Giants at Dolphins Week 5 Betting preview, including odds and predictions for this game that is set to take place on October 8, 2023.

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Week 5 odds for the Giants vs. Dolphins game

Week 5 betting odds for the Giants vs. Dolphins are as follows:

50 Over/Under Predictions for the New York Giants vs Miami Dolphins Week 5 matchup, with the Giants at +11 and the Dolphins at -11.

Here are the Week 5 betting predictions for the Giants vs. Dolphins game.

Week 5 betting prediction for the Giants vs. Dolphins: New York

The Giants vs. Dolphins Week 5 betting prediction for New York comes first.

As they take the field, the New York Giants are now 1-3 on the year. The Giants’ most recent contest was a loss against the Seahawks, 24–3. Daniel Jones, who had 10 carries for 66 yards (6.6 yards per carry), was the Giants’ top runner. Matt Breida averaged 9.6 yards per reception while catching 5 passes for a total of 48 yards. Passing for 203 yards on 27 of 34 attempts, Daniel Jones.

By the end of the game, he had a QB rating of 67 and two interceptions. The other side ran the ball 23 times for 121 yards, averaging 5.3 yards per carry, which was allowed by the Giants. The completion rate for the 15 completions on 26 attempts for 160 yards against New York was 57.7%. They ran 74 plays in total during the game, covering 248 yards. The New York Giants ultimately carried the ball 29 times for 112 yards total, averaging 3.9 yards per carry.

This year, the Giants have gained a total of 1,008 yards. New York has accumulated 35 first downs as a unit and has accrued 229 yards in penalties thanks to their 27 infractions. Two touchdowns were scored by New York by passing the ball, and three touchdowns were scored by running the ball. Eight times (six interceptions and two fumbles) the ball has been lost by them. They are 23rd in the league in rushing average at 94.0 yards per game. The New York Giants average 11.5 points per game while entering the end zone.

With 30.5 points per game allowed, the Giants’ defense is 30th in the league. They have allowed 133.8 yards per game and 4.4 yards per rush this season. They have allowed 535 rushing yards in 4 games this season. The Giants are now ranked 15th in the league in terms of the amount of air yards they have allowed. They’ve allowed the opposing side to pass for an average of 207.8 yards per game, with a completion rate of 62.2%. They are 19th in football with 341.5 yards allowed per game this season.

Giants Odds Information

New York hasn’t yet covered the spread this year.
This season, New York’s games have gone over the total in one out of every four scenarios (25%)
New York has played three games this season as the underdog and has not succeeded in winning any of them.
The Giants are the greatest moneyline underdog they have faced this season, with +400 odds on them winning this game.

New York’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 158.0 (632) 30
Rush yards 94.0 (376) 23
Points scored 11.5 (46) 32
Pass yards against 207.8 (831) 15
Rush yards against 133.8 (535) 25
Points allowed 30.5 (122) 30

Week 5 betting prediction for the Giants vs. Dolphins: Miami

Next, we have Miami’s Week 5 betting prediction for the Giants vs. Dolphins game.

The Dolphins are currently 3-1 on the year, and today will be their fourth game. The Dolphins’ most recent football game ended in a 48-20 loss to the Bills for the Dolphins. Tua Tagovailoa completed 25 of his 35 passes for 282 yards and a touchdown by the time the game was over. He had a 92.8 quarterback rating. He attempted eight passes, averaging 8.1 yards, and he made one pick.

Tyreek Hill, who caught 3 passes for a total of 58 yards (19.3 yards per catch), was the Dolphins’ top receiver. Miami averaged 12.6 yards per run thanks to De’Von Achane’s eight carries for a total of 101 yards. The Dolphins gained 393 yards (6.8 yards per play) on 58 plays for a total of victory. Miami carried the ball 19 times for 142 yards, an average of 7.5 yards.

Miami allowed the opposing team to carry the ball 29 times for 104 yards (3.6 yards per carry). The Dolphins’ secondary defense allowed 84.0% of the throws to go through, resulting in 310 yards and 21 out of 25 completions.

With an average of 37.5 points per game, the Dolphins lead all NFL teams in point production. The Dolphins have thrown for 1,337 yards thus far this season, which leads the NFL. They throw for 334.3 yards per game on average, which leads the league. They have rushed for 707 yards this season, averaging 176.8 yards per game.

The Miami Dolphins lead all NFL teams in average total offense with 511.0 yards per game. The Miami team committed 26 errors that resulted in 237 penalty yards. They now rank 13th in the league for free yardage given up. Two fumbles were lost, and three interceptions were surrendered. The team has 66 first downs.

The Dolphins are the 28th worst team in the league in terms of points allowed, giving up 29.8 per game. They are ranked 25th in the NFL with 251.0 yards and 7 passing touchdowns allowed per game. Miami has allowed 494 running yards and 6 rushing touchdowns this season (123.5 yards per game).

The Dolphins defense has participated in 262 plays, which is the 23rd-highest number of any team participating in the game. Their defense has recovered 5 balls so far this season (3 fumbles and 2 picks). They have lost 119 points overall.

Dolphins Gambling Tips

Miami has played four games and has narrowly won three of them.
Three times in four games with a fixed point total, Miami and its opponents have topped the over/under this season.
Miami has only been the moneyline favorite twice all season, and both times they have won.
The Dolphins have yet to take the field in a game with moneyline odds of -535 or less this season.

Miami’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 334.3 (1,337) 1
Rush yards 176.8 (707) 1
Points scored 37.5 (150) 1
Pass yards against 251.0 (1,004) 25
Rush yards against 123.5 (494) 22
Points allowed 29.8 (119) 28

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