Celtics vs Mavs Game 1 Betting odds and wagering prediction for this game set for June 6, 2024. Place a bet on this NBA basketball game now.

The first game of the NBA Finals will take place on Thursday at TD Garden, and the Boston Celtics (64-18) will be competing against the Dallas Mavericks (50-32) in an effort to clinch the championship. Initially, Boston is a seven-point favorite to win this matchup. There will be a total of 214.5 bets placed.

Celtics vs Mavs Game 1 Betting Odds

Here are the Celtics vs Mavs Game 1 Betting odds:

DALLAS MAVERICKS +6.5 +210 Over 214.5
BOSTON CELTICS -6.5 -250 Under 214.5

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Celtics vs Mavs Game 1 Betting Prediction

Here is our Celtics vs Mavs Game 1 Betting prediction.

Dallas Mavericks Betting Prediction

First, we have the Celtics vs Mavs NBA Finals Game 1 Betting prediction for Dallas.

The Mavericks won their last game against the Timberwolves by a score of 124-103, bringing their five-game series to a successful conclusion. In the final minutes of the game, Dallas had a field goal percentage of 54.8% (46 of 84), and they had made 15 of 34 shots from beyond range. At a percentage of 73.9%, the Mavericks were successful in making 17 of their 23 free throws.

In total, they grabbed 45 rebounds, nine of which came from the offensive end of the court. Additionally, they had 19 assists during the game, which resulted in 11 turnovers for the opposition team and 7 steals for them throughout the game. With 38 of 89 shots, the Dallas defense allowed 42.7% of the shots to come from the field. The game was a success for Minnesota, as they recorded 17 assists and 8 steals.

Additionally, Minnesota blocked five shots and retrieved 41 rebounds, with 13 offensive and 28 defensive boards. In the end, Minnesota was successful in 17 of 21 attempts from the charity stripe, achieving an 81.0% success rate. Ten out of thirty-two attempts were successful from a distance. In the end, the Mavericks committed 20 personal fouls, while the Timberwolves committed 17 of their own.

One of the players who participated in the matchup was Luka Doncic. At the end of the game, Doncic finished with a field goal percentage of 63.6% and five assists. It was 37 minutes that he played, and he grabbed ten rebounds. His final score was 36 points, and he shot 14 of 22 from the field.

The Dallas Cowboys will come into this matchup with a record of 50-32 for the season. They have a field goal percentage of 48.1% and average 117.9 points per game, which places them eighth in the league. For the season, the Mavericks have a free throw percentage of 75.8 percent and a shooting percentage of 36.9% from beyond the arc (1,197 of 3,242).

Although Dallas ranks 19th in the league in terms of passing, they have averaged 42.9 rebounds per game and have a total of 2,106 assists this season. In addition to committing 18.3 fouls every night as a team, they turn the ball over 12.5 times per game, which results in them losing possession of the ball.

The Mavericks are able to force 13.7 turnovers a game and draw 20.3 fouls because of their defensive play. The team ranks 20th in the league in terms of the number of points allowed per game (115.6), and they allow 36.8% of their shots to come from outside the arc.

As a team, the Mavericks allow a field goal percentage of 47.5% (3,522 of 7,413) and 45.1 rebounds per game. This season, they have allowed 2,258 assists, which places them in the 22nd position in the league in terms of assists allowed.

Boston Celtics Betting Prediction

Now, we have the Celtics vs Mavs NBA Finals Game 1 Betting prediction for Boston.

The Celtics emerged victorious in their series against the Pacers with a resounding 105-102 victory in their most recent matchup. In terms of attacking the boards, Boston gave Indiana the opportunity to pull down 47 boards, with 13 of those coming from the offensive end. They had a three-point shooting percentage of 34.5% (10 of 29), and they made 12 of 16 free throws (75.0%) from the charity stripe overall.

During the game, the Pacers had a shooting percentage of 46.0%, which was due to the fact that the Celtics allowed them to make 40 of their 87 shots from the field of play. It was a 44.9% shooting percentage for the Celtics overall, as they shot 40 of 89 from the floor. 31.8% of the time, Boston made 14 of 44 three-point shots.

The rate at which they were able to create 11 of these was greater than 78.6%. Through the course of this game, the Pacers committed 19 personal fouls, which resulted in the Celtics having to go to the charity stripe for 14 times.

During the course of the game, they committed a total of ten thefts and lost possession of the ball eleven times. For this game, the Celtics racked up a total of 44 rebounds, 32 of which were defensive and 12 of which were offensive.

Throughout the game, Jaylen Brown served as a substitute pitcher for the Celtics. Over the course of the game, he had a field goal percentage of 50.0%, shooting 11 of 22 shots, and grabbing 6 rebounds. In a total of 44 minutes on the court, Brown not only scored 29 points but also assisted twice.

At the end of the season, Boston had a record of 64-18. In a typical game, the Celtics commit 16.2 fouls and have an 80.7% shooting percentage from the free throw line. They commit 11.9 turnovers per game and assist their teammates 26.9 times per game, which ranks them fourteenth in the basketball league.

Throughout the course of this season, Boston has scored 9,887 points (120.6 per game) and has averaged 46.3 rebounds. The Celtics are currently scoring at a rate of 48.7% from the field, which places them seventh in the league for offensive execution.

The defensive points per game allowed by the Celtics is 109.2, which places them in fifth place in the NBA. They allow teams to shoot 45.3% from the field and force 12.0 turnovers a game, which places them in second place in the NBA by that metric.

While opponents are successful in making 76.8% of their free throws, the Boston defense is only able to stop 35.2% of three-point shots (1,059 of 3,008). Their average assists per game is 24.9, and their average boards per game is 43.3, which places them sixth and fourteenth in the NBA, respectively.

Celtics vs Mavs Game 1 Betting Trends

Here are the Celtics vs Mavs Game 1 Betting trends.


  • During the course of this season, Boston has been the favorite in 79 games, and it has won 63 of those games.
  • Over the course of this season, Boston has been a moneyline favorite of at least -250 or less, and they have won 50 of the 57 games they have played.
  • According to the moneyline for this matchup, Boston has a total of 71.4% probability winning the match.
  • As a moneyline underdog, Dallas has a win rate of 36.7% and a record of 11-19.
  • There have been seven opportunities for Dallas to win a game as a moneyline underdog with odds of +205 or greater, but they have not been successful.
  • This matchup has a moneyline probability that gives Dallas a 32.8% chance of winning, according to the implied probability.

Against the Spread

  • The Mavericks allow 115.6 points per game, which is 5.0 more than the Celtics’ average of 120.6 points per game versus the Mavericks.
  • When scoring more than 115.6 points, Boston has a record of 37-20-3 against the spread and 54-6 versus the spread overall.
  • All-time, Dallas has a record of 44-19 against the spread and 42-21 against the spread when it scores more than 109.2 points.
  • When the margin of error is smaller than 117.9 points, Boston has a record of 39-20-4 against the spread and 54-9 overall.
  • In the National Basketball Association (NBA), the Celtics have a scoring average of 120.6 points per game, while the Mavericks have the 20th-lowest scoring average in the league, which is 115.6 points per game.
  • The offensive performance of Dallas is seventh in the NBA (117.9 points per game), while the defensive performance of Boston ranks sixth (109.2).
  • During the course of this season, the Mavericks have outscored their opponents by 181 points (2.3 per game), while the Celtics have scored 930 more points than their opponents (an average of 11.4 per game).


  • Although the implied total for Thursday’s game was 111 points, the average implied total for Boston this season is 119.1 points, which is 8.1 points higher than the implied total for Thursday’s game.
  • The Boston Celtics have scored more than 111 points in a single game 64 times so far this season.
  • The implied point total for this game is 104 points, which is 16.2 points higher than the average implied point total for Dallas for the season, which is 120.2 points at this point.

Celtics vs Mavs Game 1 Betting Trends

Here are the Celtics vs Mavs Game 1 Betting pick: Dallas Spread 

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