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Cowboys at Browns Betting Odds

Here are the Cowboys at Browns Betting odds:


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Cowboys at Browns Betting Preview

We now have a week-by-week breakdown of the opponents that the Cleveland Browns will face each week as they strive to qualify for the postseason for the second consecutive season. The schedule for the Cleveland Browns in 2024 has finally been made public, and we now have this information.

On account of the fact that they have the most challenging schedule of any team in the league in terms of the winning percentage of their opponents from the previous season, they will be fighting an uphill battle throughout the entirety of the season.

The first week of the season marks the beginning of the challenging schedule that the Browns will undergo during the season. The Dallas Cowboys will be the team that will be playing host in Cleveland.

Even though the Browns were able to keep the majority of their core players and several of their crucial players would be fully healthy again, they are still considered to be underdogs against the Cowboys. This is despite the fact that they were able to keep the majority of their players.

From the perspective of the Sportsbook, the Browns are a home underdog with a spread of +1.5 points.

All during the spring, the Cowboys have suffered the loss of a considerable number of key veterans, and they have not been able to successfully replace them. This turn of events came as a complete surprise. They lost the loss of offensive lineman Tyron Smith and Tyler Biadasz, in addition to losing their starting running back Tony Pollard. All of these players were on the offensive line.

Additionally, they were unsuccessful in their attempt to retain the services of the world-renowned cornerback Stephon Gilmore. In the course of the offseason, the only noteworthy acquisitions that they made were either through the draft or by bringing Ezekiel Elliott back into the active roster.

There is no question that the Cowboys have a considerable amount of talent on their roster. There is no way to ignore the impact that Micah Parsons, DaRon Bland, and Trevon Diggs, in addition to Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb, make on the offensive side of the ball during the game.

On the other hand, the Browns are a more dangerous and healthier club than they were in the previous season, and they should not be counted out, especially coming into Week 1 at home. This is especially true going into the first week of the season.

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