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With a score of 3-2 going into game six of their first-round series against the Knicks, the Pacers are aiming to force a seventh game so that they may win the series. On the money line, the Pacers are a 6.5-point favorite at home, and they are a -250 favorite overall.

With the Knicks listed at +203 on the money line, the over/under for this game is 215.5 points. At 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time, the game will start at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, which is located in the city of Indianapolis. ESPN will be broadcasting the game on television.

It was the most recent game of this series, and the Knicks prevailed over the Pacers by a score of 121-91. The fact that New York was a 1.5 point favorite going into this game made it very easy for them to cover the spread.

During the second quarter of this game, the Knicks were able to easily outscore the Pacers by a score of 31-22. In the end, the game did not meet the over/under mark of 218 points by a margin of six points.

With 44 points scored, Jalen Brunson had a very successful game for the New York Knicks. Having scored 22 points, Pascal Siakam is currently leading the Pacers. Despite the Pacers’ best efforts, the Knicks were only able to shoot 43.1% from the field. In addition, the Knicks made 12 three-pointers, which is the same as their average for the season.

Knicks vs Pacers Betting Odds

Here are the Knicks vs Pacers Betting odds:

NEW YORK KNICKS +6 +200 Over 215.5
-6 -240 Under 215.5

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Knicks vs Pacers Betting Prediction

Read our Knicks vs Pacers Betting prediction. Discover who we think will prevail and cover the spread in Indianapolis by reading this.

  • The New York Knicks have a record of 50-32 at the moment.
  • Over the course of this season, the Knicks have scored 112.8 points per game on average.
  • Most recently, the Knicks prevailed over the Pacers by a score of 121-91.
  • The Pacers will contend with the Knicks at a score of 47-35.
  • The effective field goal percentage for Indiana is 57%, which places them in second place.
  • After suffering a defeat at the hands of the Knicks, the Pacers need to get back on track.

New York Knicks Betting Prediction

First, we have the Knicks vs Pacers Betting prediction for New York.

New York Knicks defeated Indiana Pacers by a score of 121-91 in their most recent game. They had a little advantage of 1.5 points going into the game, and the victory brought their overall record up to 50-32. After finishing in second place in both the Atlantic Division and the Eastern Conference, the New York Knicks finished fourth overall.

The New York Knicks have a record of 25-21 on the road and 26-19 against the spread so far this season. They are the underdog, and their overall point spread is 20-20, while the favorite is 31-21. They are now 6.5 points behind in the standings.

Due to the fact that they have scored an average of 221 points per game, the Knicks have a record of 42-50-1 on the over/under this season. The over/under for today is 215.5, which is somewhat lower than the average for the season, which is 220.7.

In the Eastern Conference, the Knicks have a record of 35-17, while their record against non-conference opponents is 15-15. They have a record of 16-24 and have lost two games in a row, earning them the status of the underdog.

The New York Knicks are now missing their leading scorer, Julius Randle, who averages 24 points per game. Randle is currently nursing an injury. In his most recent five games, Jalen Brunson has scored an average of 32 points, and he has scored 28.7 points per game so far this season.

During this time period, he had a field goal percentage of 48.4%. Additionally, Bojan Bogdanovic and OG Anunoby are not playing for the Knicks due to injuries. The average number of points scored by Bogdanovic was 15.2, while Anunoby scored 14.7 per game.

The Knicks are currently finishing the season with a point average of 112.8 per game, which places them 19th in the league. They have scored 113.3 points per game on the road, which is a slight improvement above their performance at home. With an average of 94.8 possessions, New York is the sports team that moves at the slowest speed in the league. It is the 21st best field goal percentage in the NBA, with a percentage of 46%.

The New York Knicks have been one of the best defensive teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA) so far this season, ranking fifth in points allowed per game with 108.4 points. Despite playing away from home, they have been even more successful, ranking eighth in the NBA with 111.3 points scored per game.

In terms of defensive rebounds per game, the Knicks have ranked 21st, indicating that they have had some difficulties on defense this season. Due to their inability to defend the rim, they finished 28th in the league in terms of blocked shots per game.

When it comes to defending the three-point line, the Knicks have done a good job, ranking eleventh in terms of the percentage of three-point shots that they have allowed. They have, however, underperformed in this area over the course of the last five games, ranking 29th in terms of the percentage of three-point shots that they have allowed.

Indiana Pacers Betting Prediction

Now, we have the Knicks vs Pacers Betting prediction for Indiana.

The Pacers are currently 6.5-point favorites to win their game against the Knicks. Indiana has been the favorite in fifty of their eighty-two games so far this season, recording a record of 31-19. They have a record of 24-26 against the spread, making them the favorite.

The over/under record for Indiana this season is 49-44, and their games have recorded an average of 241.3 points per game, which is higher than the current line of 215.5 points per game. Each of the team’s most recent three matches has resulted in a score that is lower than the over/under.

The Knicks were the opponents of Indiana’s most recent game, which they lost by a score of 121-91. It was a game with a total score of 212 points, and the Pacers were the underdogs by five points. There was a total of 218 on the over/under that game.

In the Eastern Conference, the Pacers now hold the sixth spot with a record of 47-35 to their credit. Their record versus teams from the Eastern Conference is 32-20, and they have a record of 11-6 in the Central Division. At home, the Pacers have a record of 31-15, while on the road, they have a record of 22-25.

When playing at home, the Pacers have a record of 25-20 against the spread and 25-16 as favorites. Over the course of their home games, they have scored 7.7 points more than their opponents on average.

With a league-leading average of 123.3 points scored per game, Indiana’s offense is now the most productive in the conference. More impressively, they have scored an average of 124.9 points per game while they are playing at home. Averaging 101.2 possessions per game, the Pacers are also one of the fastest teams in the league because of their speed.

During his most recent five games, Tyrese Haliburton has scored an average of 21.6 points while shooting 53.3% from the field. He made an average of four three-pointers per game in these competitions.

For the season, Pascal Siakam has scored 21.7 points per game, but over the course of his previous five games, he has averaged 19 points per game. Benedict Mathurin, who averages 14.5 points per game, will not be available for Indiana to play next season.

The Pacers came into tonight’s game with a ranking of 27th in the NBA in terms of the average number of points they allow each game, which is 119.2 points. They rank 25th in the league in terms of the number of points they allow per game when playing at home.

In 87.8 percent of the games they have played against Indiana since the beginning of the season, opponents have shot fewer three-pointers than their season average. When it comes to made threes allowed per game, the Pacers have the highest average in the NBA at 10.8.

In terms of both offensive and defensive rebounds per game, Indiana receives a ranking of 28th. The number of shots they block per game places them sixth overall.

Knicks vs Pacers Betting Trends

Here are the Knicks vs Pacers Betting trends:

  • In its last five games played away from home, New York had a record of 2-3. Over the course of this period, they scored 104 points per game on average while allowing 112 points. Against the spread, the club finished with a record of 3-2.
  • The Pacers have held their opponents to an average of 119 points per game while scoring 109 points per game in their last five home games. With regard to these games, they had a record of 2-3 against the spread, while their record against the straight-up was 1-4.
  • Taking into consideration the Knicks’ most recent three games in which they were the underdog, they had a record of 1-2. Over the course of these games, they had a record of 2-1 against the spread.
  • As the favorite, the Pacers have a record of 8-2 in their past ten games, which means they have a perfect record. On the other hand, their percentage of wins against the spread was only 5-5.

Knicks vs Pacers Betting Pick

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