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It is not officially a must-win scenario, but if the Edmonton Oilers lose Game 3 in Edmonton, they will have a better chance of winning Euro 2024 than they will of winning the Stanley Cup Final. There is a possibility that they will win Euro 2024.

As a result of the Florida Panthers’ 4-1 victory against the Oilers in Game 2, the third and final game of the series will begin on Thursday at 8 p.m. Eastern Time (ABC). It is currently 2-0 in favor of the Panthers in the series.

The odds from YouWager.lv place the Oilers as the overwhelming favorites to win Game 3, but the Panthers are the massive favorites to win the Stanley Cup. Both of these predictions are based on the odds.

In our predictions for Game 3 of the National Hockey League, we discuss the factors that have led to the Oilers’ readiness to stage a comeback performance.

Oilers vs Panthers Betting Odds

Here are the Oilers vs Panthers Betting odds:

FLORIDA PANTHERS +1.5 +115 Over 5.5
EDMONTON OILERS -1.5 -135 Under 5.5

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Oilers vs Panthers Betting Prediction

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It is imperative that I first and foremost get these things off my chest. It disturbs me that the Oilers are -135 favorites to win the Stanley Cup Final, even though they are already trailing by a score of 0-2 in the series. The benefit of playing on home ice is fairly considerable; nonetheless, it should not be as significant as the advantage of flying a huge airplane.

In spite of the fact that I have now gotten that off my chest, I will continue to back the Oilers. How come? They are playing at home, they are as eager to fly south as a flock of geese when winter hits, and they are simply too excellent to lose three consecutive playoff games, especially considering that Florida is playing at a level that is practically unequaled.

As a result of the Colorado Avalanche’s victory over the Oilers in the Western Conference Final in 2021–22, the franchise has won three consecutive playoff games. Because of the shift in environment, the Oilers should be able to reset, much like the geese that are migrating south.

And with the fourth-best home record in the regular season (tied with the New York Rangers), what could be a more ideal place to begin again than the Rogers location?

The Edmonton Oilers began the postseason with a record of 2-2; however, they have already won four of the previous five games, including two consecutive victories at Rogers Place, which is known for its warm and loud atmosphere.

Because the Panthers have won six of their eight postseason games away from home, the challenge that Kris Knoblauch and his team are about to face is even more difficult than they would have anticipated.

Knoblauch, however, should be able to capitalize on the final shift and assist in separating Connor McDavid from Aleksander Barkov, who is a relentless and productive shadow of McDavid.

In other words, if Barkov is able to recuperate from the injury he sustained in Game 2 in time to participate in the key encounter on Thursday. McDavid will be hoping that the final substitute will be able to deliver an exorcism-like separation between the Oilers captain and his possession, in the event that Barkov does play.

Oilers vs Panthers Betting Stats

Here are the most important Oilers vs Panthers Betting stats:

Statistic (per game) Oilers at home Oilers on the road
Goals scored 4.00 2.55
McDavid points 2.11 1.18
Bouchard points 2.00 0.91
Hyman points 1.11 0.73
Power-play success rate 38.5% 28.1%

On the road, the Oilers have a record of 6-5 in the 2024 playoffs, while their home record is 6-3. Their home and away records, on the other hand, do not accurately reflect the discrepancy. The Edmonton Oilers are more daring and free-spirited when they are playing at home, with the exception of Game 6 against the Dallas Stars.

It is worth noting that Bouchard and McDavid, along with the majority of the Oilers’ forwards, have been far more productive.

I believe that the Oilers will once again demonstrate why they are so dominant when they are playing at home, despite the fact that it may be impossible for them to overcome the 0–2 series deficit. One may anticipate that Edmonton will play the best game of the Stanley Cup Final that they have played thus far, which should be enough to bring them their first championship since 2006.

Oilers vs Panthers Betting Pick

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