Jaguars at Bills Week 5 Betting preview for both teams, including predictions and best bets for this game that is set to take place on Sunday, October 8, 2023.

Week 5 odds for the Jaguars vs. Bills game

Week 5 betting odds for the Jaguars vs. Bills are as follows:

Jaguars at Bills Week 5 Betting Predictions: 49 Over/Under Jacksonville Jaguars +5.5 Buffalo Bills -5.5

These are the Week 5 betting predictions for the Jaguars vs. Bills game.

Week 5 betting prediction for the Jaguars vs. Bills:

First, here is Jacksonville’s Week 5 betting prediction for the Jaguars vs. Bills.

This season, the Jacksonville Jaguars had a 2-2 record. The Jaguars defeated the Falcons by a score of 23-7 in their most recent football game. Travis Etienne was the best Jaguars runner, averaging 2.8 yards per carry on 20 attempts for 55 yards.

Christian Kirk had an average of 10.5 yards per catch and accumulated 84 yards on 8 catches. For 207 yards and one touchdown, Trevor Lawrence completed 23 of his 30 attempts. His rate was 105.8 and he was the quarterback. He was perfect the entire game.

The Jaguars ran the ball 22 times, for a 5.8 yard average gain of 127 yards. Jacksonville allowed 19 of 31 throws to be completed, resulting in 160 yards and a 61.3% completion rate. They ran 64 plays for a total of 300 yards when the game was ended. For a total of 105 yards, the Jacksonville Jaguars carried the ball 32 times. That equals 3.3 yards per run on average.

When entering the end zone, the Jacksonville Jaguars score 20.0 points per game. They rank 19th in the league with a team rushing average of 100 yards. This season, the Jaguars have gained a total of 1,317 yards.

Jacksonville has gained 48 first downs overall, but their 129 yards have been lost as a result of 15 penalties. With two picks and three errors, they have lost the ball five times. Jacksonville has scored scores three times on the ground and four times through the air.

The Jaguars are now ranked 22nd in football due to their 953 passing yards allowed. They’ve had a success rate of 65.2% and averaged 238.3 yards per throw attempt. They allow 333.0 yards per contest, which ranks as the 17th-highest amount in the NFL.

Teams from other teams are gaining 94.8 yards on the ground per game and 3.9 yards per carry on average this year. They have surrendered 379 yards on the run in 4 games. The Jaguars’ team defense, which allows 20.5 points per game, ranks 12th in the NFL.

Jaguars Betting Strategies

So far in 2023, Jacksonville has won against the spread twice.
Jacksonville has surpassed the point total in two of the team’s four games this season (50%)
Jacksonville lost the only game this year in which it was the underdog.
The Jaguars haven’t played in any games this year with moneyline odds greater than +195.

Jacksonville’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 229.3 (917) 11
Rush yards 100.0 (400) 19
Points scored 20.0 (80) 20
Pass yards against 238.3 (953) 22
Rush yards against 94.8 (379) 8
Points allowed 20.5 (82) 12

Week 5 betting prediction for the Jaguars vs. Bills: Buffalo

Next, we have Buffalo’s Week 5 betting prediction for the Jaguars vs. Bills game.

The Bills have a 3-1 record heading into this contest. The Bills defeated the Dolphins 48-20 in their previous football game, winning and returning home as champions. Josh Allen completed 21 of 25 throws for 320 yards and four touchdowns to win the game. He had a 158.3 quarterback rating.

He did not pass the ball to the defense, and his pass attempts averaged 12.8 yards. Latavius Murray ran the ball four times for a total of 32 yards, averaging 8.0 yards per carry for Buffalo. One of the Bills’ most crucial targets was Stefon Diggs. For a total of 120 yards on 6 receptions, he averaged 20 yards per catch.

Buffalo ran the ball 104 yards on 29 attempts for an average of 3.6 yards per carry. The Bills ran 56 plays for an average of 7.4 yards during the game, scoring 414 total yards. The Bills’ pass defense allowed 25 of 35 attempts, for a completion percentage of 71.4% and a total of 251 yards, to go through the air. Buffalo allowed the opposing team to carry the ball 19 times for 142 yards (7.5 yards per carry).

The Buffalo Bills average 391.0 yards per game, which ranks them sixth in the NFL. They have rushed for a total of 552 yards, averaging 138.0 yards per game. They have gained 52 first downs despite losing 4 interceptions and 1 fumble.

19 errors by the Buffalo offense resulted in a loss of 135 yards. In terms of errors, this places them 28th in the NFL. The Bills are currently eighth in the NFL after throwing for 1,012 yards and averaging 253.0 receiving yards per game thus far this season. The Bills rank second in the league in terms of scoring offense with an average of 34.8 points per game.

They rank fourth in the league with 169.5 passing yards and three touchdowns allowed per game. This season, Buffalo has allowed 474 rushing yards (118.5 yards per game) and 2 rushing touchdowns. In total, they have conceded 55 points.

This season, their defense has led to 11 errors, including 3 fumbles and 8 interceptions. The Bills defense has participated in 201 plays, which puts them in first place among all football defenses. The Bills are second in the NFL in terms of points allowed per game, allowing 13.8 on average.

Betting insights for Bills

This season, Buffalo is 3-1-0 against the spread.
The Bills have always covered the spread when they were favored by 5.5 points or more.
In four chances this season, Buffalo games have gone over the over/under two times (or 50%).
This season, Buffalo has prevailed in three of the four games in which it was the moneyline favorite (75%).
The Bills have been a moneyline favorite of -238 or less in just two games this season, and both of those contests have resulted in victories.

Buffalo’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 253.0 (1,012) 7
Rush yards 138.0 (552) 8
Points scored 34.8 (139) 2
Pass yards against 169.5 (678) 4
Rush yards against 118.5 (474) 20
Points allowed 13.8 (55) 2

Jaguars at Bills Week 5 Betting Preview by

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