Howard vs Wagner Betting March Madness 2024 prediction. Place a bet on this college basketball game now.

truTV will broadcast the game between the Wagner Seahawks (16-15) and the Howard Bison (18-16) that will take place on Tuesday at 6:40 PM Eastern Time at the University of Delaware Arena. There is a chance to go to the Round of 64 of the NCAA Tournament if you win this game. Howard is now three points ahead of these teams as they compete for a spot in the first round of the tournament. A total of 128 is the score for the game.

Howard vs Wagner Betting Odds

Here are the Wisconsin vs Illinois Betting odds:

+3 +140 Over 128
HOWARD -3 -160 Under 128

Game Time and Information

  • Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2024
  • Time: 6:40 PM ET
  • TV: truTV
  • Where: Dayton, Ohio
  • Venue: UD Arena

Howard vs Wagner Betting Prediction

Here is the Howard vs Wagner Betting prediction.

Howard and Wagner Betting Trends, Records Against the Spread

  • With a three-point or greater advantage, Howard has a record of 6-9-1 against the spread so far this season.
  • During this season, Wagner has a record of 7-4-1 against the spread when it has been a loser by three points or more.
  • There is a difference of 10.6 points between the total amount of points scored by these two teams in a game, which is 128.6 points.
  • According to the over/under for this game, which is 128 points, teams that play these two teams average 8.5 more points per game than the total number of points.
  • Over the course of this season, Howard has scored an average of 21.5 more points per game than the 128 points that he scored in this particular contest.
  • The Seahawks have scored 128 points in this game, which is 2.4 fewer than the average number of points scored in Seahawks games this season.
  • During this season, they have a record of 12-18-2 against the spread.
  • Up to this point in the season, the Seahawks have established a record of 15–13-2 against the spread.

Howard Bison Stats & Insights

  • The average number of points scored by Howard is 75.1, which places him 129th in college basketball. On the other hand, the average number of points allowed by Howard is 74.4, which places him 259th in college basketball. The score is a perfect 26 points across the board.
  • When it comes to college basketball, Howard has the 137th most rebounds in the league with 35.9 per game. In comparison, the average score of its opponents is 32.2 points, which is 3.7 points higher.
  • When compared to their opponents, who average 6.4 three-pointers per game, the Bison make 8.1 three-pointers per game, which places them 114th in college basketball and is 1.7 more than their opponents. They make 37.4% of their three-point shots, which places them in 20th place in college basketball. The other team only makes 33.7% of their three-point shots.
  • Within the realm of college basketball, Howard’s score of 95.2 points per 100 plays places him in the 177th position. They rank 220th in college basketball in terms of the number of points they allow per 100 plays, which is 94.2.
  • When playing at home, they average 77.9 points per game, which is 4.5 more than when they are playing away from home (73.4).

Wagner Seahawks Stats & Insights

  • In each of his games, Wagner is accumulating 1.4 points more than his opponents, which brings his total to +45 points. It has a scoring average of 63.5 points per game, which places it 355th in college basketball, and it has a scoring average of 62.1 points per game, which places it sixth in college basketball.
  • When compared to the other player, Wagner typically contributes 1.5 more boards. It ranks 118th in college basketball with 36.5 boards per game, whereas its opponents only obtain 35 boards per game compared to its own average.
  • Wagner’s average three-pointer percentage of 7.2 per game places him 209th among all collegiate basketball players. During the course of the game, opponents have made an average of 6.5 three-pointers.
  • When it comes to college basketball, Wagner’s scoring average of 88.7 points per 100 possessions places them 312th, while their scoring defense ranks 29th, allowing 86.6 points per 100 possessions.
  • When playing at home, the Seahawks average 67.8 points per game, which is seven higher than when they are playing away from home (60.8).

Howard Bison Key Players to Watch

  • With an average of 16.6 points and 7.6 rebounds per game, Bryce Harris is the leader of the Bison in both the number of points scored and the number of rebounds gathered.
  • Seth Towns, who averages 14.1 points per game and provides 2.5 assists, is the individual who is the most effective passer for Howard.
  • For the Bison, Marcus Dockery is the player who makes the most three-point shots. Every game, he averages 2.7 shots from all-purpose range.
  • From a defensive standpoint, Harris truly shines for Howard. Both in terms of steals (1.1 per game) and blocks (1.1 per game), he is the leader of the squad.

Wagner Seahawks Key Players to Watch

  • Melvin Council Jr. is the best player in both categories for the Seahawks, as he averages 14.6 points and 5.7 rebounds per game. He is the current leader in both categories.
  • In terms of assists per game, Javier Esquerra Trelles has the highest average for Bauer, with 4.3 of them. In addition to it, he assists on 3.9 boards and scores 7.1 points per game.
  • Every single game, Brown makes two three-pointers, which is more than any other Seahawk player has ever done.
  • Council is the team that blocks the fewest shots (0.6 per game) and takes the ball the most (1.4 per game) when it comes to defense.

Howard vs. Wagner Prediction

  • Pick ATS: Wagner (+3)
  • Pick OU: Over (128)

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