There is always a high level of excitement when we head into the final week of the NFL season, but with so many spots still waiting to be decided, this coming weekend may be more exciting than most. There are a lot of different ways in which things could play out, but we have decided to have a little fun here and go with some of the bolder predictions for the weekend. We are well aware that not all of these are going to play out as we predict here, but we bet that a few might just happen. It’s up to you guys to decide which of these bold predictions seems the most likely.

The Steelers win the AFC North

Given the current standings in the division, the Steelers need to win their final game against the Cincinnati Bengals, while also hoping that Cleveland can knock off Baltimore. I don’t see the Steelers having any problem with the Bengals, but would you really want your season to hinge on the Browns winning a game? In years past, the answer to that question would have been an emphatic no, but this Cleveland team is not like the others. They have a shot at finishing with a winning record if they beat Baltimore, and they might just do it.

NFL Betting Action: Five Bold Predictions for Week 17! Cincinnati-Bengals-at-Pittsburgh-Steelers

The Vikings fall at home

The Minnesota Vikings will be in the playoffs if they win their final game of the season, a task easier said than done when you consider that they are up against a very good Bears team. There is the chance that Chicago might choose to rest some guys given that they are already in, but since they might well end up facing the Vikings next week in the Wild Card, they will want to go out and set the tone. The defense gets the job done for the Bears on the road.

NFL Betting Action: Five Bold Predictions for Week 17! Chicago-Bears-at-Minnesota-Vikings

The Eagles complete the comeback

Just a few short weeks ago, the Philadelphia Eagles looked dead in the water, but they have made a dramatic turnaround that given them a shot at getting in. Now, if the Vikings do end up losing to the Bears, the door will be blasted wide open for Philly, who look a very good bet to get the win against an injury-ravaged Washington Redskins team. It’s never easy to take out the champs, so could they be on their way to another improbable playoff run?

NFL Betting Action: Five Bold Predictions for Week 17! Philadelphia-Eagles-at-Washington-Redskins

The Colts beat the Titans for the final Wild Card spot

We know that one of the playoff spots in the AFC will be going to either the Ravens or the Steelers, but who gets the other one. The answer to that question will be answered on Sunday night, with the Colts and Titans going head to head in an elimination game. While the Titans have home field advantage, there are concerns about the health of Marcus Mariota. It’s also worth remembering that Andrew Luck is a perfect 10-0 SU versus the Titans.

NFL Betting Action: Five Bold Predictions for Week 17! Indianapolis-Colts-at-Tennessee-Titans

The Chargers win the West

Of all the bold predictions made here, this may be the one that is the toughest to buy into. Yes, I do like the Chargers to go on the road and get the win in Denver, but do we really believe that the Chiefs will lose at home to the Oakland Raiders, thus handing the division, as well as a first-round bye, to the Chargers? It does seem highly unlikely when you consider that the Chiefs have won 8 of their last 10 meetings with the Raiders. Still, if it’s bold predictions you want, they don’t come bolder than this one.

NFL Betting Action: Five Bold Predictions for Week 17! Los-Angeles-Chargers-at-Denver-Broncos