Now we have the Lakers vs Clippers Betting prediction and wagering odds for this February 28 game at Arena.

Continue reading if you want to see our NBA prediction for the game between the Lakers and the Clippers. Who is going to prevail and cover the spread? This is where we will break it down.

  • With a record of 31-28, the Lakers are currently on their road to the Clippers.
  • The Los Angeles Lakers allow 117.4 points per game while they are on defense.
  • The Lakers have been working hard to get back on track ever since they suffered a defeat at the hands of the Suns.
  • Currently holding a record of 37-19, the Clippers are looking to enhance their performance.
  • The Clippers are leading the league in scoring with an amazing 117.6 points per game as a team.
  • Following their defeat at the hands of the Kings, the Clippers are anxious to get back on track and get back to their winning ways.

Lakers vs Clippers Betting Odds

Here are the Lakers vs Clippers Betting odds:

LOS ANGELES LAKERS +3.5 +125 Over 46
LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS -3.5 -145 Under 46

Lakers vs Clippers Prediction

There will be a game between the Lakers and the Clippers in the Western Pacific division at 10:00 Eastern Time. The Clippers are currently in fourth place in the Western Conference with 37-19, 3.5 points ahead of the Lakers, who are currently in tenth place with 31-28.

ESPN will broadcast the game from the Arena in Los Angeles. A total of 235.5 points is the over/under for this game.

Lakers vs Clippers Matchup At A Glance

  • Sport: NBA
  • Teams: Los Angeles Lakers at Los Angeles Clippers
  • Where: Los Angeles at Arena
  • Date: Wednesday, February 28th

Lakers Prediction: Does LA Stand a Chance on the Road?

They currently hold the tenth seed in the Western Conference with a record of 31-28 from the previous season. At this moment, they are operating in the fifth position in the Pacific Division. This season, they have a record of 11-19 when playing away from home.

During the last four games, the Lakers have been unsuccessful in all three of their games when they were behind the spread. As of current season, they have a record of 26–33 against the spread. When they are away from home, they have a record of 12–18 against the spread.

In only 28 of their 59 games played thus far this season, the Lakers have been the favorite, and they have a record of 10–18 in those games. They are considered to be an outsider, as they allow an average of 5.4 points per game. At this moment, they have lost 3.5 points.

A score of 123–113 was the final score of their most recent game, which they lost to the Suns. The Lakers were receiving 3.5 points, while the over/under for that game was 241 points overall. Their over/under record for the season was 32-27 as a result of this fact.

So far this season, the Lakers have a record of 32-27 against the over/under, and the average number of points scored in each game has been 234.3. Currently, the O/U line is 235.5 for tomorrow.

This places the Lakers in thirteenth place in the National Basketball Association (NBA) based on their average score of 116.9 points per game. They score a little higher away from home (116.2) than they do at home (117.6), which is an interesting fact to contemplate.

The Lakers are ranked 28th in the league in terms of three-point makes (11.4) and last in the league in terms of three-point attempts (30.8), despite the fact that they score a lot of points. As of right now, they are making 37% of their three-point attempts, which places them in 14th place among NBA teams.

In 45.8 percent of their games, the Lakers have scored more points than the typical NBA team. This is the current percentage. Their speed ranks sixth in the league, with 101 touches per game, making them the sixth most efficient team.

The Lakers’ defense allows 117.4 points per game, which places them in 19th place in the National Basketball Association. The defense of the Los Angeles Lakers is allowing 53.9% of field goals with a two-point attempt and 37.7% of field goals with a three-point attempt.

Clippers Prediction: Will Los Angeles Live Up To Home Expectations?

The over/under for Clippers games thus far this season is 230.7, which is more than the current line of 235.5, which is higher than the average. The club has turned up a respectable performance, averaging 230.4 points per game.

From the beginning of the season, the Clippers have a record of 24-31-1 in terms of the over/under. As of late, the two games that the team has played have both ended with totals that are lower than previously stated.

Throughout the course of this season, the Clippers have a record of 29-27 against the spread, and in their previous four home games, they have failed to cover the spread. They have a record of 26-19 against the spread this season, making them the favorite.

Although the Clippers were a four-point favorite to win against the Kings, they ended up losing by a score of 123–107. They are currently in fourth position in the Western Conference with a record of 37-19, which is better than any other team in the conference.

As of now, they are 3.5 points ahead of the competition and have a record of 35-10 as the favorite throughout this season. While they have a record of 14-4 against teams from other conferences, they have a record of 23-15 against teams from the Western Conference.

They averaged 117.6 points per game, which placed them tenth in the NBA in terms of the number of points scored each game. They average 116.9 points per game when they are playing at their own stadium.

Their average of 97.3 touches per game places them in the 26th position in the league when it comes to speed.

The Clippers are currently in sixth place in the league with a field goal percentage of 49% over the course of this season. On top of that, they have a true shooting % that is sixth in the league.

By the time the game was about to begin, the defense of the Clippers had already prevented other teams from scoring fewer than the league average in 42.9% of their games. They now hold the tenth spot in the NBA with a scoring average of 112.9 points per game.

In their most recent matchup against the Kings, Los Angeles struggled to get boards, and they ended up giving up ten. Over the course of the game, Sacramento scored 123 points.

Lakers vs Clippers Betting Odds, Trends, Analysis

  • However, Los Angeles has only won two of their previous five games against the spread, despite the fact that they have won three of their last five away games straight up. In the majority of games, the club averaged 119 points scored each contest.
  • The offense of the Clippers has scored an average of 120 points per game while allowing an average of 114 points per game in their previous 10 games played at home. The Los Angeles Lakers finished with an overall record of 8-2 and a record of 6-4 for the over/under.
  • The Lakers have a record of 1-2 against the spread, which indicates that they have performed poorly against the spread in two of their last three games as underdogs. At the end of these straight-up games, Los Angeles had a record of 1-2.
  • The Los Angeles Lakers have a record of 1-2 straight up and 0-3 against the spread when they have been the favorite in their previous three games..

Lakers vs Clippers Betting Prediction: Free Betting Pick: Lakers +3.5

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