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Gainbridge Fieldhouse will serve as the venue for the fourth game of the Eastern Conference Finals, which will take place on Monday.

The Indiana Pacers will be competing against the Boston Celtics. The Celtics own a 3-0 advantage in the series.

For the first game, Boston is a 7-point favorite. There is a total of 221.5 for the over/under.

Celtics vs Pacers Betting Odds

Here are the Celtics vs Pacers Betting odds:

BOSTON CELTICS -7.5 -300 Over 222.5
INDIANA PACERS +7.5 +240 Under 222.5

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Celtics vs Pacers Betting Prediction

Here is our Celtics vs Pacers Betting prediction:

Boston Celtics Betting Prediction

First, we have the Celtics vs Pacers Betting prediction for Boston.

In the third and final game of the series, the Celtics prevailed with a score of 114-111. As the game came to a close, Boston finished with a field goal percentage of 47.0% (39 of 83) and made 16 of 46 three-point shots.

The Celtics were successful in making 20 of their 26 attempts from the free throw line, resulting in a percentage of 76.9%. Regarding the number of boards that they were able to bring down, they scored 36, with seven of those rebounds being of the offensive sort.

Additionally, they had 24 assists for this game, in addition to forcing 11 turnovers and obtaining 7 steals. When it comes to defense, Boston allowed their opponent to shoot 50.5% from the field, which is equivalent to 46 out of 91 shots.

Indiana handed out 32 assists and had four steals throughout the course of the game. In addition, Indiana had a total of 43 rebounds, with 9 offensive and 34 defensive, and they also had 12 turnovers. By burying 14 of 14 shots from the charity stripe, Indiana achieved a perfect score of 100 percent.

They were successful in five of their twenty-two attempts from a long range. In terms of personal fouls, the Celtics ended up finishing with 18 while the Pacers finished with a total of 21 personal fouls across the board.

Jayson Tatum is one of the players that have contributed to the competition in some way. His scoring total was 36 points, and he shot 12 of 23 from the field. He spent forty-four minutes on the court and was able to grab ten boards. The field goal percentage for Tatum was 52.2%, and he also had eight assists.

This season, Boston has a record of 64-18, and they will be taking the floor with that record. They have a 52.7% field goal percentage and average 120.6 points per game, which has them in second place in the league.

After making 1,351 of 3,482 shots from beyond the arc, the Celtics have a shooting percentage of 38.8%, and they have a free throw percentage of 80.7%. In terms of passing the ball, Boston is placed 14th in the league.

The team is averaging 46.3 rebounds per game and has accumulated 2,207 assists for the season. This places them in the 14th spot in the league. They have a turnover rate of 11.9 times a game, which results in them losing possession of the ball, and they commit 16.2 fouls across the board each game.

When it comes to defense, the Celtics are able to cause 12.0 turnovers per game and draw 17.3 personal fouls to their opponents. While they are ranked fifth in the league in terms of points per game allowed (109.2), they are allowing 35.2% of three-point shots to be made against them.

Currently, the Celtics are allowing a field goal percentage of 45.3% (3,403 of 7,515), and they are also surrendering 43.3 rebounds a game as a team. For the year, they have allowed 2,042 assists, which places them in fifth place in the league in terms of assists allowed.

Indiana Pacers Betting Prediction

Now, we have the Celtics vs Pacers Betting prediction for Indiana.

In the third game, Indiana allowed Boston to score 36 points overall, seven of which were offensive. They finished the game with a three-point shooting percentage of 34.8%, making 16 of 46 shots from beyond the arc.

Additionally, they shot 20 of 26 from the free throw line, which is a 76.9% percentage. The Pacers allowed the Celtics to make 39 of their 83 shots from the floor, which resulted in a percentage of 47.0% for the Celtics throughout the game.

The Pacers finished the game with a field goal percentage of 50.5%, having shot 46 of 91 shots from the field when the final whistle blew. When it came to attempts at three-point shots, Indiana was successful in five out of twenty-two attempts, which is a 22.7% success rate.

They were able to bury fourteen of them using a clip of one hundred percent. This game resulted in the Pacers having to make a total of 14 trips to the free throw line due to the fact that the Celtics committed 18 fouls.

During this game, they were able to record four steals while handing over possession eleven times. During the game, the Pacers amassed a total of 43 boards as a result of their 34 defensive rebounds and 9 offensive boards.

When it came to this matchup, Andrew Nembhard was an essential player for the Pacers. At the end of the game, Nembhard had a total of nine assists and scored 32 points in the 39 minutes that he spent on the hardwood.

Over the course of this game, he made 12 of 21 field goals, which is equivalent to a field goal percentage of 57.1%, and he managed to grab 4 rebounds.

This season, Indiana has a record of 47-35 in terms of wins and losses. In each and every game, the Pacers are accountable for committing 21.4 fouls, and they have a free throw percentage of 78.2%.

First in the league in terms of the number of assists they hand out each game, they are dishing out 30.8 assists per game, and they are losing possession of the ball by turning it over 12.9 times per game.

During the course of the season, Indiana has had a total of 10,110 points scored (123.3 per game), and they have collected 41.5 boards per game. Offensively, the Pacers are shooting 50.7% from the field, which places them in first place among all basketball teams.

The Pacers’ defensive unit is currently ranked 27th in the NBA in terms of the number of points they allow per game, at 120.2. On a nightly basis, they are able to force 13.9 turnovers and have allowed teams to shoot 49.6% from the floor, which places them within the 30th percentile in basketball.

The defense of Indiana allows opponents to make 36.5% of their three-point shots (877 free throws out of 2,404), and opponents are successful in 78.7% of their free throw attempts. Every game, they give up 24.6 assists and 43.4 rebounds, which places them in fourth and fifteenth place, respectively, in the NBA.

Celtics vs Pacers Betting Picks

Free Celtics vs Pacers Betting Picks: Pacers spread and the Under.

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