Here is our Mississippi State vs Michigan State Betting March Madness 2024 prediction. Place a bet on this college basketball game now.

When it comes to the NCAA March Madness Tournament, the West region is currently in the first round. There is a matchup between the eighth-seeded Mississippi State Bulldogs and the ninth-seeded Michigan State Spartans.

It has been a successful season for both teams. They were able to defeat the greatest teams in their respective conferences throughout the regular season, and in the postseason, they advanced to at least the quarterfinal round of the playoffs.

The fact that the two appear to be a solid fit on paper makes for a bout that is difficult to watch. In other words, the spread only assigns the Spartans a minus-1.5 point advantage as the favorite team.

Those who are interested in placing wagers on the tournament will find that this is one of the most exciting games in the first round. Before the game begins on CBS at 12:15 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday, March 21, make sure to read the following for more information regarding how to place bets on the game.

Mississippi State vs Michigan State Betting Odds

Here are the Mississippi State vs Michigan State Betting odds:

-1 -120 Over –

The odds presented here are the most recent ones available from the most reputable casinos in the industry for NCAA basketball.

Due to the fact that they allow four fewer points per game and their offense scores more equally, there is a fair likelihood that Michigan State has a slight advantage in this matchup. Within either of the two Big Ten Tournament games that the Spartans participated in, they did not allow either of their opponents to score more than seventy points. Among those games was one against Purdue, who concluded the regular season ranked tenth in the nation in terms of scoring (83.4), and it was one of those games.

Three Betting Trends to Watch

  • During the SEC playoffs, the Bulldogs had a perfect record against the spread, going three games without a loss. In every single one of their games, they went over the total.
    Out of their most recent ten games, the Spartans have suffered three defeats as favorites, and each of those games ended with the Spartans failing to accumulate the required number of points.
  • When it comes to overs, both the Spartans and the Bulldogs have a record of 4–6 in their most recent ten games.

Michigan State Spartans Stats & Insights

First, we have the Mississippi State vs Michigan State Betting stats and insights for the Spartans.

  • The Michigan State Spartans average 73.1 points per game, which places them 190th in the college basketball rankings. On the other hand, they allow 65.9 points per game, which places them 24th in the rankings. It is able to achieve a total of 237 more points than its rivals, resulting in a victory over them by 7.2 points per game.
  • The average number of points scored by Michigan State is 34.6, which places them 219th in the nation. This is roughly equivalent to the average score of 33.8 that its competitors have achieved.
  • While their opponents made 7.5 three-pointers per game, the Spartans made 6.4 three-pointers per game, which places them 279th in the college basketball rankings (Spartans).
  • The Michigan State Spartans hold the 115th spot in collegiate basketball with a scoring average of 97.8 points per 100 possessions. They rank 53rd in NCAA basketball in terms of the number of points they allow per 100 possessions, which is 88.2.
  • During the current season, the Spartans have been more successful offensively when they play at home (75.9 points per game) as opposed to when they play away (68.6 points per game).

Mississippi State Bulldogs Stats & Insights

Now we have the Mississippi State vs Michigan State Betting stats and insights for the Bulldogs.

  • With a scoring average of 74.8 points per game (141st in college basketball) and a scoring defense that allows 69.1 points per game (91st in college basketball), Mississippi State comes out on top of its opponents by a margin of 5.7 points per game. The difference in their scores is +194 as a result of this.
  • In most cases, Mississippi State is able to secure 5.8 more boards than the opposing squad. In college basketball, it ranks 49th with 38.3 boards per game, while its opponents only obtain 32.5 boards per game over the same time period.
  • Mississippi State hits 7.2 three-pointers per game, which places them 209th in the college basketball rankings, and they make 32.5% of their three-point shots, which places them 265th in the college basketball rankings. Every game, its opponents make seven three-point shots, which is equivalent to 29.4 percent of the time.
  • In the world of college basketball, Mississippi State’s offense ranks 160th in terms of scoring points per 100 possessions, with a 95.8 point average. In college basketball, the defense ranks
  • 56th in terms of the number of points it allows per 100 possessions, which is 88.5.
  • The Bulldogs average 77.4 points per game while they are playing at home, but when they are playing away, they only average 71.1 points.

Key Players for Michigan State

The Spartans have four players who, on average, score ten points or more in each game they play.

  • In addition to making 44.2% of his field goals, 37.3% of his three-point shots, and 74.5% of his free throws, Tyson Walker has a scoring average of 18.2 points per game at the moment. To FT
  • With a shooting percentage of 52.3%, 35.1%, and 71.8%, Malik Hall averages 12.6 points per game to his credit.
  • Based on his 41.6%, 33.8%, and 79.2% shooting percentages, A.J. Hoggard averaged 11 points per game.
  • With a shooting percentage of 41.2%, 36.0%, and 72.7%, Jaden Akins averages 10.2 points per game.

That indicates that Michigan State has two more players than Georgia Tech who have scored ten points or more this season. Nevertheless, neither of their top scorers shoots at a rate of 80 percent or higher from the free throw line, which is a significant issue in the event that the game is really close.

Key Players for Mississippi State

Although the Bulldogs rely on two shooters to handle the most of the work, neither of them has been performing particularly well as of late.

  • During a game, Josh Hubbard averages 17 points while shooting 38.7%, 35.8%, and 85.3% from the field.
  • Each game, Tolu Smith averages 15.2 points and makes 56.4% of his shots.

Apart from those two guys, the Bulldogs do not have any other players on the team that score ten points or more every single game. The fact that Hubbard has failed to make at least forty percent of his shots from the field in five consecutive games is the worst thing that could happen to them.

Because the Spartans have such a formidable defense, his recklessness could end up being fatal for them. In addition, Smith has scored fewer than ten points in three of the five games he has played in recently.

Hubbard vs. Walker: Best Individual Matchup

The point guards who start for their teams are the ones who score the most points for their teams. Due to the fact that both of them are tiny guards that take a lot of shots in order to get points, their match is going to be exceptionally interesting. It is highly probable that the victor of this combat will have the most significant impact on the outcome of the rest of the game.

The three-point line is the focal focus of this particular game. Neither of the guards fails to make at least 35 percent of their three-point attempts, while neither of the teams is able to limit their opponents to more than 32 percent from beyond the arc. As a result, it is possible that both sides may have a difficult evening.

Do you know this Mississippi State vs Michigan State Betting Fact?

One of the most crucial things to do when the game is close is to make free throws. Both of these teams are poor in this particular area. It is much worse for Mississippi State, which only shoots 67.2% from the free throw line, than it is for Michigan State, which shoots 70.6% overall.

After suffering a 73-66 defeat at the hands of Auburn in the semifinals of the SEC Tournament, they were successful in making 17 of 27 free throws. Those ten missed free throws resulted in a loss of seven points for them. It’s possible that putting up that kind of show will hurt them in the long run.

Mississippi State vs Michigan State Betting Prediction

Due to the fact that the Bulldogs struggle from the free throw line, we believe that placing a wager against the Spartans would be an excessively risky move. It is of utmost significance in a game such as this one, in which it is difficult to identify a distinction between the two.

  • Pick ATS: Michigan State (-1.5)
  • Pick OU: Over (130)

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