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During the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals, which will take place on Saturday at Amerant Bank Arena, the Edmonton Oilers will be attempting to win against the Florida Panthers. The Oilers are offering a moneyline wager of +116 on this matchup, while the Panthers are offering a wager of -140. As of right now, the sum is seven.`

Oilers vs Panthers Betting Odds

Here are the Oilers vs Panthers Betting odds:

+1.5 +120 Over 5.5
FLORIDA PANTHERS -1.5 -140 Under 5.5

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Oilers vs Panthers Betting Prediction

Read our Oilers vs Panthers Betting prediction.

Edmonton Oilers Betting Prediction

First, we have the Oilers vs Panthers Betting prediction for Edmonton.

With a 2-1 victory over the Stars in their most recent game, the Edmonton Oilers were on the right side of the scoreboard. Through this victory, they were able to win the series in six games. During this match, Edmonton was responsible for six minutes of penalty time.

In addition, they were able to score two goals despite having two opportunities to do so while having extra men on the ice. In this triumph, the Oilers’ offensive performance was below average, yet they still managed to win. During the course of the game, they were successful in scoring their goal on two of the ten shots that they attempted to score on.

In terms of their ability to score goals, the Edmonton Oilers have scored 292 goals so far this season, which places them fourth in the league, while they have allowed 236 goals per game.

They have accumulated 104 points since the beginning of the current campaign, and their points percentage is currently at.634. As of tonight, Edmonton has 243 opportunities to take advantage of the power play, and they have scored 64 goals with those opportunities, earning them a percentage of 26.34%.

The Oilers have allowed 183 goals while scoring 228 on offense when they have been playing at even strength. Since the beginning of the season, Edmonton has attempted 2,768 shots and has a shooting percentage of 10.6%.

With a save percentage of.898, the Oilers have been subjected to 2,307 shots that have been attempted against them. The opponents of the Edmonton Oilers have attempted 258 power play shots, which ranks ninth in the professional hockey league, and they have scored 53 goals during those attempts.

Stuart Skinner is the one who is doing the job of guarding the net in this game. Skinner has made 70 quality starts throughout his professional hockey career, and his rate for quality starts is.593. He is currently in the ninth position. In the 7,058 minutes that he has played, his save percentage is.909 percent.

Over the course of his career, Skinner has faced 3,494 shots and has made a total of 3,177 assists. The opponents have scored 317 goals against Skinner during the course of his career, and his average against goals is 2.69.

Over the course of his career, he has amassed a total record of 72-36-10, being the starting quarterback in 118 games. During the course of his successful hockey career, Skinner has participated in 123 different matches.

Florida Panthers Betting Prediction

Now, we have the Oilers vs Panthers Betting prediction for Florida.

The Panthers were victorious in their most recent matchup against the Rangers, which they won by a score of 2-1. This victory allowed them to win the series in six games, just like they had done in their previous matchup.

During this game, they had one opportunity to use the power play, but they were unable to score a goal. Out of the 34 shots on goal that the Panthers attempted, they were able to score two goals.

Despite allowing their opponents to take 2,279 shots, Florida has achieved a shooting percentage of 9.59% and has taken 2,764 shots, which is the second highest in the National Hockey League.

They presently have a save percentage of 91.3% and have a penalty kill rate of 82.47% on their opponents’ 291 power play opportunities. Additionally, they have recorded a penalty kill penalty rate.

They have achieved a power play percentage of 23.51%, and they have a total of 268 opportunities to take advantage of the power play. At even strength, the Panthers have scored 202 goals, and while on the power play, they have scored 63 goals, which places them sixth in the league.

As a result of a combination of 147 goals scored at even strength and 51 goals scored while they had fewer men on the ice, they have allowed a total of 198 goals through their defense. Throughout the course of the season, the Florida Panthers have scored 265 goals, accumulated 110 points, and have a points percentage of.671.

It is highly probable that Sergei Bobrovsky will be guarding the net from the opposite side of the rink. The average number of goals scored by teams is 2.59 each game, and he has scored a total of 1,738 goals.

The proportion of quality starts that Bobrovsky has completed in his professional hockey career is 57.9%, and he has accumulated 396 quality starting assignments over the course of his career.

There have been 684 games in which he has started, and he has played for a total of 40,323 minutes on the ice. With a lifetime mark of 396-224-55, Bobrovsky has competed in 700 different competitions. He is the owner of this legendary score. It is estimated that he has made 18,681 saves out of 20,419 shots that have been taken against him, which gives him a save percentage of.915.


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