We are bringing you the Final Four Odds for the teams that are considered favorites to make it to this part of March Madness.

The 2023 Men’s Final Four starts on April 1 at NRG Stadium in Houston. It’s the end of the NCAA tournament, with the four regional winners from the bracket playing against each other. Monday, April 3, is the day of the title game. The odds for each team in the Final Four are listed below. To place a bet, click on any of the odds.


Check out the Final Four odds for college basketball below. Remember that some shops have ways to “cash out” your money. If the odds of a team making it to the Final Four keep going in your favor, this option will pay out less than what you could win from your first bet. There are also odds for the national title and the First Four in the college basketball tournament.

Here are some of the best teams in college basketball and their chances of making it to the Final Four. There is a lot of parity from D to I, so some of them may be on upset alert. But, as usual, this part of the NCAA tournament is usually decided by the matchups. So, if you think the odds for the Final Four are good, click here to place a bet.



The Cougars came one game short of making it to the Final Four for the second year in a row, but they have the talent to play for a championship in their home city in 2023. Houston is led by senior guard Marcus Sasser and five-star freshman Jerace Walker. Kelvin Sampson is in charge of the team. But, by its own standards, its defense has struggled in AAC play, which isn’t a good sign for when it goes up against tougher teams in the Big Dance.



Alabama is the youngest team in these Final Four odds, but their young talent, led by five-star freshman Brandon Miller, is more than enough to get them to Texas. Concerns center on their “elite” defense, because their SEC opponents are making 25.9% of their 3-point shots, which is too high to keep up. When Alabama plays a five-out offense in the dance, they could lose a little bit of ground. Still, not many teams are long enough to match up with Nate Oats’ group.



UCLA’s defense led by Mic Cronin is one of the best in D-I. Its ballhawks, led by 6-foot-5 guard Jaylen Clark, make it very strong against offenses that focus on one player. But because of a foot injury, Clark will miss at least the PAC-12 tournament. Their offense is led by Jamie Jaquez, who is about to go pro and has turned into the perfect college four-man. UCLA possesses experience at most positions — except at center. When 6-foot-10 freshman Adem Bona doesn’t follow the rules and gets in foul trouble, this group tends to fall apart a bit.



Bill Self’s defending champion Jayhawks aren’t built like his other teams. They don’t have a go-to big man to pair with Jalen Wilson, who is also a Wooden Award candidate (). Still, historically, a team with adjusted offensive and defensive efficiency ratings in the top 20 has been a strong contender. Grady Dick, a freshman wing, shoots well from the perimeter, and Dajuan Harris, Jr. is one of the best on-ball defenders in the country.

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Matt Painter has never taken Purdue to the Final Four in his long career as a coach. This season might be his best chance, at least on paper, to do that. The Boilermakers are led by Zach Edey, who is the odds-on favorite to win the Wooden Award. They also have the 11th-ranked AdjO. But there are still things to think about when betting on college basketball, like the fact that the backcourt is full of freshmen.



The Cougars “upset” the Wildcats in the Sweet 16 last year. Tommy Lloyd’s fast-paced offense is good enough to go further. Azuolas Tubelis, a sophomore forward, has improved a lot as a scorer and become one of the best rim runners in the sport. Oumar Ballo has also done a great job filling in for Christian Koloko up front. Their defense, on the other hand, is a worry because they have given up 1.12 PPP over their last few games. If they can do that against the weak PAC-12, what will happen in March?



The Bears are seeking redemption after it failed to reach they second weekend last time around. North Carolina did make it to the Final Four, but not in the region where it was supposed to. This Baylor team has the best offense in the Big 12 and the second-best offense in all of college basketball. Scott Drew’s three-headed backcourt, led by Keyonte George, Adam Flagler, and L.J. Cryer, can destroy any half-court defense with its ball-screen structure. Still, this isn’t as good as what his teams usually do in this area. Even with big man Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua back in the lineup, this is a scary thought for their chances of making the Final Four.



During March Madness, both fans and bettors are always wary of Rick Barnes’ teams. In 36 years as a head coach, he has only been to the Final Four once. If the Vols don’t do well this season, it will likely be because of their offense. Their offense has been all over the place in the last month because they don’t have a consistent scorer. Losing Zakai Zeigler (torn ACL) doesn’t help. Still, like UCLA, it has the best adjusted defensive efficiency, which forces opponents to take jump shots late in the shot clock. If Tennessee wants to change Barnes’ legacy, it will depend on this category.



Even though Chris Beard left the team during non-conference play, Rodney Terry, the team’s interim coach, had high hopes for the team. He had never been the head coach of a high-major team before, but from 2002 to 2011, he worked as an assistant coach in Austin, Texas. So far, Terry has done a great job, and the Longhorns were in the thick of the race for the Big 12 regular season title until the very end. Marcus Carr’s ability to score from his time at Minnesota has helped them, but his recent shooting problems are a bit of a worry. When Carr is playing well, he is the kind of guard who can take a team all the way to the Final Four.



Tony Bennett can’t rely on big-time scorers like the 2018-19 national champions could, but this team’s core has come back well after missing the tournament last year. The ‘Hoos are known for their strong defensive line, and this game is no different. But the fact that they are in the top 80 in 3-point shooting (35.9%) is a big reason why. This has changed because of Armaan Franklin’s comeback season.

How March Madness Odds Are Changing

Here is an overview of how March Madness Odds have been changing:

School Final Four Odds – Feb. 16 Final Four Odds – Feb. 28 Final Four Odds – March 7
Alabama +200 +200 +190
Houston +140 +130 +120
Purdue +200 +240 +260
UCLA +330 +330 +210
Kansas +300 +220 +180
Texas +500 +450 +450
Virginia +550 +850 +700
Arizona +330 +330 +360
Baylor +450 +450 +450
Tennessee +450 +550 +650
Marquette +750 +700 +700
Kansas State +1000 +750 +750
Gonzaga +700 +650 +450
Indiana +700 +700 +700
Miami (Fla.) +1600 +1000 +900
Xavier +750 +800 +1000
Saint Mary’s +700 +700 +700
Creighton +650 +650 +700
Iowa State +700 +750 +1100
UConn +450 +450 +360
San Diego State +1500 +1500 +1600
TCU +700 +700 +700
N.C. State +3500 +3500 +3500
Providence +1800 +2000 +2200
FAU +4000 +4000 +4000


Here is a list of the teams that have made it to the Final Four since the year 2000:

Year Schools Champion
2000 MSU, Florida, UNC, Wisconsin Michigan State
2001 Duke, Arizona, MSU, Maryland Duke
2002 Maryland, Indiana, Kansas, Oklahoma Maryland
2003 Syracuse, Kansas, Texas, Marquette Syracuse
2004 UConn, Georgia Tech, Duke, Oklahoma State UConn
2005 UNC, Louisville, Illinois, MSU North Carolina
2006 Florida, UCLA, LSU, George Mason Florida
2007 Florida, Ohio State, UCLA, Georgetown Florida
2008 Kansas, Memphis, UCLA, UNC Kansas
2009 UNC, MSU, UConn, Villanova North Carolina
2010 Duke, Butler, MSU, West Virginia Duke
2011 UConn, Butler, Kentucky, VCU UConn
2012 Kentucky, Kansas, Ohio State, Louisville Kentucky
2013 Louisville, Michigan, Syracuse, Wichita State Louisville
2014 UConn, Kentucky, Florida, Wisconsin UConn
2015 Duke, Wisconsin, MSU, Kentucky Duke
2016 Villanova, UNC, Oklahoma, Syracuse Villanova
2017 UNC, Gonzaga, Oregon, South Carolina North Carolina
2018 Villanova, Michigan, Kansas, Loyola-Chicago Villanova
2019 Virginia, Texas Tech, Michigan State, Auburn Virginia
2020 Cancelled Cancelled
2021 Baylor, Gonzaga, UCLA, Houston Baylor
2022 Kansas, UNC, Duke, Villanova Kansas

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