Will the Philadelphia Eagles and Carson Wentz play at a high level following their best offensive showing of the season the last time out?

Will strong-armed rookie Josh Allen suit up for the Buffalo Bills after suffering an elbow injury this past weekend and if he doesn’t, what lies in store for backup Nathan Peterman?

Can Joe Flacco out-duel Drew Brees and can Patrick Mahomes add to his growing legend?

If you’re a pro football fanatic or avid NFL enthusiast looking for some NFL Betting Action, what could be more fun than some bold predictions that could potentially help you cash in over the course of the coming week? With all of that said, let’s get started.

Wentz Schools Cam

Carolina Panthers dual-threat quarterback Cam Newton is very good, but he’s not great if you ask me. Now in his eighth year, Newton is never going to be very accurate as his 58.9 percent career completion percentage suggests and that’s okay, because he makes plays with his legs.

However, for me, when it comes to dual-threat quarterbacks, Carson Wentz is already far better than Carolina’s eighth-year signal-caller. Went is definitely a better passer from the pocket than Newton, but it is his ability to look downfield for more receivers once he gets pressured out of the pocket that separates him from Newton – and most other quarterbacks. Look, to get right to the point, I’m predicting Carson Wentz is going to ‘school’ Cam Newton on the increasingly popular art of being a dual-threat quarterback. Tune in football fans, this one is must-see TV!

NFL Betting Action: Five Bold Predictions for Week 6 Carson-Wentz-vs-Cam-Newton

Nathan Peterman Makes Bills Fan Go Blind

Well, I was going to predict that Nathan Peterman was actually going to make some poor Buffalo Bills fans somewhere literally go blind because of his poor play, but since the Bills added veteran Derek Anderson and head coach Sean McDermott has named him the starter until Josh Allen returns, I guess I can’t do that. Instead, I’m going to predict that Baker Mayfield will throw 3 TD passes at Tampa Bay this coming weekend.

NFL Betting Action: Five Bold Predictions for Week 6 Nathan-Peterman

Brees Schools Flacco

In staying with my theme of ‘schoolings’ I’m expecting Drew Brees to school counterpart Joe Flacco on what an elite quarterback really looks like. Baltimore added a bunch of veteran free agents at the wide receiver position to give Flacco some help and boost a passing attack that was awful a year ago. The results have been improved from last season, but not what I’d call eye-opening by any stretch of the imagination as Baltimore ranks 18th in passing. It doesn’t matter who Drew Brees is playing with. I could line up at wide receiver along with three of my fellow, overweight 50-year-old friends and Drew Brees would still complete 65 percent of his passes for 4,500 yards. Joe Flacco had better get his pen and notebook ready because class in going to be in session on Sunday with professor Drew Brees.

NFL Betting Action: Five Bold Predictions for Week 6 Drew-Brees-vs-Joe-Flacco

Mahomes Adds to Growing Legend

The Cincinnati Bengals are clearly a much-improved team, just as I predicted this season, but I’m predicting Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes to add to his growing legend by throwing three more TD passes this weekend. Mahomes has moxie, incredible pocket presence and a big ass cannon of a right arm that allows him to make all kinds of throws no matter where he is on the field. More importantly, Mahomes has a great, offensive-minded head coach that repeatedly puts him in position to succeed. I’m feeling a three TD game just waiting to happen.

NFL Betting Action: Five Bold Predictions for Week 6 Patrick-Mahomes-II

Manning Throws 3 TD Passes to Quiet Drama

Eli Manning is catching all kinds of flak for his lackluster passing, but I’m predicting the veteran signal-caller is going to respond in a big way against a banged-up Atlanta Falcons defense that is hurting in a big way. I’m predicting that Manning throws 3 TD passes against Atlanta to quiet his critics – even though the G-Men are going to lose.

NFL Betting Action: Five Bold Predictions for Week 6 Eli-Manning