Marquette vs Uconn Betting pick and odds for this game set for March 16, 2024. Place a bet on this college basketball game now.

Marquette vs Uconn Betting Odds

Here are the Marquette vs Uconn Betting odds:

MARQUETTE +9 +350 Over 142.5
CONNECTICUT -9 -450 Under 142.5

Marquette vs Uconn Betting Prediction

Here is our Marquette vs Uconn Betting prediction.

In the Big East playoffs from the previous year, these two teams faced battle against one another. As the third-ranked Marquette Golden Eagles (25-8; 20-12-1 ATS) take on the top-ranked UConn Huskies (30-3; 21-12-0 ATS), the conference championship is at stake in Madison Square Garden. The Marquette Golden Eagles are taking on the Huskies. This will be the third time that the two schools have competed against one another, and it will take place on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. UConn won the first game by a score of 81–53, and the second game — which took place on March 6 — by a score of 64–67. Now that it’s bowl season, what are some of the things that would be different?

Marquette Golden Eagles Betting Prediction

First, we have the Marquette vs Uconn Betting prediction for the Cyclones.

The Golden Eagles did not require overtime on Friday, in contrast to the situation they were in on Thursday night. They won by a score of 79–68 after nearly the entire forty minutes of play. In addition to his 23 points and five assists, Kam Jones was the leader of a squad that made 53.3% of their three-point shots. In total, Marquette only lost possession of the ball eight times.

Despite the fact that Tyler Kolek was selected to the All-BIG EAST First Team, the Golden Eagles, who are ranked thirteenth, are still able to accomplish all of this. The average number of points scored by their offense was 79.2 per game, which was consistent with what they scored on Friday. During the course of this season, they managed to make 70.8% of their free throws, 48.4% of their shots from the field, and 35.6% of their shots from beyond the basket. On average, this group committed 10.2 errors per game and grabbed 8.9 offensive boards per performance. After two poor games against the University of Connecticut during the regular season, should they be able to put together another solid game?

In the same season, the Golden Eagles allowed Procidence to score 69 points per game, which was almost identical to the 69.8 points per game that they allowed this year. Even more impressive was their performance on Thursday. The Marquette team allowed its opponents to shoot 42.8% of the time, make 34.5% of their three-point shots, and attempt 15.8 free throws during the current season. The Golden Eagles had the highest turnover rate in the Big East and had a total of +4.9 turnovers. They were responsible for a conference-high 15.1 turnovers per game, which was the primary reason for this. The Marquette Terriers had a rebounding deficit of -2.6. Let’s wait until Saturday night, when all the lights are on, to see how well they do.

UConn Huskies Betting Prediction

Now we have the Marquette vs Uconn Betting prediction for the Cougars.

The good news for the University of Connecticut football team is that they scored 95 points after falling behind by seven points early in the game. Even though they only turned the ball over ten times, they were successful in 57.4% of their shots from the floor, including fifty percent of their three-point shots. All 24 of the Huskies’ free throws were successful. Nevertheless, the defense did not force any mistakes, and St. John’s was able to secure 17 offensive rebounds of their own. In addition to that, they allowed 45.5% of their three-point shots to be successful. In general, the victory by a score of 95–90 was satisfactory; yet, it was concerning for their defense.

According to KenPom’s rating and net rankings, this squad has a strong roster that places them in second position in the country. This is a positive development because they have what could be considered the best offensive in the country. In spite of the fact that they played at a leisurely pace this season, the Connecticut Huskies scored 81.1 points per game, which was the highest in the Big East. Not only did they make 49.2% of their shots from the field, but they also made 36.6% of their three-point shots, which is another remarkable performance for the league. In addition, the Connecticut Huskies achieved a free throw percentage of 73.9%, produced 9.9 errors per game, and grabbed 12.2 offensive boards per game. Allow us to see if they are able to get back on track.

In the interest of the Huskies, if they want to do it again, Friday is not something that can continue to happen. For the majority of the season, it was a formidable opponent. Another record for the Big East, the Connecticut Huskies only allowed 64.0 points per game. It was only possible for their opponents to make 39.8 percent of their field goals and 31.7% of their three-point shots. In addition, those grades were exceptional in comparison to those of every other institution in the Big East. Every game, the teams who competed against the University of Connecticut attempted 18.8 free shots. Not only did the Huskies have a high rebounding percentage (+8.7 per game), but they also had a high turnover rate (+1.0 per game). Could they bring it back with them this year?

Marquette vs Uconn Betting Pick

Prior to claiming the national championship a year ago, the most recent defeat that the University of Connecticut suffered was at the hands of Marquette in the Big East Tournament. Since the beginning of the season, this squad, which is widely considered to be among the finest in the nation, has been carrying about a picture of the trophy that they won at the Big East Tournament. All throughout the season, the Huskies have been fantasizing about this game: they have the opportunity to finally acquire the hardware that they did not get in 2023. Saturday evening is a good time for them to do it.

You are now aware of the reason why the University of Connecticut will prevail in this game: they have swept the Golden Eagles. Now that Marquette will not be able to get Tyler Kolek back, this is even more true. Even though Kolek was not participating in the game, the Huskies were able to defeat Marquette by a score of seven points. UConn defeated the Golden Eagles by a score of 28 points in Hartford when all of the players were in good health. They will prevail in the Big East Conference, despite the fact that the odds are stacked against them.

  • Marquette vs Uconn Betting Pick: Uconn to cover.

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