Packers at Raiders Week 5 Betting prediction for this game that will be taking place on Sunday, October 8, 2023.

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Week 5 betting odds for the Packers vs. Raiders

Week 5 betting odds for the Packers vs. Raiders are as follows:

Packers at Raiders Week 5 Betting Predictions: Green Bay Packers – 1 Las Vegas Raiders + 1 Total: 44.5

Week 5 betting prediction for the Packers vs. Raiders: Green Bay

The Packers at Raiders Week 5 Betting Prediction for Green Bay comes first.

This season, the Green Bay Packers had a 2-2 record. The Packers lost their most recent football contest, 34-20, to the Lions. With 5 carries for 18 yards (3.6 yards per attempt), Aaron Jones led the Packers in rushing. Romeo Doubs averaged 10.6 yards per reception while catching 9 passes for a total of 95 yards.

For a total of 246 yards and one touchdown, Jordan Love completed 23 of 36 passes. By the end of the game, he had a QB rating of 69.9 and two interceptions. The opposite team was allowed to run the ball 43 times for a total of 211 yards by the Packers.

This equates to 4.9 yards per run on average. Green Bay allowed a completion rate of 67.9% on 19 of 28 passes for a total of 190 yards. On that particular day, they ran 230 yards on 53 plays. For a total of 27 yards, the Green Bay Packers carried the ball 12 times. This indicates that they gained 2.3 yards per run, on average.

The Green Bay Packers score 25.0 points per game on average. They are 30th in the NFL in terms of rushing average with 74.5 yards per carry as a team.

This season, the Packers have gained a total of 1,123 yards. Green Bay has accrued 42 first downs while losing 251 yards as a result of their 31 penalties. Three picks later, they have lost the ball three times. 8 touchdowns have been scored by Green Bay in the air, while 3 have been scored on the ground.

The Packers are currently ranked 11th in the NFL after giving up 789 yards via the air. They’ve allowed the opposition to pass for an average of 197.3 yards per game while completing 64.9% of those passes. They have allowed 352.5 yards per game on average, which ranks 21st in football.

This season, teams from other clubs are rushing for an average of 4.5 yards per attempt and 155.3 yards per game. They have conceded 621 rushing yards in 4 games so far this season. The Packers’ defense, which allows 24.0 points per game, is ranked 20th in the NFL.

Week 5 betting prediction for Packers vs. Raiders: Las Vegas

The Packers vs. Raiders Week 5 Betting Prediction for Las Vegas is the second.

This will be the Raiders’ fourth game of the year; they are now 1-3. The Raiders lost their most recent contest, which they played against the Chargers, 24-17. Josh Jacobs ran the ball 17 times for 58 yards, averaging 3.4 yards per carry for Las Vegas. The passing game for the Raiders included Josh Jacobs significantly.

He hauled in 8 receptions for 81 yards, a catch rate of 10.1 yards. In total, Aidan O’Connell completed 24 of 39 passes for 238 yards for a QB rate of 68.1. He attempted 6.1 passes on average, with one interception.

In total, Las Vegas allowed the opposing team to carry the ball 37 times for 155 yards, averaging 4.2 yards per carry. For a total of 150 yards on 13 of 24 throws, the Raiders pass defense allowed 54.2% of passes to go through.

The Raiders ran 69 plays for a total of 264 yards (3.8 yards per play) at the conclusion of the game. For a total of 76 yards on 23 carries, Las Vegas averaged 3.3 yards per run.

The Las Vegas Raiders are the NFL’s 26th-best team, averaging 281.8 yards per game. They have carried the ball 261 yards this season, averaging 65.3 yards per carry. They have managed to gain 45 first downs despite throwing 7 interceptions and losing 3 fumbles.

The Las Vegas team committed 28 errors, which resulted in 267 penalty yards. More than any other NFL team, the opposing team benefits from this. The Raiders have passed for a total of 866 yards this season, averaging 216.5 yards per game. In the NFL, this places them in 15th place.

With an average of 15.5 points per game, the Raiders now rank 29th in football for point production.

They rank 13th in football with 202.8 yards and 8 passing touchdowns allowed per game. This season, Las Vegas has allowed the opposing team to run for a total of 537 yards (134.3 yards per game) and 4 TDs. Throughout the season, they have handed up a total of 101 points.

They have had 1 fumble and 1 pick thus far this season. The Raiders’ defense has played 255 plays, which ranks 20th in all of football. The Raiders are the 24th-worst team in football in terms of points allowed per game (25.3).

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