March Madness Upsets are already taking place and we have all the info!

The NCAA tournament upsets can take a few hours to materialize. On the first Thursday, the action occasionally doesn’t really truly start.

Not right now.

When a late 4-seed Virginia error led to an unlikely game-winning 3-pointer by 13-seed Furman’s JP Pegues, we had just eaten lunch. Even yet, it wasn’t the most noteworthy event.

Before supper, 2-seed Arizona lost to 15-seed Princeton after blowing a 10-point lead. Sending my greetings from Kentucky.

However, today we have queries. Because Alabama’s absolute dominance of the South Region in the 2023 men’s March Madness bracket has shifted.

Let’s examine what just happened and how the South Region now stands in the light of two significant upsets.

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March Madness Upsets: How was Arizona defeated by Princeton? And Virginia’s matchup with Furman?

Let’s check out the factors that contributed to these early March Madness upsets.

In the final ten minutes of the game, where was the effort? Arizona played haughtily. And that is always risky. Around the 11-minute mark, they had a sizable lead, but as Tosan Evbuomwan and company recovered, the Wildcats were stunned and never adequately reacted.

Moreover, praise Tigers coach Mitch Henderson. Arizona had now lost three straight games with 67 or fewer possessions. The game was slowed down, and it was effective.

Furman persisted in his resolve till the very end. This group’s reaction to having to play without their leading scorer Mike Bothwell, who fouled out in the second half, set the tone. As a 6-foot-7 ball handler, Jalen Slawson became a true nightmare for Virginia.

Later on in the contest, they played above that Virginia defense, which cleared the court. What happened next: Furman had a chance to win the game with a late play.

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March Madness Upsets: How far can Furman and Princeton advance in the competition?

After these surprising March Madness upsets, how far can these two teams go?

The inspiration for the Tigers will come from another New Jersey squad. Being a No. 15 seed the previous season, Saint Peter’s was not given much of a chance, yet the Peacocks advanced all the way to the Elite Eight. Kobe Brown and D’Moi Hodge, the 7-seed Missouri Tigers, will be a challenge for Princeton when they play them next.

Nevertheless, Mitch Henderson’s team may really have a better chance than the oddsmakers will predict when they match Themselves up against San Diego State, the fifth-seed. The Aztecs have played stronger defense so far this season than Virginia has.

Which team stands to gain the most from the South’s two historic upsets?

What is the team that is the most benefited from these March Madness upsets?

It is without a doubt Alabama. Arizona, one of the few teams in the region with an offensive capable of keeping up with it, would have undoubtedly presented the Crimson Tide with their hardest challenge. While I predicted that Furman would defeat Virginia, a hypothetical Sweet 16 matchup with the plodding Cavaliers would have been a stark contrast in tempo.

But, the bottom half of the area is now more open, which can work in Baylor or Creighton’s favor. While Creighton has been one of the greatest teams in the nation with a healthy Ryan Kalkbrenner, the Bears have struggled defensively while having elite guards. One of the two might now be among the Elite Eight.


Thank you for checking out this article on the most recent March Madness Upsets, we wish you the best of luck with your betting action on the NCAA Tournament.