Mavericks vs Bulls Betting pick and odds for this game set for March 11, 2024. Place a bet on this college basketball game now.

Mavericks vs Bulls Betting Odds

These are the Wizards vs Heat Betting odds:

DALLAS MAVERICKS -4 -175 Over 233
CHICAGO BULLS +4 +155 Under 233

Mavericks vs Bulls Betting Prediction

Here is our Mavericks vs Bulls Betting prediction.

The Dallas Mavericks will travel to Chicago on Monday night to take on the Chicago Bulls as part of a rematch between two teams from the East and West.

At this point in time, the Mavericks have a record of 36-28 on the season and are currently in eighth place in the Western Conference playoff picture, which is extremely competitive.

The Bulls are currently in ninth place with a record of 31–33 at the moment. There is a possibility that they will be in the play-in round for the second consecutive year if the season is over today. 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time is the official start time for this game.

Dallas Mavericks Betting Prediction

Here is the Mavericks vs Bulls Betting prediction for Dallas.

Following the All-Star break, the Dallas Mavericks have experienced a roller coaster of emotions, swinging from winning streaks to losing streaks of three games in a row. In their most recent 10 games, the Mavericks have won five of them, and they are currently eight games above.500.

On Saturday night, the Mavericks defeated the Pistons by a score of 142-124. Prior to that, they had lost three consecutive games. They managed to win for the second time in a row. This time around, Liang Doncic was in control of the Mavericks.

For the first time in NBA history, Doncic became the first player to ever achieve six consecutive 30-point triple-doubles. He did this by scoring 39 points, dishing out 10 assists, and grabbing 10 rebounds.

It was Doncic who once again stole the show, despite the fact that Mavericks guard Kyrie Irving scored 21 points. The Mavericks’ head coach, Kevin Kidd, provided the following statement: “That just shows what level he’s playing on right now.” “He knows how to score, find his teammates, and get the ball back.”

With just one game separating them from Phoenix, the Mavericks are currently in sixth place in the Western Conference. They have made a concerted effort to avoid having to compete in the play-in round. The Mavericks have scored the sixth most points in the National Basketball Association (NBA) this season.

They make 12 field goals and three point shots in a game, having attempted a total of 12 times. The Mavericks are located in third place in the National Basketball Association (NBA) in terms of the number of three-pointers they make each game.

When it comes to scoring defense, the Mavericks are just on the 24th spot in the league. Twenty-first place goes to field goals, and nineteenth place goes to three-pointers. The Mavericks are currently holding the 25th spot in the league with only 25 boards per game. In addition, they rank third in terms of turnovers per game.

  • Key Injuries: No injuries to Report

Chicago Bulls Betting Prediction

Here is the Mavericks vs Bulls Betting prediction for Chicago.

The Chicago Bulls have been able to keep going for the season despite suffering a lot of significant injuries, despite the fact that they are currently two games below.500.

They are currently in ninth place in the Eastern Conference, which is sufficient for a play-in slot according to their current standing.

The Bulls have received a record of 5-5 across their most recent ten games. Their defeat came at the hands of the Clippers, who defeated them 112-102 in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

Throughout the majority of the game, the Bulls were in the lead; however, in the final quarter, the Clippers scored 29 points while the Bulls only managed to score 17. The Bulls were only able to make five of their eighteen shots from the field during the fourth quarter.

DeMar DeRozan led the Bulls in scoring with 24 points and 10 assists, while Nikola Vucevic led the team in scoring with 22 points and grabbing 11 rebounds. Before suffering their first defeat, the Bulls had won three games in a row.

“I thought we had a good start to the first half.” We fired shots and pushed the ball around the field. Bulls coach Billy Donovan stated that it was difficult for his team to make enough shots and that they turned the ball over an excessive number of times during the third quarter.

After a fantastic voyage along the West Coast, the Bulls have returned home after a 3-1 record. The Miami Heat, the Indiana Pacers, and the Philadelphia 76ers are among the teams that are now ahead of them in the rankings, and they are still not too far behind either of those teams.

The Bulls rank 23rd in the NBA in terms of the number of points they score each game. In terms of field goals, they only make 23%, and in terms of three-point field goals, they only make 19%.

When compared to other teams in the league, the Bulls have the 25th highest average number of three-pointers made per game. When compared to other teams in the league, the Bulls have the thirteenth best score defense.

In the eleventh and sixteenth positions, they defend field goals and three-pointers. The Bulls also have the second fewest mistakes per game and the sixteenth most rebounds per game during the course of the season.

Mavericks vs Bulls Betting Pick

When the home club returns from a lengthy road trip, I typically choose the team that is playing away from home. As a result of their performance on the West Coast, the Bulls were able to win three of their four games this season.

In the fourth quarter of the game that took place on Saturday night in Los Angeles, they appeared to become exhausted and lost the lead. Due to the fact that they defeated the Pistons by a significant margin on Saturday night, the Mavericks have been able to rest several of its players and have won two games in a row.

The backcourt of the Bulls will have a lot of work to do when it comes to Doncic and Irving. As a result of Dallas’s ability to make moves at the deadline in order to acquire PJ Washington and Daniel Gafford, the team has also strengthened its capacity to recover from setbacks. Gafford is superior to either player when it comes to playing on the glass.

He is responsible for the Mavericks having a real rim protector and a moving body on the floor as a result of his actions. That is the most important factor that will determine the outcome on Monday evening. In no circumstance is it a smart idea to offer the Mavericks additional shots.

  • Mavericks vs Bulls Betting Pick: Take Dallas.

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