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The Knicks and 76ers will play at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. ET. At this point, the Knicks are ahead 2-0 in this first-round Eastern Conference series. It says that the 76ers will win by 4.5 points, and the money line is -192. The over/under is 201.5, and the Knicks are -158. TNT shows things on TV.

Knicks vs 76ers Betting Betting Odds

Here are the Knicks vs 76ers Betting odds:

NEW YORK KNICKS +5 +180 Over 203.5
PHILADELPHIA 76ERS -5 -220 Under 203.5

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Knicks vs 76ers Betting Prediction

Read our Knicks vs 76ers Betting tips to find out who we think will win and cover the spread in Philadelphia.

  • The Knicks have a 50–32 record going into the game.
  • The effective field goal rate for New York is 54%, which ranks 18th.
  • The Knicks beat the 76ers not long ago, 104–101.
  • It’s now 47-35 for the 76ers.
  • Every game, Philadelphia’s defense gives up 111.4 points.
  • The 76ers want to get back on track after losing to the Knicks.

Knicks vs 76ers Betting Prediction: New York

First, we have the Knicks vs 76ers Betting prediction for New York.

This season, the Knicks have lost an average of 2.5 points when they were the victim. The over/under for today’s game is 201.5, which is less than any of their other games this season.

Against the spread, New York is 23-17 on the road this season, and they have won their last three games. They are 17–18 against the spread when they are the underdog.

Knicks have a 50–32 record and are second in the Eastern Conference. They have won seven straight games. While they are 35–17 against the East, they are only 15–15 in games outside of conferences.

The Knicks have a 37-46-1 over/under record for the season. The average number of points they score in a game is 220.7.

The last game New York played, they beat the 76ers 104-101. With an over/under of 205.5, the Knicks were 4.5 point favorites heading into that game.

Julius Randle has been good this season, scoring 24 points and 9.2 rebounds per game. But he is now out with a shoulder injury. Josh Hart has averaged 17.4 points and 12.2 rebounds over his last five games. Jalen Brunson has scored an average of 28.7 points per game this season and 31 points per game over the last five games. In his last five games, Donte DiVincenzo has made 3.2 three-pointers per game.

As a whole, New York has 94.8 points per game, which is the fewest in the NBA. Even so, they score 112.8 points per game, which ranks 19th in the league. The Knicks have done a little better away from home, scoring 114.4 points per game on average compared to 111 at home. They are 13th in both tries and made three-pointers.

The Knicks’ defense has been one of the best in the NBA this season, allowing only 108.1 points per game, which is second in the league. They have been even better over the last five games, giving up only 108 points per game, which is 10th in the league.

New York has done a great job on defense, especially at the free throw line. They are fourth in the NBA in terms of how many made free throws they give up per game (19.8). They’ve been even better in their last five games, giving up only 15.2 made free throws per game.

With an 11th-best three-point shooting rate of 36.2%, the Knicks have done a good job of defending the three-point line. In the last five games, they’ve gotten even better. With 33.7% of three-point shots not made, they are now ninth in the league.

Knicks vs 76ers Betting Prediction: Philly

Now we have the Knicks vs 76ers Betting prediction for Philadelphia.

Based on odds, the 76ers have won 39 of their 13 games this season and are now 4.5 points ahead of the Knicks. They have won ten straight games as the favorite and have a +8.2 point difference per game.

The Knicks beat the 76ers 104–101 in their last game. Even so, they beat the spread even though they were 4.5-point favorites. That game had 205.5 points over or under.

At home, Philadelphia is 24–17 against the spread, and on the road, they are 26–17. They are 50–34 ATS so far this season.

The 76ers had an over/under record of 44–41 this season, with 226.2 points being the average over/under. The average number of points scored in both of their games is 225.6.

The 76ers have a 47–35 record and are seventh in the Eastern Conference right now. Their record of 8-8 puts them in third place in the Atlantic Division right now.

This season, Joel Embiid scores 34.7 points per game, but in his last four games, he has only made 39.6% of his shots. During this time, he also grabbed an average of 11.5 boards per game. Tyrese Maxey has scored an average of 25.9 points per game this season, including 28.2 points in his last five games. He made 39.5% of his threes in these games and averaged 3.4 per game.

This season, Philadelphia’s attack has scored 114.6 points per game, which is 16th in the league. They score 115.2 points per game on average at home, which is 14th in the NBA. The 76ers are 19th in the league this season in both three-point percentage and shots taken.

This season, the 76ers’ defense has been one of the best in the league. They are ninth in the league in points allowed per game, with 111.4. They have played even better in the last five games, giving up only 103.6 points per game, which is fourth best in the NBA.

With a 53.9% two-point shooting rate, they are 10th in the league in terms of how well they defend two-point shots. They’ve also done a good job of protecting the three-point line, letting opponents shoot only 35.4% from beyond the hoop, which is sixth best in the league.

The 76ers are one of the best teams in the NBA at steals. They rank second in the league with 8.5 steals per game. In terms of blocked goals, they are fifth in the league with six per game, which shows how good they are.

Knicks vs 76ers Betting Trends

Here are the Knicks vs 76ers Betting trends:

Pick the Knicks (-4.5) to Cover

  • The 76ers are 48-34-0 this season against the spread.
  • This season, the Knicks are 43-36-3 against the spread.
  • There have been 35 games this season where the 76ers were favorites by 4.5 points or more. In those games, they are 23-12 against the spread.
  • The Knicks have been over/under by at least 4.5 points 13 times this season and are 4-8-1 ATS in those games.

Take the Points Over (201.5)

  • The 76ers have played 73 games this season and scored more than 201.5 points, which is how many points they are up against each other right now.
  • 69 of the Knicks’ 82 games this season have had more than 201.5 points scored.
  • Most of the time, the 76ers and Knicks score 25.9 more points than the 201.5 over/under.
  • This means that the other team scores 18.2 points more than the over/under of 201.5 points per game.
  • In games this year, the 76ers have scored an average of 24.6 points more than this game.
  • The average over/under for Knicks games this season is 221 points, which is 19.5 points more than this game’s line.

Moneyline Winner: Knicks (+150)

  • This season, the 76ers have won 77.6% of the 49 games where they were the odds-on favorite.
  • The Knicks were 14-21 as moneyline favorites, with wins in 40% of those games.
  • The 76ers have won 28 of the 34 games this season where they were odds-on favorites of at least -180 or less.
  • The Knicks have a 4-8 record (33.3% win rate) when they are a moneyline loser of +150 or more.
  • The odds for this game’s moneyline show that the 76ers are 64.3% likely to win.
  • The Knicks have a 40% chance of winning this game based on the moneyline.

Top 76ers Props

Name Points O/U Rebounds O/U Assists O/U
Joel Embiid 31.5 10.5 5.5
Tyrese Maxey 26.5 4.5 6.5
Tobias Harris 12.5 7.5 2.5
Kelly Oubre Jr. 9.5 4.5
Kyle Lowry 7.5 3.5 2.5

Top Knicks Props

Name Points O/U Rebounds O/U Assists O/U
Jalen Brunson 28.5 4.5 6.5
Donte DiVincenzo 15.5 4.5 2.5
Josh Hart 13.5 12.5 4.5
OG Anunoby 10.5 4.5
Miles McBride 8.5

Knicks vs 76ers Betting Free Pick

  • Knicks vs 76ers Betting Free Pick: Knicks Spread

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