On the NFL Power Rankings Week 6, the Eagles returned to number two, Lions are now part of the top five, and the Jags made it to the top 10.

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Top 10 NFL Power Rankings Week 6

The top 10 teams in the NFL Power Rankings for Week 6 are as follows:

Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: The San Francisco 49ers are at the top.

The 49ers are ranked first in our Week 6 NFL Power Rankings.

In the event that there were any skeptics left, Sunday night ought to have quieted them down a little. The 49ers’ offense is flourishing right now, which is fantastic. Most defenders won’t be able to stop Purdy’s Four Horsemen (CMC, Brandon Aiyuk, George Kittle, and Deebo Samuel) as long as they are in good health.

Kyle Shanahan appeared to be having a fantastic time when he scored a bunch of points while playing against a highly regarded Dallas defense. Now that DeMeco Ryans has resigned as defensive coordinator, it’s time to recognize San Francisco’s defense, which hasn’t lost a beat.

The 49ers are tied with Tampa Bay for first place in the league in both points allowed per game (13.6) and turnover margin (+7). Even if you might not be able to defeat them, getting them now will need a lot of effort.

Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Philadelphia Eagles at No. 2

The Eagles are listed second on this edition of the NFL Power Rankings for Week 6.

The Eagles are now 5-0 and are a wonderfully imperfect team after defeating the Rams. It’s not usually particularly pretty if you compare it to what the 2022 Eagles did, but that doesn’t seem to mean much anymore.

If you want to, you might feel angry over not scoring in the end zone or any other issue that arises during the game.

Nick Sirianni has demonstrated that he will seize practically every favorable opportunity that comes his way. This can cover a lot of ground.

What kind of team kicks off the second half with the ball on its own 25-yard line with the intention of scoring? As the timer expires, it does so on a “Brotherly shove”.

The same club that calls QB draw on third-and-9 and knows it will go for it if necessary on fourth down. But when the strategy becomes more challenging, the execution won’t be lukewarm for much longer.

Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are listed third in this ranking of the NFL Power Rankings for Week 6.

The Chiefs struggled to put the game away, but two touchdown plays—one with Travis Kelce and one without—in the third quarter helped them triumph.

Even if Kelce doesn’t do particularly well, Kansas City may need to improve in that type of game this season.

The other four games were close and came down to a last possession, with the exception of the lopsided loss to the Bears in Week 3.

Similar to how the Chiefs triumphed in 2019, this. To win their first Super Bowl since 1969, they persevered through nine tight games and a 5-4 record. They would undoubtedly be content with a victory instead.

Given that they still have two games remaining versus Denver, it might occur again shortly. But it’s always beneficial to understand how to prevail in close, challenging games.

Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Miami Dolphins at No. 4

The Dolphins are listed as the fourth team in the NFL Power Rankings Week 6 list.

Tua Tagovailoa didn’t play his best in this contest. The game appeared much tighter after his pick-six than it actually was.

The Dolphins’ victory over the Giants was made possible by their excellent supporting cast. With 1,964 receiving yards in a single season, Calvin Johnson owns the NFL record.

With 2,213 yards, Tyreek Hill is on pace to eclipse that record. It sucks to learn that De’Von Achane (9 TDs in 4 games) will be sidelined for some time due to a knee injury, even though that is excellent.

The Giants’ defense performed well enough to give them hope despite their inconsistent offense on Sunday.

Vic Fangio’s team required it after suffering a defeat at the hands of the Bills in Week 4. Miami will play the injured Panthers in Week 6 of the season.

Then, before the Week 10 break, the real fun starts when they play the Eagles, Patriots, and Chiefs in Weeks 7, 8, and 9, respectively.

Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Detroit Lions at No. 5

The Lions are ranked fifth in the NFL Power Rankings for Week 6.

Without Amon-Ra St. Brown, Jahmyr Gibbs, and other players, the Lions defeated the Panthers 42-0. This improves on what they’ve previously accomplished through Week 5. Even if it occurred against Carolina, a team that has never won a game, this victory shouldn’t be forgotten.

Good teams win games against inferior opposition with ease. Even when crucial players on both sides of the ball are absent, a great team may still accomplish this successfully.

The Lions are now a part of that group, you may say it out loud. They’ve won 12 of 15 games since 2022, including victories this season at Lambeau Field and Arrowhead.

They are currently the NFC North’s undisputed favourites. Even if defensive players are suffering injuries more frequently, the Lions have a fantastic chance to end a 32-year playoff winless streak.

Emmanuel Moseley, who tore his ACL twice in as many years, is the most recent victim.

Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Buffalo Bills at No. 6

The Bills are ranked sixth in the NFL Power Rankings for Week 6.

The fact that the Bills didn’t fly to London until Friday may have contributed to their difficulty adjusting to the various time zones.

Up until two too little, too late touchdown drives in the fourth quarter, the offensive had been trailing. They have scored 30 points or more for three consecutive weeks.

Because of how they fell and the fact that Matt Milano and DaQuan Jones suffered injuries while playing defense, this was a double stomach hit. Despite Von Miller’s return on Sunday, this strong defense is struggling after Tre’Davious White suffered an injury the previous week.

When Greg Rousseau returns in the future, the pass rush should improve, but the big plays that the defense allowed were an issue.

Despite their defeat, I still rank the Bills higher than the Jaguars. Why? Even if the game were played in Jacksonville, the Bills would probably be the favorites because they have played better overall.

Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Jacksonville Jaguars at No. 7

The Jaguars are ranked seventh in this version of the NFL Power Rankings for Week 6.

As impressive as the victory over Atlanta in Week 4 was, I believe Sunday was the first occasion when the offense really started to click.

Even with Trevor Lawrence’s three errors, of which two were lost, this team wasn’t doing all that well prior to gaining 474 yards and 29 first downs versus Buffalo.

I’m also aware that he and his group have lost an excessive number of turnovers and frequently suffer sacks. But it was crucial to return to being strong in big plays.

That was planned to happen, and it was made possible by Calvin Ridley and Travis Etienne. Although the defense has generally been solid, the attack needs to get going.

Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Dallas Cowboys at No. 8

The Cowboys are ranked eighth in our NFL Power Rankings for Week 6 list.

They had a disastrous loss against the Cardinals in Week 3. They had a comical victory over the Patriots in Week 4.

They were also severely humiliated by the 49ers in Week 5. What do we think of this team now, three weeks later? On Sunday, they both had bad nights.

Following a mistake in the first quarter, Tony Pollard disappeared. A rough night also befell Dak Prescott. It is understandable to distrust the backup defense’s reputation after hearing so many negative things about them.

The 49ers fought back when Dallas became aggressive and repeatedly entered the end zone.

The Cowboys face Kellen Moore and the Chargers on Monday night in a prime time game. You can bet that Moore carefully observed Kyle Shanahan’s actions on Sunday.

Will Dallas ever get better? or slog a 3-3 record into the bye week in Week 7?

Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Seattle Seahawks at No. 9

The Seahawks are listed ninth on the NFL Power Rankings Week 6 list.

The Seahawks put on a fantastic defensive display against the Giants before their bye week in Week 5.

If there was one drawback to earning 11 sacks, it was that it diminished the improvement of Seattle’s run defense over the first four games.

The Seahawks allowed 1.7 more yards per run last season than they do this season. That is because the front of the opposition was stronger. Given their 3-1 start, they aren’t strong enough on third downs on either side of the ball.

However, as long as Geno Smith is healthy and the passing game picks back up down the field, the Seahawks should be good.

Because they don’t face the dominant 49ers until Weeks 12 and 14, they have time to make necessary adjustments.

Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Baltimore Ravens at No. 10

The Ravens are ranked tenth in the NFL Power Rankings for Week 6.

I believe the Colts’ surprising Week 3 loss hurt less than the loss on Sunday. Although Gardner Minshew is a terrific quarterback and the Colts are a solid club overall, losing to a backup quarterback is not ideal.

Plus, there were a lot of ways in which that game was just plain odd. Week 5? Pittsburgh was just defeated by the Ravens.

They had numerous opportunities to put the Steelers under pressure throughout the course of the game, but missed passes, errors (including two late by Lamar Jackson), and issues on special teams caused an avalanche that was finished by Pickett to Pitts.

The Ravens are effective. They’ll likely emerge from whatever rut they’re in and comprehend it, in my opinion. Traveling to London could be advantageous for you. Or at least better than their previous international excursion.

Buccaneers of Tampa Bay, No. 11

After their defeat to the Eagles in Week 3, it’s difficult not to like most of what we’ve seen from this club. That contest served as a sharp reminder of how inadequate the Buccaneers were in the face of their lone significant challenge thus far. Overall, Todd Bowles has quietly performed admirably.

In addition to giving quarterback Baker Mayfield and offensive coordinator Dave Canales command of the approach, he has created a strong, aggressive defense.

The defense has played outstandingly in the red zone to keep scores low and give Tampa Bay a chance to win the majority of games even though the running game isn’t particularly active. Can this dish be continued?

Given that the following three games (against the Lions, against the Bills, and against the Falcons) are all crucial contests, we’ll probably learn during this more challenging series of games.

Cleveland Browns, 12

We had to take another look at this club before their Week 5 bye following Week 4, when Deshaun Watson missed the game and the defense had its first truly terrible game of the season.

San Francisco arrives on Sunday. Then there are road testing in Indianapolis and Seattle, where there are enough issues to make you question the long-term viability of this team.

The offense’s lack of consistency is the main issue, and Watson and Kevin Stefanski may not have the solution.

Without Nick Chubb, it’s difficult to run the ball at the moment, and concerns exist regarding the offensive line due to Jedrick Wills’ performance and the lack of depth.

They ought to commit more errors despite the strong defense so far. This squad needs everything it can get from other groups.

Los Angeles Chargers (13).

The fear meter decreased as the squad won two straight games and finished tied at 2-2 heading into the bye week. The Chargers must play 13 straight games, though.

The Cowboys are their next opponent this coming Monday, followed by the Chiefs in weeks 7 and 18, the Lions in weeks 10, the Ravens in weeks 12, and the Bills in weeks 10 and 16.

The Chargers don’t have enough confidence going into that stretch after winning close games against the Vikings and Raiders.

The main concern is preventing quick pass plays, and many of Los Angeles’s final opponents are skilled throwers. The journey is far away.

New Orleans Saints (14).

That ought to have resolved the Saints’ scoring issues. Even though it might be excessive, it was encouraging to see them play a little more aggressively in the opening minutes, and it was wonderful to see Derek Carr play well after he didn’t appear to be quite himself the week prior. It’s assumed that the Patriots’ defense is strong.

They eventually returned to being more conventional, and who could blame them? New England had pretty much given up by that point.

You can handle poor play on the other side of the ball when your defense can stop an opponent in its own end and outright humiliate it.

Both sides contributed greatly in making this a good victory.

Cincinnati Bengals (15)

You anticipated that the Bengals’ offense would improve eventually. I believed Joe Burrow could be feeling better when I observed how he moved on the first-drive touchdown pass against Arizona.

I was certain when he gained 10 yards on the final play of the third quarter.

That was a significant shift, and it was also significant that Burrow maintained Ja’Marr Chase’s success. Even though the defense had three sacks and two interceptions, one of which was a pick-six, this wasn’t a particularly strong performance.

The run-ins and tackles were quite disgusting, as is a recurring theme. They play Seattle on Sunday, a team that enjoys making strong drives with the ball. The greater test will be in that game.

If they can withstand the Seahawks’ rush and have another outstanding passing day, they have a solid chance of staying in the game.

Atlanta Falcons (16)

Desmond Ridder played the way some detractors claimed he couldn’t on Sunday, which was a significant improvement for this club. The biggest play was the 23-yard pass to Drake London with about a minute remaining. After a weak snap, and with Ridder under considerable pressure, it came.

The Falcons just had to run out of time and kick the ball after that. This game had a lot of positive aspects.

The success was significantly influenced by Ridder, London, Kyle Pitts, Bijan Robinson, and Atlanta’s underappreciated defense. Prior to their bye week in Week 11, the Falcons have dropped three straight games and are only.500 versus teams that are above.500 (with the exception of Tampa in Week 7).

Athens has recovered well and is prepared to contend for the NFC South championship.

Indianapolis Colts (17)

But things do appear to be improving. Three of the Colts’ last four games have ended in victories, and Jonathan Taylor is back with a significant new contract.

However, it is concerning that Anthony Richardson’s troubles from his early career are getting worse.

A fantastic backup quarterback who may be the best in the NFL is Gardner Minshew. He has provided a lot of relief. But in four games, Richardson has now injured himself three times.

His right shoulder’s AC joint injury will prevent him from working for at least a month.

The problem is that Richardson may be most harmful since he runs a lot. The likelihood that he will get an injury increases as he runs.

If they maintain their momentum over the next five games, the Colts may still have a chance to win the AFC South. Shane Steichen ought to be crowned Coach of the Year right immediately for what he has accomplished thus far.

Green Bay Packers (18)

The Packers appeared to have a strong opportunity to win despite the offense’s slow start and Jordan Love’s poor interception. because they did.

And the second half’s strategy got off to a wonderful start: Rudy Ford made a good choice right away. The Packers then scored on a drive that used all 247 of AJ Dillon’s weight.

The defense played well despite permitting the decisive touchdown drive. But Love struggled to connect with his receivers for the majority of the game, and he ended up throwing three horrible interceptions.

The most concerning aspect is that Love’s three picks were merely poor decisions and/or passes; the ball never actually went in the direction he intended. The performance must improve.

New York Jets (19)

After the Jets removed the pitch count off him, Breece Hall ran for 177 yards, which was a career-high. Against Denver, he had a strong field presence. Although there were some ups and downs in the defense, after the half, practically everything was excellent.

As a result of remarks like the late scoop-and-score, that unit may become more dominating over time. Zach Wilson excels at a lot of little things.

However, two errors in high-stress situations and other errors in the red zone cost the Jets points against the Broncos.

Garrett Wilson has to be involved more, even though the performance wasn’t terrible. The Jets are dreadful when Hall and Garrett Wilson are at their best.

Pittsburgh Steelers (20)

I won’t go into detail on how the Steelers managed to win 3-2 after behind by 31 points and seeing several improbable game changers.

You have to respect the team’s tenacity and ingenuity for coming up with novel strategies for winning games. However, I don’t believe a trip to Cabo will be made during this bye week.

Pittsburgh is aware that it has a lot of work to do, in my opinion. Nine days ago, Mike Tomlin discussed significant changes. They are currently in first place in the AFC North, though.

Houston Texans

Against the Falcons, the Texans did practically everything correctly. They outperformed the opposition in turnovers (2-0), had less penalties (7-5), and C.J. With less than two minutes left on the clock, Stroud directed an exhilarating touchdown drive to give them the lead.

Start with Stroud’s NFL-record streak of 186 consecutive passes without an interception. Additionally, he hasn’t been fired since Week 2.

If you’re upset that Houston’s defense allowed the game-winning drive, I won’t hold it against you.

It was disappointing that the offense could only convert 4 of 13 third downs and go 1 for 3 in the red zone, given how well Stroud is doing.

DeMeco Ryans might regret attempting a field goal on fourth-and-1 so early. No matter what, this squad is further forward than I anticipated.

Los Angeles Rams (#22)

Weeks 1 and 2 saw the Rams play surprisingly well, which may have altered our perception of their promise.

Despite an overtime victory on the road and two narrow defeats to groups that were legitimate Super Bowl contenders at the beginning of the season, they haven’t been as strong in subsequent contests.

Los Angeles has played some excellent football, but since Week 1, they don’t seem to have put together a whole game.

The receivers appear to be in excellent condition, Matthew Stafford has been working hard, and the defense typically limits the other team’s point total. Why can’t the Rams win more games that were close to being decided?

Tennessee Titans (23).

The Titans lost again on the road, bringing their season record to 0-3 after upsetting the Jaguars at home in Week 4. Mike Vrabel was somewhat defeated at his own game by Indianapolis, who preyed on Tennessee.

The most shocking event that took place on Sunday was that.

Losing both lines of scrimmage, the battle for turnovers, and all four of your opportunities to score in the red zone is a tried-and-true way to lose.

I wouldn’t be as surprised if Derrick Henry and the running game stopped; we’ve seen that happen before. But what about the Titans’ illustrious run defense?

The Colts lost badly. They nearly amassed more rushing yards in this contest (193) than Tennessee allowed in its previous three contests combined (211).

24-Sin City Raiders

Jimmy Garoppolo’s struggles nearly lost the club the game, but the defense had its best performance in a while. Even while Maxx Crosby was excellent as always, it wasn’t just him.

Big plays were also made by individuals who weren’t predicted to. The Raiders had only intercepted one pass all season as of Week 5. Robert Spillane has seen one before to Monday.

It makes logical that Big Game Bob received two passes from Jordan Love even though they only resulted in three Raiders points.

Amik Robertson’s pick in the end zone in the closing seconds secured the outcome with just the perfect amount of assistance from the offense in crucial areas.

Even if the Raiders were able to prevail, Garoppolo’s disastrous third quarter will be with me until the next week.

Minnesota Vikings (#25)

At least some of their 1-4 record can be explained by the fact that they’ve made eight losses and allowed each of their opponents to score first. Does the fact that they nearly defeated the Chiefs solace us in any way? It’s challenging when Justin Jefferson played poorly and was forced to quit the game due to a leg injury.

When things go in the same manner as prior losses, it is doubly harder.

The squad lost a ball on the first play from scrimmage, which was probably something Kevin O’Connell and his coaching staff worked on all week in practice. … errors with the game and the clock. During crucial moments in a game that could have been won, there were offensive and defensive errors.

Before traveling to face the Bears, there are several issues to be resolved. The fact that Jefferson has been placed on injured reserve means that the Vikings won’t have their best player for at least the next four games.

26 – Commanders from Washington

You can win the upcoming games, but first you need to reverse some extremely unsettling tendencies. The renowned defense is suffering from big play losses. Sam Howell is receiving far too many hits.

Additionally, the rookie class hasn’t been that helpful. For instance, first-round CB Emmanuel Forbes Jr. had another poor performance the previous week.

The most straightforward issue might be the protective front. The secondary concerns could be alleviated by the defensive line becoming stronger and more disciplined.

The renowned quarterback killers of the Commanders are sacking quarterbacks and applying pressure to them, but they haven’t yet gained control of games. That unit has contributed to Washington’s defense getting worse.

Arizona Cardinals (27).

This setback was made tougher by the knowledge that the Cardinals were playing a weak Bengals squad at a favorable moment.

On the other hand, Joshua Dobbs had his first truly awful game of the year, and the defense stood by and allowed the offense to repeatedly run the Joe Burrow to Ja’Marr Chase play.

Arizona already lacked Budda Baker in the secondary (he was on injured reserve), and they also lost Jalen Thompson in the middle of the contest. The Bengals persisted in pursuing CBs Marco Wilson and Antonio Hamilton (who appears to have replaced youngster Kei’Trel Clark as the starter). Hamilton sustained an injury on Sunday as well, and it appears that the Cardinals must address defensive issues each week. In addition, James Conner, a prominent running back, will miss some time due to a knee ailment.

Denver Broncos (#28)

There were numerous things for which the Jets’ defeat could be attributed, but Sean Payton immediately springs to mind. After all, Payton said things about himself prior to the campaign that undoubtedly contributed to the Jets’ victory on Sunday.

Was it arrogant? intended to protect his players?

Payton’s 1-4 start in Denver has been a colossal failure, whatever it was. Even if the Broncos might be 3-2 (and shouldn’t be 4-1), the fact that one of their losses was by 50 points doesn’t make it any better.

The offense was fairly quiet for the majority of the second half against New York, and the run defense was once again destroyed. This squad has committed too many errors on its own to be referred to as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” We’ve come full circle.

New England Patriots (29).

For this brand, the previous two weeks have been the worst ever. It was frightening when Bill Belichick had to attempt a field goal on fourth-and-3 from the Saints’ 40-yard line with the score 24-0.

One of the greatest football instructors in history appeared to have lost. Mac Jones has been forced to skip practice for the past two weeks because it was best for him.

The season has gone from annoying to genuinely unsettling, and I don’t believe a weak defense will turn things around.

It’s safe to assume that until further notice, New England is among the worst NFL teams, which is just bizarre to type. Fear is no longer present.

Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Last Teams

The Bears, Giants, and Panthers are the final three teams on the list in this least of the NFL Power Rankings for Week 6.

Chicago Bears, 30

Even though Thursday’s victory was unexpected, it did build on some of the offensive development that had been made during the majority of the Broncos loss.

This demonstrates that circumstances are shifting on that side of the ball. Chicago now has a clear advantage thanks to DJ Moore’s ascent and Justin Fields’ back-to-back outstanding performances.

Even though they played rather well at Washington, the offensive line, backfield, and defense all need improvement.

The Vikings and the Raiders are the next two opponents the Bears play at home against.

Additionally, the return of Kyler Gordon, Jaylon Johnson, and Eddie Jackson will eventually strengthen their defense.

New York Giants

I feel horrible for Joshua Ezeudu who expressed regret for allowing his quarterback to be physically abused once more on Sunday.

Not a third-round selection in 2022 playing left tackle when he shouldn’t be there; there can’t be just one player.

But the Giants’ offensive line is currently in that situation; everyone has been hurt and isn’t functioning well.

Daniel Jones’ neck was damaged by the sack Ezeudu surrendered. After allowing 11 sacks in Week 4, New York allowed seven on Sunday.

Even though it’s only Week 6, the Giants’ injuries have made it difficult for them to score!

Darren Waller has to be placed in a bubble immediately. This is awful.

32. Panthers, Carolina

Some others felt better because the Panthers were ahead in each of their first four losses. But after their fifth defeat, everyone realized they were exerting too much effort.

First the bad news: this team will not be participating in the playoffs. This week’s Dolphins game will take place in Miami. No squad with a record of 0-5 has ever accomplished that.

The Panthers do not currently own the #1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, which would be their first-round pick.

Additionally, Bryce Young, the quarterback they acquired this year with that pick, is struggling.

He has been sacked 12 times, has dropped the ball at least once in each of his four starts, and only averages 5.2 yards per run.

The Panthers want to see more from him right now, and that much is obvious.

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