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In a clash that takes place in the Western Conference, the Nuggets are now taking a 3.5-point advantage over the Clippers. As of right now, Denver is in second place in the Western Conference with a record of 53-23, while the Clippers are in fourth place in the conference with a record of 47-28.

TNT will broadcast this game, which will begin at ten o’clock Eastern Time (ET). At this moment, the over/under line is in place at 218.5 points.

Nuggets vs Clippers Betting Odds

Here are the Nuggets vs Clippers Betting odds:

DENVER NUGGETS -3.5 -165 Over 221
LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS +3.5 +145 Under 221

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Nuggets vs Clippers Betting Prediction

Here is our Nuggets vs Clippers Betting prediction.

In this preview of the NBA regular season between the Nuggets and the Clippers, find out which team is most likely to win the game and cover the spread.

  • Up to this point, the Nuggets had a record of 53-23.
  • Up to this point, the Nuggets have scored 114.5 points per game on average.
  • The Nuggets are coming off a victory over the Spurs by a score of 110-105.
  • As of 47-28, the Clippers are going to play the Nuggets.
  • In terms of effective field goal percentage, Los Angeles ranks sixth with a score of 56%.
  • Following a defeat at the hands of the Kings, the Clippers are hoping to get back on track.

Nuggets Betting Prediction: Denver Will Try to Win As Favorites in LA

Here is the Nuggets vs Clippers Betting prediction for Denver.

There is a 3.5-point spread advantage in favor of the Nuggets, who are looking to extend their current win run to three games. In the 76 games that Denver has played so far this season, they have been the favorite in 66 of those games and have a record of 49-17.

On the road, Denver has a record of 15-21 against the spread, while their overall season record is 34-40 against the spread. At the moment, they have a record of 53-23, which has them in second place in the Western Conference.

The overall record for Denver’s games this season is 30-44-2, and the average number of points scored by their opponents is 224.3 per game. There have been sixty of their games that have had over-under lines that are greater than the current line of 218.5.

Under the odds of 15.5 points, the Nuggets prevailed over the Spurs in their most recent matchup, which they won 110-105. 223 points was the over/under line for that game, and the Nuggets had a record of 0-3 against the spread.

This season, the Nuggets have a 22nd-best average of 110.9 points per game when they are playing away from home. They have averaged 114.5 points per game, which has them in 14th place overall.

On the other hand, Denver’s attack has been effective inside the arc, as they have connected on 56% of their two-point tries (10th). Nevertheless, they have only made 37% of their shots from deep, which places them in 12th place in the NBA, and they have the worst three-point shooting percentage (30th).

In 47.4 percent of their games so far, the Nuggets have scored more points than the average for the league. Denver currently ranks 28th in the NBA in terms of pace.

Not only do the Nuggets’ defensive metrics appear to be strong overall, but they also rank sixth in the NBA in terms of the number of points they allow. In addition, Denver has been doing well defensively as of late, where they have ranked 18th in the league over the course of their last three games, allowing 105.7 points per game. When it comes to defending within the arc, the Nuggets team is allowing opposition teams to shoot at a rate of 52.5% inside the arc, and they are also allowing 35.6% of their shots to come from beyond the arc.

Clippers Betting Prediction: LA Are Underdogs at Home for this One.

Now we have the Nuggets vs Clippers Betting prediction for Los Angeles.

The Clippers defeated the Kings by a score of 109-95 in their most recent game, which they played against the Kings as a three-point underdog. It was a 221.5-point over/under for that particular game.

As of the current season, the Clippers have a record of 35-39-1 on the offensive and defensive fronts, and their games have averaged a total of 228.7 points per game. There is a line of 218.5 points for today’s over/under.

The Clippers have a record of 35-40 against the spread overall, and they have not covered the spread in any of their five most recent home games during this stretch. As the underdog, they have a record of 4-11 against the spread, and they have suffered three consecutive losses against the spread.

When looking at their record in the Western Conference, the Clippers have a record of 27-19 and are currently in fourth place. Outside of conference games, they have a record of 20-9. There is a 47-28 record for the team as a whole.

On average, the Clippers have been able to outperform their opponents by 3.3 points per game while they are playing at home. This season, they have a record of 44-16 as the favorite, and they have won three games in a row as the favorite. As the underdog, they have a record of 3-16.

When compared to their overall average of 116 points per game, the Clippers are now averaging 115.8 points per game at home, which places them in the fourteenth spot. More than half of their games have resulted in them scoring more than the average for the NBA.

In general, the Clippers have a true shooting percentage that is the fifth-best in the league and are shooting 49% from the field, which places them sixth. The average number of three-pointers they have made each game is 12.8 (14th), but their three-point attempts are only 20th.

As far as free throws are concerned, the Clippers are ranked eighth in terms of makes (18.5) and twelve in terms of attempts (22.5). They have 96.2 possessions per game, which places them 27th in the pace category.

Given that they allow 112.7 points per game, the Clippers’ defense is currently ranked eleventh in the National Basketball Association (NBA). After a game in which they restricted the Kings offense to a shooting percentage of only 40.8%, the Clippers defense is coming off of a victory. In total, they allowed Sacramento to score 109 points against them.

Nuggets vs Clippers Betting Trends

Here are the Nuggets vs Clippers Betting trends:

  • In the last ten games that the Nuggets have played away from home, the team has allowed 110 points per game while scoring 112 points per game on average. The record that they had against the spread in these games was 5-5, while they had a straight-up record of 7-3.
  • The Clippers have a record of 7-3 against the spread and 3-7 against the spread in their last 10 games played at home. Their straight up record is 7-3. Throughout this time, the team scored an average of 113 points per game.
  • Going back to the 10 games that Los Angeles has played as the underdog, they have a record of 3-7 against the spread while also having a record of 3-7 straight up.
  • Taking into consideration the Nuggets’ most recent 10 games in which they were the favorite, the team has a record of 7-3 in straight up contests. They had a record of 4-6 when betting against the spread in these games.

Nuggets vs Clippers Betting Pick

  • Nuggets vs Clippers Betting Pick: Over

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