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Florida vs Alabama Betting Odds

Here are the Florida vs Alabama Betting odds:

FLORIDA +4 +160 Over 174
ALABAMA -4 -180 Under 174

Florida vs Alabama Betting Prediction

Here is our Florida vs Alabama Betting prediction.

On Friday night, the SEC Tournament will conclude with the fourth and final knockout game of the regular season. This matchup will be between the Crimson Tide of Alabama and the Florida Gators of Florida. Earlier in the season, the Gators defeated Georgia in the second round, giving them a three-game winning run over the Bulldogs. This victory comes before they come here. The Alabama Crimson Tide finished the season in fourth place in the Southeastern Conference standings, which earned them a double bye into the playoffs. At 9:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, the first tap occurs.

Florida Gators Betting Prediction

First, we have the Florida vs Alabama Betting prediction for the Gators.

By virtue of their victory over the Bulldogs on Thursday evening, the Florida Gators have improved their overall record to 22-10 for the season. Even though they compete in one of the most difficult conferences in the country, the Gators are in a position to qualify for the NCAA Tournament because they have won 22 games. Despite the fact that the Bulldogs put up a strong effort, Florida was able to maintain their lead and win the game.

At the time, Walter Clayton Jr. was the head coach of the Gators. By making seven of fifteen shots, including three of seven from beyond the arc, he was able to score 22 points. An additional guard named Will Richard had a wonderful evening as well. He finished with 17 points, one of which was a tremendous put-back layup that he made with just under two minutes remaining in the game. Tyrese Samuel scored a double-double, scoring 17 points and grabbing 15 boards in the game.

In the third and final game, which will take place on Friday night, Florida will now attempt to win over Alabama. However, despite having a significant lead in the first half and for a considerable amount of time in the second half, the Gators were unable to win the opening game. At home, the Gators were able to lead the Tide from the beginning to the end of the second game, which they ultimately won by a margin of roughly 20 points. They challenged the Tide to a draw on the boards in the second game, but the Tide’s persistent efforts to win the ball back ultimately proved to be too much for them to handle. Additionally, the Gators were able to restrict the Crimson Tide to only five three-point shots during the second game.

Alabama Crimson Tide Betting Prediction

Now we have the Florida vs Alabama Betting prediction for the Crimson Tide.

The Crimson Tide of Alabama are the reigning champions of the SEC Tournament. They have won it for the past three years. Last year, they were able to completely dominate all of their rivals. They finished the season with a record of 21-10 overall and 13-5 at the SEC level. A guard who has been named to the All-SEC team, Mark Sears is in charge of the Tide. This year, Sears averaged 21.1 points per game in their season. In addition to that, he had 127 assists, which was the second most on the squad, and 75 three-pointers, which was the most on the team. In terms of assists, Aaron Estrada had 140, which was the second most on the squad, and he also had 13.4 points per game, which was the third most. In comparison to every other player on the team, that is more: The average game consists of 5.7 boards and 4.7 blocks.

This season, there is little doubt that the Alabama Crimson Tide will compete in the NCAA Tournament. Nevertheless, if they go all the way this weekend, they might be able to get a more desirable location. As of this season, Alabama has scored the most points in the Southeastern Conference. As far as field goals go, the Crimson Tide are in second place, and they are in third place when it comes to three-point shooting. The Southeastern Conference squad that makes the most three-pointers per game is this one. In terms of stopping spots, the Tide stand just fourteenth in the nation. Their field goal percentage is tenth best, and their three-point defense is tenth best. The Tide average four rebounds per game, which places them in fourth place in the Southeastern Conference. The fact that they make the tenth-fewest errors per game in the conference indicates that they are able to be careless.

Florida vs Alabama Betting Pick

During the course of the season, each team was victorious in one of their games played on their respective home courts. The third game of this series will take place on Friday night, and I believe the Tide will prevail. Quick to play, they shoot a lot, and they hit the boards with a lot of force. Throughout the course of the season, the Gators performed admirably when competing against the Tide; nevertheless, in this matchup, they will be always on the offensive. By continuing to run the ball and maintaining possession of the paint, Alabama was able to wear down the Gators after they had lost the most of the first game. During the overtime victory, they defeated the Gators in the paint by a score of 56–40. Despite the fact that they defeated the Gators 48–40 in the paint in the second game, they were unable to gain the victory due to poor shooting and blunders. On Friday, Alabama should finally get going, and they will exploit their quick tempo to wear down what should be a fatigued Gators team. We will see how tired they are.

  • Florida vs Alabama Betting Pick: Crimson Tide to Cover

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