With so many NFL Underdog Betting options available, it’s critical to understand which ones can provide a nicer return for a small amount of calculated risk.

Week 5 of the 2023–24 NFL season will have 14 games. We are reviewing the whole schedule to identify the top NFL underdogs for Week 5 NFL betting. The Chicago Bears and Washington Commanders open Week 5 on Thursday Night Football.

The Los Angeles Chargers, Seattle Seahawks, Cleveland Browns, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers all have bye weeks this week. There will be bye weeks up until Week 14.

Despite the reduced deck, there are a few NFL Week 5 underdogs who ought to be barking. On Sunday, only five NFL underdogs beat the odds. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the largest underdog to triumph by 4.5 points.

Here are our best NFL Week 5 underdog predictions, followed by a thorough analysis of each choice.

Best NFL Underdog Betting Options for Week 5

Cardinals +3 Steelers +4 Jaguars +5.5 Texans +1.5
Week 5 NFL underdog odds: Pittsburgh Steelers (+4)

The Steelers are the first NFL underdog betting pick.

The Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers will once again face off in one of the most storied rivalries in NFL history. The Week 4 experiences of these teams varied greatly.

Because Deshaun Watson was ruled out before the game, the Ravens were able to defeat Cleveland 28-3. Meanwhile, the Houston Texans defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 30-6 at NRG Stadium.

For the second week in a row, the Ravens may face a different backup quarterback. Due to a knee injury, Steelers player Kenny Pickett had to leave the Texans game early. Pickett’s ACL wasn’t torn, which is a blessing, but it’s unclear if he’ll be available for Week 5.

If Pickett is unable to start, the Steelers will likely turn to seasoned quarterback Mitch Trubisky. In Week 5, Mike Tomlin might give Mason Rudolph the starting quarterback job. But without Pickett, Trubisky will likely start at center.

In this scenario, Trubisky would most likely replace Pickett. The future of Pickett is yet uncertain. The Pittsburgh Steelers are giving the young, second-year quarterback an opportunity to succeed as the team’s franchise quarterback.

Pickett completed 2,404 yards worth of passes as a rookie, with seven touchdowns and nine interceptions. In his four starts so far this season, he has thrown for 803 yards and four touchdowns on 60.6% of his attempts while also intercepting four passes.

If Pickett is unable to start, the Steelers won’t suffer any losses. Even though Trubisky isn’t a great player, his productivity shouldn’t be significantly worse than Pickett’s. However, the spread, which went from -2.5 to -4.5, now favors the Ravens significantly.

Regardless of the quarterback, the Steelers must win this game with their defense. After being humiliated by C.J. Stroud and the Texans, the Steelers defense could be expected to play better at home.

The Steelers’ defense has been strong aside from that. They are eighth in opposition completion percentage with only 59.72 percent of passes thrown. Additionally, the Steelers are tied for sixth place with 3.33 sacks per game.

Although it is challenging to stop Lamar Jackson, the Steelers have done an excellent job doing it. Jackson has thrown for 634 yards, four touchdowns, and six interceptions in five games versus the Steelers. He also had a poor QB rating of 67.4 in those contests.

In five of the previous six matchups, the Steelers have triumphed over the Ravens. The average point difference between the Ravens and Steelers in those contests was just three.

We can get a decent price on the Steelers as a home underdog because of Pickett’s injury. Take into account placing a wager on the Steelers at +4.5 to defeat the Ravens and cover the spread.

NFL Week 5 Underdog Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers +4

Week 5 NFL underdog pick: Jacksonville Jaguars (+5.5)

The Jaguars are the second NFL underdog betting pick.

At Wembley Stadium, the Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the Atlanta Falcons 23-7, and they are still in the nation. They reached 500 and were tied 2-2 with the other AFC South teams.

The AFC South should be at least competitive even if it wasn’t believed that it would be a strong division. The Jaguars can do a world of good for themselves with a convincing victory over the Bills at the Northumberland Development Project in London.

One of the biggest triumphs of the current NFL season was just achieved by the Bills. On Sunday afternoon at Orchard Park, they thrashed the Miami Dolphins 48-20.

The two explosive offenses traded points in the first half before the Bills defense appeared and shut down Tua Tagovailoa. Unfortunately, Tre’Davious White, a cornerback who tore his Achilles tendon and is likely to be done for the season, was lost.

It has taken White two years to fully heal from an ACL tear, and it now appears that he won’t be able to do so until 2023. It will be difficult to fill his vacuum in the Bills’ secondary.

But in the center, Josh Allen has been displaying form. Allen is the current frontrunner to win the NFL MVP award following an almost faultless performance against the Dolphins.

He completed 84 percent of his passes for 320 yards and four touchdowns. Additionally, the former Wyoming Cowboy rushed for 17 yards and a touchdown on the ground.

For a Jaguars defense that just put on a performance that gave them confidence, Allen will be challenging. Desmond Ridder only had 191 passing yards and two interceptions as the Jaguars held the Falcons to 287 total yards.

Josh Allen of the Jaguars sacked Ridder three times during the Jaguars’ successful defensive effort. Trevor Lawrence had little to do because the defense was playing so well. However, Lawrence was efficient, accumulating 207 passing yards and one score.

The Bills have been chosen as our AFC Championship entry because we have great expectations for them this season. Nevertheless, due to the schedule, the Jaguars are clearly in the lead in Week 5.

The Jaguars didn’t have to go home and go back to the UK; they had two tasks in London. That ought to be very advantageous for the Jags. Without White at cornerback, the Bills will be shorthanded in London as well.

Calvin Ridley and Christian Kirk, the Bills’ secondary, should result in some big plays. enough to beat the Bills? Although it’s unlikely, there’s a good chance that this is closer than expected.

After a game against the Dolphins that required them to use a lot of energy, the Bills are traveling a long way abroad. The Jaguars will probably need to keep this game within six points in order to cover the spread.

Week 5 NFL Underdog Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars +5.5

Week 5 NFL underdog odds: Houston Texans (+1.5)

The Texans are the third NFL Underdog betting pick.

Are the Houston Texans for real? Everyone on the team has faith in DeMeco Ryans, the team’s head coach. Under the guidance of their first-year head coach and former Pro Bowl linebacker, the Texans are making progress.

The NFL QB test is being passed by him with flying colors, but Stroud still has a ways to go before he can be considered a success tale. Stroud might be the exception despite Ohio State’s dismal track record of turning out NFL quarterbacks.

Through four games, Stroud has passed for 1,212 yards, six touchdowns, and 0 interceptions. He has also completed 62.3 percent of his throws as of Week 5. Stroud hasn’t thrown an NFL interception yet, which is unusual for young quarterbacks who frequently commit mistakes.

Under Stroud, Houston’s offense, which averages 368.5 yards per game, is a well-oiled machine. Few people expected the Texans’ Top 10 offense to continue into Week 4. However, Stroud has been successful in doing so, leading to back-to-back wins.

Last week, Stroud passed for 306 yards and two scores against a formidable Pittsburgh defense. The Texans were also moving the ball around on the ground. Dameon Pierce gained 81 yards on 24 carries, and Devin Singletary contributed 25 yards on 7 carries.

It should not be surprising that Ryans preferred the defensive effort because he is a defensive person. The Texans claim that only 114 of the 225 yards the Steelers gained came from Pickett’s air gains.

The Texans allow 311.8 yards and 19.8 points per game, which puts them in 13th place overall in the NFL. Each game, the secondary allows less than 200 passing yards, placing it among the top 10. Here, the Falcons might have issues for an additional week.

However, Arthur Smith intends to continue with Ridder at least through Week 5. Ridder is about to be benched. He struggled two weeks ago against the Lions, and then he did horribly in London.

The Falcons average just 156.3 passing yards per game, which is the lowest in the NFL. Although Tyler Allgeier and Bijan Robinson are the foundation of the Falcons’ attack, modern football requires a passing game.

Given their NFL Week 5 odds as an underdog, the Texans are a terrific value wager. In your Week 5 NFL underdog wagers, you should take Ryans’ team into account.

Week 5 NFL Underdog Betting Prediction: Houston Texans +1.5

Week 5 NFL underdog odds: Cardinals (+3)

The Cardinals are the fourth NFL underdog betting pick.

On Saturday at Bovada, we locked in the Arizona Cardinals as a 7-point underdog. Since then, the spread has significantly shrunk, especially in light of what transpired between the Cincinnati Bengals and Tennessee Titans.

The Bengals dropped to 1-3 and last in the AFC North after a 27-3 road defeat to the Titans. Although the Bengals’ loss was sad, the way it was handled infuriated fans the most. They didn’t show much guts or resolve.

So what is going on in Cincinnati? The Bengals eventually squared up against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game after a poor start to the previous season. But this time, there’s a clear feeling in the air.

You can hold Joe Burrow accountable for his contentment upon the signing of his hefty contract. However, his leg issue is likely the cause of the appropriate response. The Bengals and Burrow are likely concealing a more serious injury than they are when he is still on the field.

He is unquestionably physically capable of participating, but his technique have been lacking this year. The Bengals also have Jake Browning as a quarterback option. No worse than a Burrow with a limp, he can’t be.

The Bengals are currently the lowest team in the NFL, averaging just 236 yards per game. Away from home, they’ve only been able to muster 176.5 offensive yards per contest.

Should the Bengals and Cardinals “get right”? Yes, but not always. Joshua Dobbs and the Cardinals have consistently shown up and given it their all.

The Cardinals, who have one victory, just lost to the 49ers 35-16. It was, nevertheless, closer than the final score might imply. The 49ers required two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to pull away from the Cardinals and win the game.

Dobbs has given a club that was expected to tank some momentum. They may very well be selected first overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. But the Cardinals have never dropped a game without trying their hardest.

The biggest surprise of the season was the Cardinals’ double-digit victory over the Dallas Cowboys in Week 3. They have previously fought Commanders and Giants to the bitter end.

The Bengals are a horrible road favorite in terms of NFL betting value. Until Burrow can show that he is physically capable of running this system, the Bengals are not a team on which to lay points.

Arizona Cardinals +3 is the Week 5 NFL underdog pick.

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