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Chiefs at Bills AFC Playoffs Betting Odds

Here are the Chiefs at Bills AFC Playoffs Betting Odds:

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS +2.5 +125 Over 46
BUFFALO BILLS -2.5 -145 Under 46

Bills -2.5 and Chiefs +2.5 are the live betting odds. Buffalo -145 / KC +125 is the moneyline, and the total is 46.

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Divisional AFC Playoffs Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs

Here is the AFC Playoffs betting prediction for the Chiefs.

As of the beginning of this match, the Kansas City Chiefs have a record of 12-6 for the season. The Chiefs were victorious over the Dolphins in their Wild Card game, which they won by a score of 26-7. Isiah Pacheco, the Chiefs’ leading rusher, finished by completing 24 carries for 89 yards, with an average of 3.7 yards gained per carry.

In total, Rashee Rice had eight receptions for a total of 130 yards, with an average of 16.3 yards per grab. With a completion percentage of 23 out of 41, Patrick Mahomes threw for 262 yards and one score. With a passer rating of 83.6, he was able to finish the game without making any interceptions. The Chiefs were unsuccessful in their eighteen attempts to stop the run, allowing 76 yards, which is equivalent to an average of 4.2 yards per rush.

For a total of 39 attempts, Kansas City allowed 20 completions of passes for 188 yards, which is equivalent to a completion rate of 51.3%. That day, they engaged in 75 plays, which resulted in a total of 409 yards. By rushing the ball 34 times, the Kansas City Chiefs were able to gain 147 yards, which is equivalent to an average of 4.3 yards per carry.

Over the course of this season, the Chiefs have amassed a total of 5,972 yards. In spite of the fact that they have accumulated 216 first downs as a team, Kansas City has been involved in 845 yards of penalties. As far as the distribution of touchdowns is concerned, Kansas City has scored nine touchdowns on the ground and twenty-eight touchdowns through the air.

As a result of 17 interceptions and 11 fumbles, they have given up the ball to the other team on a total of 28 occasions. As a unit, they have gained an average of 104.9 yards on the ground, which places them in the nineteenth position in the league. Regarding the number of points scored each game, the Kansas City Chiefs have a scoring average of 21.8 points per game.

The Chiefs have allowed 3,001 yards via the air, which places them in fourth place in the league in terms of yards allowed. Because of their air defense, they have been able to let opponents to score 176.5 yards per game and have a completion percentage of 61.2%. This season, they have allowed 289.8 yards per game, which has them in second place in the National Football League.

Through the course of this season, they have allowed 113.2 yards of running per game and 4.5 yards per run. Over the course of 17 games, they have recorded a total of 1,925 rushing yards allowed. The Kansas City Chiefs boast the second-best team defense in the National Football League, allowing 17.3 points per game on average.

Chiefs Betting Insights

  • Against the spread, Kansas City has a record of 7-5-0 so far this season.
  • During this season, the Chiefs have a record of 6-5 against the spread when they are trailing by two points or more.
  • Kansas City games have exceeded the point total 33.3% of the time in 2023, which is four times out of a total of twelve opportunities.
  • When playing at home as two-point favorites or greater, Kansas City has a record of 3-2 against the spread this season.
  • There is a clear indication that the Chiefs’ recent performance is working against them in terms of beating the total. They have scored 49.0 points per game on average in their home games so far this season.
  • According to the moneyline, Kansas City has a record of 8-4 and has won 66.7% of the games in which they were the favorite.
  • There is a 7-4 record for the Chiefs when they have been the moneyline favorite at -125 or less, which means that they have won 63.6% of their games against the spread.

Kansas City’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 252.7 (3,032) 8
Rush yards 109.9 (1,319) 16
Points scored 22.9 (275) 11
Pass yards against 183 (2,196) 6
Rush yards against 114.7 (1,376) 19
Points allowed 17.3 (208) 3

AFC Playoffs Betting Prediction: Buffalo Bills

Here is the AFC Playoffs betting prediction for Buffalo.

The Bills come into the game with a record of 12–6 during the current season when they are competing. Having won their Wild Card game against the Steelers by a score of 31–17, the Bills advanced to the next round of the playoffs. At the conclusion of the game, James Cook carried the ball 18 times for a total of 79 yards, providing Buffalo with an average yardage per carry of 4.4.

Dalton Kincaid was the best wide receiver for the Bills, as he caught three receptions for 59 yards, which is equivalent to 19.7 yards per reception. The quarterback, Josh Allen, finished the game with three touchdowns, 203 yards, and a quarterback rating of 121.9. He completed 21 of 30 passes for 203 yards. His average yardage per attempt was 6.8 yards, and he did not throw any interceptions.

Buffalo allowed a total of 23 attempts to run for 106 yards, including 4.6 yards per rush. This resulted in a completion percentage of 56.4% for the Bills’ pass defense, which allowed 218 yards on 22 for 39 throws. At the end of the game, the Bills run 66 plays for a total of 368 yards, which is equivalent to 5.6 yards per play. During the 34 attempts that Buffalo made to rush the ball, they gained 5.3 yards per carry, for a total of 179 yards gained.

The Buffalo Bills now hold the sixth spot in the NFL in terms of scoring ability, with an average of 26.5 points scored per game. Since the beginning of the season, the Bills have accumulated 4,154 yards via the air, placing them eighth in the league. Additionally, they have averaged 244.4 yards per game while quarterbacking. Over the course of this season, they have ran for 2,212 yards, with an average of 130.1 yards gained via the air per game.

With an average of 374.5 yards per game, the Buffalo Bills earn the fourth spot among all of the National Football League clubs. With regard to the assistance that they have provided to the other team, the Buffalo offense has accumulated 883 yards of penalties on 106 offenses, which places them in seventh position in the league. While they have managed to record 199 first downs, they have also been responsible for the loss of 10 fumbles and the tossing of 18 interceptions.

Due to the fact that they have allowed 18 touchdowns to be scored through the air in addition to 196.6 yards per game, they are currently ranked sixth in football. Buffalo has allowed a total of 1,880 yards of ground play throughout the course of the season, which is equivalent to 110.6 yards per game, and has also allowed 14 touchdowns. There is a total of 311 points that they have conceded.

Their defensive unit has been responsible for 30 turnovers during the season, including 12 fumble recoveries and 18 interceptions. In football, the defense of the Bills has participated in 1,015 plays, which places them in third place. A total of 18.3 points allowed per game places the Bills in fourth place among all NFL teams in terms of points allowed per game.

Bills Betting Insights

  • This season, Buffalo has won four games against the spread, out of a total of twelve games played.
  • Since the beginning of the season, the Bills have only covered the spread once when they were trailing by two points or more.
  • In the current season, Buffalo has surpassed the amount on four out of twelve occasions, which is a 33.3% success rate.
  • This season, Buffalo has a record of 0-1 against the spread when they are playing as underdogs of two points or more on the road.
  • The total number of points scored in the Bills’ away games this season has averaged 45.7, which is 3.8 points lower than the over/under for the game, which is 49.5.
  • The two games that Buffalo has played this season as the underdog have both resulted in defeat.
  • There have been two occasions throughout this season in which the Bills have been a moneyline underdog of at least +105; however, they have forfeited both of those games.

Buffalo’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 260.9 (3,131) 5
Rush yards 122.3 (1,468) 10
Points scored 27.3 (328) 5
Pass yards against 203.3 (2,439) 8
Rush yards against 116.7 (1,400) 20
Points allowed 18.9 (227) 5

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