Mavericks vs Raptors Betting preview on who will win and cover the spread for this NBA regular-season game on February 28, 2024.

  • The Mavericks have a record of 33-25, and they are currently playing against the Toronto Raptors.
  • There has been an average of 118.6 points scored by the Mavericks each game up to this point in the season.
  • The Mavericks are intent on getting back on track after suffering a loss to the Cavaliers. They are hoping to get back on track.
  • This game will take place between the Mavericks and the Raptors, who currently have a record of 22-36.
  • A score of 54% places Toronto in fifteenth place when it comes to effective field goal percentage.
  • The Raptors were victorious over the Pacers in their most recent matchup, which they won by a score of 130-122.

Mavericks vs Raptors Betting Odds

Here are the Mavericks vs Raptors Betting odds:

DALLAS MAVERICKS -3 -150 Over 237.5
+3 +130 Under 237.5

Mavericks vs Raptors Betting Prediction

The Toronto Raptors (22-36) will be playing host to the Dallas Mavericks (33-25) at Scotiabank Arena in a game that should not be regarded a conference matchup. The Raptors are currently in the middle of their season. The game will start at 7:30 Eastern Time (ET), and Sports Network will be the channel that viewers may tune in to watch it.

As of right now, the over/under line is set at 240, and the Mavericks are now favored by three points against the other team. Dallas is ranked eighth in the Western Conference, while the Raptors are ranked twelfth in the Eastern Conference.

Both conferences are dominated by the NBA. The Mavericks have now lost two games in a row, while the Raptors have won three games in a row. This is the current situation according to the current time.

Mavericks vs Raptors Matchup At A Glance

  • Sport: NBA
  • Teams: Dallas Mavericks at Toronto Raptors
  • Where: Toronto at Scotiabank Arena
  • Date: Wednesday, February 28th

Mavericks Prediction: Will Dallas Secure A Victory As Road Favorites?

There is currently a three-point advantage for Dallas over the Raptors in terms of the odds. Mavericks, who are considered to be the favorite, have had a successful season. As a favorite, they have won 24 of the 58 games they have played.

They have won 20 of their previous 13 games against the spread, with an average score differential of 6 points per game. This results in them being the favorite to win both games.

They are currently in eighth position in the Western Conference with a record of 21-18, which places them in contention. The team has a record of 15-12 while playing straight-up, but their record when playing against the spread is 17-10.

Their most recent matchup resulted in a defeat to the Cavaliers by a score of 121–119. The over/under for that game was 230.5, and Dallas was able to beat the spread despite the fact that they were a 4-point favorite.

During this season, the Mavericks have had a difficult time. On the road, they have a record of 29-29 and average 236.1 points per game! There have been 39 other games in which the Over/Under line has been lower than 240, and the line for today’s game is equal to 240.

The Mavericks are currently in eighth place in the Western Conference with a record of 33-25. This now places them in eighth place. Their record in their most recent ten games is 6-4.

The average number of points scored by this club is 118.6 per game, which places them ninth in the NBA. Away from home, however, they have scored 116.5 points per game, which is significantly more than their average of 120.5 points per game when playing at home.

When it comes to being able to make three-point shots, Dallas is among the greatest teams in the league. They have 15.1 made threes per game, which places them in third place in the league. In addition to that, they convert the second most three-point shots.

The Mavericks are currently 14th in the league with a field goal percentage of 47%. An indication of how effectively they have performed inside the line is that they have the ninth-best two-point shooting %.

At this point in the season, their defense has allowed 117.5 points per game, which places them in the 21st position in the league. In the previous matchup between the Mavericks and the Cavaliers, the Mavericks’ defense had a difficult time. The Cavaliers were able to score 121 points as a result of their failure to stop 52% of their shots.

Raptors Prediction: Will Toronto Make It Happen At Home?

Even though it was 5.5 points less likely, Toronto was able to defeat the Pacers by a score of 130–122. This victory brings their current winning streak to three games in a row. The total number of points scored by both teams was 252, which was higher than the over/under of 246.

As of the current season, the Raptors have a record of 31-26-1 over/under, and the over has achieved victory in both of their most recent games. Today’s over/under is 240 points, which is higher than their season average of 231.9 points. The over/under for today is 240 points.

The Toronto Raptors have won four games in a row and have scored 29 points against the spread (ATS) so far this season. Both their record against the spread and their record against the spread are 11–27. Their record against the spread is 20–18.

In their record versus teams from the Eastern Conference, the Raptors have a record of 15–23, while their record against teams from the Western Conference is 7–13. They currently hold the 12th spot in the Eastern Conference with a record of 22–36.

When it comes to the rankings of the Eastern Conference, the Raptors are now in the 12th spot. In their home game today, they are three points behind. The last twelve games they have played against opponents in the Atlantic Division have resulted in 11 losses for them.

This season, the Raptors have earned a reputation as one of the top teams in the NBA when it comes to going to the free throw line. The number of free throw attempts they make per game places them fifteenth in the league. The fact that they have only made 35% of their three-point shots, which places them 22nd in the league, indicates that they have struggled to make three-point shots.

At home, the Raptors have averaged 111.4 points per game, which places them 27th in the NBA in terms of scoring. This season, they have a scoring average of 114.4 points per game, which places them 17th in the league. The Raptors have a scoring average of 99.1 points per game, which places them in 14th place in the league.

Throughout their first 48.3 percent of games, the Raptors have scored more points than the typical NBA team while playing. Currently, Toronto is ranked fourteenth in the nation due to their field goal percentage of 47%. Additionally, they have made the fourth most two-point field goals per game, indicating that they have been successful from three-point range.

In the games leading up to today’s contest, the Raptors’ defense has been allowing an average of 117.5 points per game throughout the season. For the current season, these 23 teams have committed the fewest number of fouls per game. When playing against the Raptors, teams have made 48.7% of their field goals and have managed to make 19.9 free throws on average per game.

Mavericks vs Raptors Betting Odds, Trends and Analysis

  • In their last ten road games, the Mavericks’ attack has scored 115 points per game and given up 121 points per game. Dallas had a 5–5 record overall and a 6-4 ATS record.
  • The Raptors are 4-6 against the spread in their last ten home games. In these games, the offense scored an average of 116 points per game.
  • In their last five games as a favorite, the Raptors have done well against the spread, going 3-2. In these games, their straight up record is 2-3.
  • In their last three games as the favorite, the Mavericks have gone 2-1 against the spread and 2-1 against the spread.

Mavericks vs Raptors Betting Prediction

  • Free Betting Pick: Mavericks -3

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