. The total number of points that were over or under the game’s total was 223.5.

The Bulls have struggled to score points this season, falling to the 25th spot in the league with an average of 111.6 points per game. When they are at home, they receive the same number of points as when they are away from home.

The Chicago Bulls have scored less points than the average for the NBA in 63.8% of their games so far this season. The Bulls rank 27th in the league in terms of pace, with 96.8 plays per game at their disposal.

It is the 21st best field goal percentage in the league, and the Bulls have a field goal percentage of 46%. In addition to that, they hit 35% of their three-point shots, which places them in 22nd place.

At this point in time, the defense of the Bulls has allowed an average of 113.0 points per game despite their best efforts. During the most recent game that the Bulls participated in, their defense was so excellent that they only allowed the Pistons to score 105 points.

Cavaliers vs Bulls Betting Odds, Trends and Analysis

  • Over the course of their most recent ten games played away from home, the Cavaliers’ offense has conceded 103 points on average while scoring 114 points on average. The over/under record for Cleveland was 5-5, and the team’s total record was 8-2 under the over.
  • As of right now, Chicago has a straight-up record of 6-4 in their previous ten games played at home. The following is their track record when compared to the spread: It is 8-2. In the majority of games, the club averaged 116 points scored each contest.
  • The Bulls have only won five of their last ten games against the spread (ATS), despite being the underdog. After playing these games straight up, Chicago had a record of 3-7 in the series.
  • These are the Cavaliers’ final five games in which they have been the favorite. Although they have a strong record in straight up wagering, their overall betting record is merely 0-5.

Cavaliers vs Bulls Betting Prediction

  • Free Betting Pick: Cavaliers -4.5

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