Here are the betting odds and prediction for Fairleigh Dickinson vs. Florida Atlantic.

Friday’s shocking win by Fairleigh Dickinson over Purdue made March Madness history. The upsets continue this year as the Knights are only the second #16 seed to beat a #1 seed in tournament history.

UMBC did it in 2018. Even less likely was FDU’s win, since they were ranked much lower than UMBC and didn’t even win their conference to get into the tournament.

Also, FDU is the smallest team in the country this year, and they beat Purdue, which was one of the tallest.

In the next round, the Knights will play #9 seed FAU, and our experts’ predictions for Fairleigh Dickinson vs. Florida Atlantic are below. We’ll also tell you how to get the latest deal crypto from

Fairleigh Dickinson vs. Florida Atlantic Odds

At the moment, Florida Atlantic is a -13.5 favorite over Fairleigh Dickinson, making Fairleigh Dickinson a +13.5 underdog.

Both sides of the point spread have odds of -110. This means that if Florida Atlantic wins by at least 14 points, an $11 bet on them will win $10. If you bet the same $11 on Fairleigh Dickinson, you will win $10 if the Knights win or lose by 13 points or less.

If you’d rather bet on the total, has set the over/under at 149.5 and given odds of -110 on both sides.

Fairleigh Dickinson vs. Florida Atlantic Prediction

Our experts think that the owls will beat the Knights by a wide margin. The main reason for this is that they can handle the pressure with a team like Fairleigh Dickinson.

FDU has the second-highest pressing rate in the country. This lets them force turnovers at a rate that is in the top 40 in the country.

It worked against Purdue, but Florida Atlantic is much more likely to not only handle the pressure but also take advantage of it. Florida Atlantic is in the 83rd percentile this season in terms of its press offense.

The Owls also have a rate of offensive turnovers that puts them in the top 70 in the country. Florida Atlantic should be able to score on FDU’s 353rd-ranked defense as long as they can handle the press.

On the other hand, Florida Atlantic is in the top 40 of adjusted defensive efficiency rankings, and Fairleigh Dickinson shouldn’t be able to score many points against the Owls even though it has a good offense. The Knights couldn’t score 1.0 points per possession against Purdue, so it’s unlikely they’ll be able to do it against a defense with the same rank.

Our experts say that the best way to bet on Fairleigh Dickinson vs. Florida Atlantic is to take Florida Atlantic -13.5.

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Fairleigh Dickinson vs. Florida Atlantic pick

As we said at the beginning of our predictions for Fairleigh Dickinson vs. Florida Atlantic, no one expected the Knights to be here.

Many people thought that Purdue would have trouble with either Memphis or Florida Atlantic in the second round, but Fairleigh Dickinson surprised everyone. All year, Purdue had trouble with turnovers.

Fairleigh Dickinson made Purdue turn the ball over 16 times, which helped them win the game. But our experts don’t think that will happen against FAU in their Fairleigh Dickinson vs. Florida Atlantic predictions, so they think the best bet is at Sportsbook is on Florida Atlantic -13.5.

Here’s is our experts pick for Fairleigh Dickinson vs. Florida Atlantic: