Providence vs Creighton Betting pick and odds for this game set for March 14, 2024. Place a bet on this college basketball game now.

Providence vs Creighton Betting Odds

These are the Providence vs Creighton Betting odds:

PROVIDENCE +8 +280 Over 141.5
CREIGHTON -8 -360 Under 141.5

Providence vs Creighton Betting Prediction

Here is our Providence vs Creighton Betting prediction.

On the next day, the semifinals of the Big East Tournament will take place on Thursday night. At Madison Square Garden, the seventh-ranked Providence Friars (20-12; 18-13-1 ATS) and the second-ranked Creighton Bluejays (23-8; 17-14-0 ATS) will compete against one another tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

Rhode Island defeated Creighton by a score of 91–87 in overtime in February, while Creighton defeated Providence by a score of 69–60 in January. In the third round, who do you think will emerge victorious?

Providence Friars Betting Prediction

First, we have the Providence vs Creighton Betting prediction for the Friars.

The first game that Providence played in the Big East Tournament went exactly as perfectly as it should have expected to go. In the beginning of the game, they were up by more than ten points, and they never looked back against the Hoyas.

There were just eight occasions that they turned the ball over, yet they only made 37.5% of their long shots a success. The final score was 18 points, and they kept Georgetown to 56 points.

If the Friars are victorious in this game, they should be able to qualify for the NCAA Tournament on their own. There is no doubt that it will not be simple, but March basketball is rarely simple.

Both KennePom and NetRanks place Providence at the 62nd and 63rd positions, respectively. They have a powerful defense, which has only allowed them to average 68.9 points per game up to this point in the season.

It was only possible for opponents to hit 41.7% of their shots from the floor, 34.2% of their three-point shots, and 16.1 free throws when they were playing against the Friars. The Providence team had a rebounding advantage of +0.8 and a turnover advantage of -0.4. Are they capable of producing again another show that is suffocating?

This season, Devin Carter and his teammates averaged 72.8 points per game, with Carter averaging 19.4 points per game and 3.6 assists per game. Their highest-scoring game in a string of five games was the one that took place on Wednesday.

The percentage of field goals, three-pointers, and free throws that Providence succeeded in making was 44.8%, 33.2%, and 70.9%, respectively. In each and every game, the Friars were responsible for 12.5 lost possessions of the ball and 9.1 offensive boards. Immediately or never, this organization must take action.

Bryce Hopkins and Justyn Fernandez are both still sidelined with injuries.

Creighton Bluejays Betting Prediction

As a result of their 14-6 record in Big East competition, the Bluejays are well on their way to qualifying for the NCAA Tournament. Additionally, they participated in the conference tournament with a bye. The Big East First Team includes All-Baylor Scheierman, and Creighton is placed 11th in the net rankings and 9th in the KenPom rankings. Both rankings are based on statistics.

Over the course of the regular season, they scored an average of 80.8 points per game, demonstrating the strength of their offensive operation. The Creighton basketball team was successful in 49.0% of their field goal attempts, 36.5% of their three-point shots, and 77.5% of their free throw tries.

Despite the fact that they only turned the ball over 10.5 times per game, they only had 8.4 offensive boards per game on average. Let us wait and watch how they fare in the postseason.

The defense of the Bluejays allowed their opponents to score only 69.5 points per game. In their last six games, just two clubs have managed to accumulate 70 points. This includes preventing the greatest offense in the Big East, the Washington Huskies, from scoring more than 66 points. As for the other team, they had a field goal percentage of 42.0% and a three-point percentage of 32.4%.

The average number of free throws that this team allowed per game was 10.6, making it the lowest in the nation. Despite the fact that Creighton committed 2.7 turnovers, they were able to grab 4.6 more rebounds than they were able to give up. Where do you think they will travel this year?

Providence vs Creighton Betting Pick

During the course of this season, Providence has already made it to overtime and emerged victorious. They have demonstrated twice this year that they are capable of defeating Creighton in turnovers, and they have the goal of winning the national championship. There is a good chance that the Friars will bring this to a very close call.

Devin Carter, who went on to win the Big East Player of the Year award, is the leader of the Friars and has the ability to break through Creighton’s defense. The fact that Providence was able to limit the Bluejays to 69 points in Omaha is conclusive evidence of the quality of their defense. Put your money on the Friars if you want to win against the spread.

  • Providence vs Creighton Betting Pick: Providence Covers

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