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On Thursday, the Dallas Mavericks will compete against the Boston Celtics for the championship of the National Basketball Association (NBA). In preparation for the series, we will be providing a preview of the NBA Finals odds and betting.

Throughout the course of the season, the national basketball association championship odds for the Boston Celtics constantly reflected their position as one of the best teams in the league.

On their road to the championship game, the Celtics have posted an impressive playoff record of 12-2, which has allowed them to live up to a lot of people’s expectations. If, on the other hand, they are unsuccessful in the last round, the well-known franchise will be quite distressing.

There were very few people who anticipated that the Dallas Mavericks would be the team to represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals when the season first started.

Many people believed that in order for Dallas to qualify for the playoffs, they would need to win the NBA Play-In Tournament. The Mavericks have surpassed expectations because to Luka Doncic’s amazing performance, which has made him a favorite to win the Most Valuable Player award in the NBA Finals.

This matchup is particularly intriguing due to the fact that both teams are at their best just after the conclusion of the conference finals. There is a war going on between the best team in the league and, perhaps, the best player in the league. The National Basketball Association Finals of this year are sure to be plenty of intriguing stories, regardless of the outcome of the games.

The following is a comprehensive analysis of the most impressive NBA Finals odds and betting previews.

Mavericks vs Celtics NBA Finals Betting Odds

Here are the Mavericks vs Wolves Betting odds for this NBA Finals series:

Market Mavericks  Celtics
Series winner +200 -240 
Series spread +1.5 games  -1.5 games 
Series total games Over 5.5 Under 5.5 
Game 1 winner +210  -250 
Game 1 spread +6.5  -6.5 
Game 1 total Over 214.5  Under 214.5 
Finals MVP favorite Luka Doncic Jayson Tatum

When taking into consideration the entire series, it is difficult to gamble on this market without there being some degree of favoritism toward Boston. With a record of 12-2, the Celtics have simply been the best club in the league this season.

This is despite the fact that they have experienced a few difficulties in the playoffs. The fact that they have had to come back from behind on a few times, most notably against the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference finals, is something that I take into consideration to be even more impressive.

Even when things appear to be going poorly, they have veterans who are capable of leading a comeback and performing at their best when the stakes are high. This is something that they have shown. According to the best sportsbooks that we have reviewed, Boston is the team that is superior on paper.

Our odds calculator indicates that the Celtics have a 67.74% chance of winning the series, with the longest odds being -210. The Celtics come in with the longest odds. On the other hand, a gamble of ten dollars would only amount to a profit of four and a half cents.

As a result of this, I am of the opinion that a superior strategy would be to employ different odds for each individual game and for the entire series. I believe that combining the series spread odds with the series total game odds makes a lot of sense since not only are the series spread odds reasonable, but they are also reasonable regardless of who you bet on.

My prediction is that Boston will win the series in six games, and as a result, the Celtics’ series spread of -1.5 and the total number of games of over 5.5 are a good combination.

When looking at the market for the Most Valuable Player of the NBA Finals, this corresponds to the team that you have the most faith in winning the championship.

Because Doncic is the motor that drives the Mavericks, it is evident that he is a candidate for the Most Valuable Player award. This is especially true when considering the fact that the odds of +215 give a reward of $21.50 for a $10 stake.

It might be challenging to play against the Celtics. Despite the fact that Tatum is the best player, he does not always have to put up large numbers because of his considerable talent. The game between the Eastern Conference and the Pacers is a great example of this.

After averaging 29.8 points per game, Brown was selected as the Most Valuable Player of the series; his greatest odds of obtaining the Title of Finals MVP are +650. In spite of this, Tatum is a good choice at -115; such odds indicate that there is a 53.49% chance that he will win.

2024 NBA Finals schedule

Game Location Date
1 TD Garden (Boston) Thursday, June 6
2 TD Garden (Boston) Sunday, June 9
3 American Airlines Center (Dallas) Wednesday, June 12
4 American Airlines Center (Dallas) Friday, June 14
5 TD Garden (Boston) Monday, June 17
6 American Airlines Center (Dallas) Thursday, June 20
7 TD Garden (Boston) Sunday, June 23

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Mavericks vs Celtics NBA Finals Betting Preview

Mavericks vs Celtics NBA Finals Betting preview.

The 2024 NBA Finals are going to be an incredible experience. Doncic is one of the most magnificent athletes who have ever graced an NBA court, and much as Nikola Jokic did the previous year, all he wants to do once he has won is drink his first beer.

It is almost as impossible that the Dallas Cowboys would win the Super Bowl under the leadership of Mike McCarthy as it is that he will win the series against this Boston club, despite the fact that he is a talented player.

The general manager of the Celtics, Brad Stevens, has done an excellent job of putting together this team, and head coach Joe Mazzulla has not done anything to cast doubt on his ability to guide it under his direction. In spite of the fact that Boston has had a difficult time in the playoffs, the Celtics have managed to come back and win, such as when they ended up beating the Pacers after falling behind by 18 points.

Because of this, I do not feel that the Mavericks have the support around Doncic to win four games versus Boston, unless Irving stomps on the defense of the Celtics like Lucky the Leprechaun. Although Irving is a good player, he is also a volatile player. During this postseason season, he has played five games in which he scored fewer than 20 points. This is not something that can happen against Boston.

In spite of this, it seems that Doncic is a good bet to win a number of the player props categories. My favorite prop for the Finals is the plus-money odds for him to lead the series in threes. This is because nobody will be more dependent on him to score in the series, and Jason Kidd has given him permission to shoot as often as he wants.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, this is the championship that Boston is going to lose, and it would be poetic if Bill Walton’s favorite team from his childhood, with whom he won a championship in 1986, ended up winning the championship title.

It is even more stunning to consider that Walton served as the unofficial Pac-12 ambassador, and that the starting lineup of the Celtics features three players who were once considered to be stars from the “conference of champions.”At six o’clock, Boston.

If you want to wager on something, Doncic will lead the series in total three-pointers made.

Mavericks vs Celtics NBA Finals Betting Series Player Props

Series leader Mavericks Celtics
Total points Luka Doncic  Jayson Tatum
Total rebounds Luka Doncic Jayson Tatum
Total assists Luka Doncic  Jayson Tatum 
Total threes Luka Doncic  Derrick White 

Obviously, the two best players on each club are the ones who control this market. Throughout the playoffs, Doncic has been putting up figures that are comparable to those of Larry Bird. He has been averaging 28.8 points per game, 9.6 rebounds, 8.8 assists, and 3.4 three-pointers made in each game. In a handful of these areas, he is a strong contender for the position of leader.

Given Doncic’s use and the fact that Dallas needs him to score in order to win the series, the odds of -135 that he will score the most total points are a fantastic deal. During the playoffs, he is averaging 29.6 total field goals and free throws per game, which is 2.1 more than Tatum’s numbers. Additionally, he is making 1.3 more three-pointers per game than Tatum.

The best course of action, however, is to refrain from employing the entire assist prop. According to the best odds, Doncic is so certain to lead the series in apples that the best odds are -500. This indicates that there is an 83.33% chance that you will win, but you will only make a profit of $2 on a $10 gamble.

Given the odds of +120 that Doncic will win the series in threes, it is possible that this is the best bet in terms of both likelihood and price. This prop is a loser at all of our other top sports betting sites, yet he is making the same number of three-pointers each game on average as White does. On the other hand, he is taking more shots, playing more games, and should probably hit more shots in order to keep the Mavericks competitive.

There is a significant chance that Tatum will record the most rebounds in the series. In the playoffs, he has been averaging 10.4 boards per game, which is comparable to the number of Super Bowl rings that Tom Brady has accumulated. Due to the fact that Dallas has allowed opponents to average 45.1 rebounds per game since the beginning of the season, the odds of -105 are an excellent value.

How to bet on the NBA Finals

Make sure you are aware with the primary sorts of bets that are available before you place any wagers on NBA games. Some examples of these bets include prop bets, spread bets, and over/under bets. Not only is it essential to select the best sports betting apps, but it is also essential to settle on a wager.

After that, conduct research on the teams, players, and previous performances of the players. Think about injuries, the dynamics of the team, and the advantage of playing at home.

Take into consideration noteworthy player pairings and the potential impact they could have on the game. It is possible that this could be a serious problem if, for instance, one side has a dominant center while the other side struggles with interior defense.

Take into consideration the ways in which the strengths of one team complement the weaknesses of the other team. For instance, a team that is particularly skilled at shooting from beyond the arc may have an edge over another team that is not very good at defending the perimeter.

When it comes to the outcome of a game, injuries have a significant impact. Maintain a current awareness of the most recent injury reports and player statuses. It is possible for the dynamics of the game to shift even when a big role player is not present.

Analyze the teams’ performance in the most recent games they have played. It is common for teams that reach their best at the right moment to carry momentum into the championship game. Take into account their performance against challenging opponents, as well as their winning streaks, defensive and offensive efficiencies, and overall performance.

It is possible that you will be able to make more educated and potentially more profitable bets on the NBA Finals if you incorporate these strategies into your betting approach. Bet responsibly and within your financial means at all times.


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