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NC State vs Duke Betting Odds

These are the NC State vs Duke Betting odds:

NC STATE +11.5 +525 Over 147
DUKE -11.5 -700 Under 147

NC State vs Duke Betting Prediction

Here is our NC State vs Duke Betting prediction.

The third day of the ACC Tournament continues on the court right now. The last eight teams in the tournament are competing for the championship and the opportunity to go to the March Madness tournament in Washington, District of Columbia.

An NCAA playoff game will take place on Thursday night between the 10th-seeded NC State Wolfpack and the 11th-seeded Duke Blue Devils. The Wolfpack will be playing as the “road” team.

Despite the fact that they received a loss of 1.5 points, North Carolina State was able to advance to the quarterfinals by defeating seventh-seeded Louisville by a score of 83–65 on Wednesday night. No. 4 North Carolina defeated Duke in the final game of the regular season, which took place at home on Saturday night, with a score of 84–79.

It was 4.5 points that Duke was the favorite to win. Including the only game of the season, which took place on March 4 and was won by the Blue Devils 79–64 at home, the Blue Devils have won all 99 games that have been played between the two clubs.

NC State Wolfpack Betting Prediction

First, we have the NC State vs Duke Betting prediction for the Wolfpack.

When it came to the second round, Syracuse, the seventh seed, was no match for North Carolina State. The victory marked their second consecutive victory, and it took place on Wednesday evening.

The overall record of the Wolfpack improved to 19-14, and their 9-11 record in ACC play, which placed them in tenth place in the league, was also an improvement.

After falling down by as many as five points in the first half of their game against Syracuse, North Carolina State came back to win the game 35–32 at the halftime break.

The Wolfpack were down by two points at the beginning of the second half of the game. Nevertheless, they went on a massive run of 21-2, which placed them in the lead 58-41 with 12:35 remaining, and they never looked back after that.

In addition to making seven out of twenty three-point shots, North Carolina State made 42.4% of their shots from the floor and had a 40-31 advantage on the boards. During the victory, he led the Wolfpack in scoring with 18 points and grabbing nine rebounds.

This season, the Wolfpack have averaged 76.3 points per game, which places them 125th in the nation in terms of attack. This places North Carolina State in 189th place in the nation in terms of the number of boards per game, which is 34.9.

In addition to that, they average 12.9 assists per game. In terms of defense, the Wolfpack is about average. The average number of points they allow per game is 72.9, which places them 207th in the nation.

During this season, four players for the Wolfpack have scored more than ten points per game. There is one of them named Casey Morsell. DJ Burns Jr. averages 12.1 points, four boards, and 2.6 assists per game, while DJ Horne averages 16.8 points per game. Jayden Taylor averages 12.7 points and four rebounds per game, and DJ Horne averages 16.8 points per game.

In addition, they have Breon Pass, Mohammed Diarra, Ben Middlebrooks, Michael O’Connell, and Dennis Parker Jr., all of whom are extremely significant to the North Carolina State University programs.

During the current season, the Wolfpack have been successful in 44.6% of their field goal attempts. On average, North Carolina State University makes 7.2 three-pointers a game, which is equivalent to 34.7 percent of their shots from beyond the arc.

The Wolfpack have a free throw percentage of 73.3% so far this season, which is significantly higher than the norm for a team of their size.

Duke Blue Devils Betting Prediction

Now, we have the NC State vs Duke Betting prediction for the Blue Devils.

It might have been possible for Duke to at least split the ACC regular season crown, but the fourth-ranked North Carolina Tar Heels defeated them with ease on Saturday night in front of the Cameron Coogan Crazy supporters.

Despite suffering a defeat at the hands of the Tar Heels, the Blue Devils concluded the regular season with a record of 24-7 overall and 15-5 in the ACC.

When competing against North Carolina, Duke never took the lead. When there was 15 minutes and 22 seconds left in the first half, they were trailing 17-4 and had to play catch-up for the remainder of the game.

The Blue Devils were nine points behind at the beginning of the second half of the game. At 16:58, they were within one point of the lead, but then they allowed a 9-1 run to break through, and they were once again nine points behind.

As a result of the fact that they never got closer than four points the rest of the way, Duke ended up losing. In terms of field goal percentage, the Blue Devils were successful in 43.3% of their attempts, including 9 of 23 three-point efforts.

Nevertheless, they were unable to win the battle for rebounds and allowed the Tar Heels to shoot fifty percent for the game. Kyle Filipowski led the Blue Devils in scoring with 23 points and picking up seven rebounds, but the Blue Devils ultimately fell short.

As of current season, the Blue Devils have scored 80.2 points per game, which places them 43rd in the nation in terms of scoring efficiency. On average, Duke has 36.5 rebounds per game, which places them 123rd in the nation, and 15.4 assists per game, which places them 50th in the nation.

The Blue Devils are ranked 52nd in the nation in terms of score defense, as they allow 67.2 points per game to be scored against them.

Kyle Filipowski is one of five Duke players who have scored in double digits throughout the course of this season. He has averaged 16.7 points and eight rebounds per game.

The following players have also been performing well this season: Jared McCain (13.6 points, five rebounds), Mark Mitchell (12.1 points, 6.1 boards), Jeremy Roach (14.3 points, 3.2 assists), and Tyrese Proctor (10.6 points, 3.7 assists).

Teacher Jon Scheyer has placed a significant amount of importance on the contributions of Caleb Foster, Jaylen Blakes, Sean Stewart, TJ Power, and Ryan Young throughout the course of this season.

The Duke Blue Devils have a field goal percentage of 48.3 percent so far this season, which places them 24th in the nation.

In spite of the fact that they have only made 38.1% of their three-point attempts so far this season, the Blue Devils have posted an average of 8.5 three-pointers per game, which places them in the 12th spot in the nation.

The free throw line is an area in which Duke excels. The fact that they were able to make 72.5% of their shots this year placed them in the 154th position in the country.

There has been no action from Foster (foot) since the 24th of February, and he is unsure of when he will be able to return to the field.

NC State vs Duke Betting Pick

NC State displayed strong play and easily prevailed over Syracuse, who was no match for them. The Wolfpack were able to win their second game in a row because the Orange were unable to maintain any of their energy throughout their run in the second half. This is the point at when fatigue begins to manifest itself, which is why NC State is having problems.

This is the third game in a row that they have played, and it is the third one against a Duke team that hasn’t played since Saturday.

Despite the fact that they are mostly healthy, the Blue Devils have five players who average more than ten points per game and are capable of getting the job done on offense. They also shoot quite well from beyond the arc.

Although North Carolina State possesses powerful tools, Duke’s defense and exhausted legs make it hard for the Wolfpack to win the game.

  • NC State vs Duke Betting Pick: Blue Devils to cover

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