Panthers at Lions Week 5 Betting preview, including odds and predictions for this game that is set to take place on October 8, 2023.

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Week 5 odds for the Panthers vs. Lions game

Week 5 odds for the Panthers vs. Lions matchup:

Panthers at Lions Week 5 Betting Predictions Carolina Panthers: +9.5 Detroit Lions: -9.5 Total: 45 Panthers at Lions

These are the Week 5 betting predictions for the Panthers vs. Lions game.

Week 5 betting prediction for the Panthers versus Lions: Carolina

The Panthers vs. Lions Week 5 betting prediction for Carolina comes first.

The Carolina Panthers have dropped each of their first four games this year. The Panthers lost their most recent contest, which they played against the Vikings, 21-13. Chuba Hubbard, who had 14 carries for 41 yards (2.9 yards per carry), was the best runner for the Panthers.

Adam Thielen averaged 10.9 yards per grab while catching 7 passes for a total of 76 yards. Bryce Young completed 25 of his 32 passes for 204 yards. He didn’t throw any interceptions during the game and had a QB rate of 93.2. The opposite team was allowed to run the ball 23 times for a total of 135 yards by the Panthers.

That equals 5.9 yards per run on average. Carolina allowed 12 of 19 throws, for a completion percentage of 63.2% and a total of 130 yards, to find the end zone. They ran 68 plays in total, covering 232 yards. For a total of 83 yards, the Carolina Panthers carried the ball 31 times. They gained 2.7 yards on average per rush, according to this.

When it comes to scoring, the Carolina Panthers average 16.8 points per game. The team’s average rushing offense ranks 22nd in the National Football League with 95.3 yards per game. This season, the Panthers have gained a total of 1,130 yards.

The offense of Carolina has generated 45 first downs while accruing 34 penalties for 263 yards. With two interceptions and three errors, they have lost the ball five times. Carolina has scored 4 touchdowns in the air and 1 touchdown on the ground, totaling 21 points.

The Panthers allow their opponents to score 25.5 points per game, which ranks 26th in the league. They have allowed an average of 136.3 yards on the ground per game and 4.7 yards per run this season. In 4 games this season, they’ve allowed 545 rushing yards.

The Panthers are now sixth in the league in terms of the amount of air yards they have allowed. They have a 65.5% success rate and surrender 176.8 yards through the air per game on average. This season, they have allowed 313.0 yards per game, which places them 14th in the NFL.

Betting insights for the Panthers

Carolina has not beaten the spread this year.
Carolina played four games this season with predetermined point totals, and one of those games went over (over; 25%).
Carolina has played four games this season as the underdog and lost each of them.
The Panthers have never faced a bigger underdog than the +360 moneyline set for this game.

Carolina’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 187.3 (749) 23
Rush yards 95.3 (381) 22
Points scored 16.8 (67) 24
Pass yards against 176.8 (707) 6
Rush yards against 136.3 (545) 27
Points allowed 25.5 (102) 25

Week 5 betting predictions for Panthers vs. Lions: Detroit

The Panthers vs. Lions Week 5 Betting Prediction for Detroit is the second.

This season, the Lions have a 3-1 record. The previous time these two teams faced up, the Lions defeated the Packers 34-20. David Montgomery of Detroit ran the ball 32 times for 121 yards in all. He gained 3.8 yards on per carry. The best receiver for the Lions was Josh Reynolds. His three receptions for 69 yards averaged 23 yards.

Jared Goff completed 19 of 28 passes for 210 yards and a QB rating of 86.7 towards the end of the contest. He intercepted one pass, and on average, each ball he attempted covered 7.5 yards. Detroit allowed the opposing team to carry the ball 12 times for a total of 27 yards (2.3 yards per carry).

The Lions’ defense gave up 203 yards on 23 out of 36 throws, or 63.9% of all attempts. The Lions gained 401 yards (5.5 yards per play) on 73 plays for a victory. For a total of 211 yards on 43 carries, Detroit averaged 4.9 yards per carry.

The Lions score an average of 26.5 points each game, which ranks them sixth in the league. The Lions have passed for 999 yards overall and an average of 249.8 yards per game so far this season. In the league, this places them in eighth position.

They have rushed for a total of 546 yards, averaging 136.5 yards per game. Football’s eighth-ranked Detroit Lions are averaging 386.3 yards per game. For a total of 276 yards and 26 flags, the Detroit offense has been penalized. In terms of how much it harms their team, this places them 16th in the NFL. They have allowed the other team to recover three fumbles and lost three interceptions. 50 first downs have been made.

They rank 18th in the NFL with 219.8 yards and 5 TDs allowed via the air per game. Detroit has allowed 243 rushing yards (60.8 rushing yards per game) and 3 rushing touchdowns this season. This season, they have surrendered 83 points in total.

This season, their defense has racked up four takeaways: one fumble recovery and three interceptions. In the NFL, the Lions defense is now ranked 12th after playing in 247 plays. Due to their 20.8 points per game allowed, the Lions rank 13th in the league.

Insights into Lions Betting

Detroit is 3-1-0 against the spread this year.
In two of the four Detroit games this season, the total was surpassed (50%)
When the moneyline favorite, Detroit has a 2-1 record (winning 66.7% of such games).
The Lions have yet to take the field in a game with moneyline odds of -470 or less this year.

Detroit’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 249.8 (999) 8
Rush yards 136.5 (546) 10
Points scored 26.5 (106) 8
Pass yards against 219.8 (879) 18
Rush yards against 60.8 (243) 1
Points allowed 20.8 (83) 13

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