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Providence vs Marquette Betting Odds

Here are the Providence vs Marquette Betting odds:

PROVIDENCE +4.5 +170 Over 139
MARQUETTE -4.5 -200 Under 139

Providence vs Marquette Betting Prediction

Here is our Providence vs Marquette Betting prediction.

Following their victory over the odds and advancement to the next round of the Big East Tournament on Thursday, the #7 Providence Friars (21-12; 19-13-1 ATS) made history by advancing to the next round. In order to keep their hopes of winning the championship alive, the 3rd-ranked Marquette Golden Eagles (24-8; 19-12-1 against the spread) had to play into extra time on that particular night. One of these teams has the opportunity to become the best team in Big East history by playing in the championship game on Friday at eight o’clock Eastern Daylight Time. Both times that these schools competed against one another throughout the season, the home team emerged victorious by a margin of more than ten points. Who is going to emerge victorious at Madison Square Garden now that they no longer possess that advantage?

Providence Friars Betting Prediction

First, we have the Providence vs Marquette Betting prediction for the Friars.

Devin Carter is the player of the year for the Big East Conference. With 22 points and 11 boards, it ought to be obvious why this is the case. It was necessary for them to defeat Creighton on Thursday, and they did so with a score of 78–73. It was only 37.9% of the time that Providence allowed the Bluejays’ powerful attack to shoot the ball. Once they had possession of the ball, the Friars didn’t lose it more than five times. The club should be able to qualify for the NCAA Tournament after that point in time.

KenPom’s most recent rankings place Providence at the 53rd spot on the list of the finest schools in the United States. This information comes from the Internet, which places them 62nd in the nation. No matter what you employ, everyone is in agreement that Providence’s most effective weapon is its defense. As of this point in the season, they have only allowed 68.9 points per game all together. Their opponents were successful in 41.7% of their shots, 34.2% of their three-point shots, and 16.1 of their free throws over the entirety of the game. The Friars had a +0.8 boards per game and a -0.4 turnovers per game as a whole. We are going to find out on Friday evening.

Throughout the entire season, Devin Carter, who averaged 19.4 points per game and 3.6 assists per game, was responsible for the majority of the team’s scoring. Because of this, the Friars were able to score 72.8 points per game. At the end of the season, their assault was not very good, but for the Big East Tournament, they have found their groove and are beginning to perform well. During this season, they were successful in 34.2% of their shots from beyond the hoop, 44.8% of their shots from the field, and 70.9% of their shots from the free throw line. The percentage of times they turned the ball over was 12.5%, and they grabbed 9.1% of the offensive boards each game. Do they have a game that is considered to be the most important in the conference?

Marquette Golden Eagles Betting Prediction

Second, we have the Providence vs Marquette Betting prediction for the Golden Eagles.

On Thursday, Marquette did not have a nice night or performance. Despite this, they were victorious over Villanova in overtime, and it was early on Friday morning. It is unfortunate that the Golden Eagles were unable to make 39.7% of their shots and provided seven boards to their opponents. The fact that Villanova was only able to shoot 34.5% from the field and that they only turned the ball over five times is indeed a positive development. It is more significant that the reward is basketball.

The All-BIG EAST First Team this year will never again include Tyler Kolek as a member of the team. It is unfortunate that this is the case for Marqueete’s attack, which finished the season with an average of 79.2 points scored per game. The percentage of field goals they made was 48.4%, that of three-point shots they made was 35.6%, and that of free throws they made was 70.8%. The average number of times they turned the ball over was 10.2, and they had 8.9 offensive boards after each game. Let us see what they are capable of doing for the fight on Friday.

Due to the fact that Marquette blocked a significant number of shots, the opposing team was only able to score 69.8 points per game. On Thursday, the power was quite obvious to everyone. By making 42.8% of their field goals, 34.5% of their three-point shots, and 15.8% of their free throws, the other team was able to successfully defeat Marquette. Both the fact that Marquette caused 15.1 mistakes per game, which was the most in the Big East, and the fact that they had the greatest turnover differential in the conference (+4.9) are contributing factors. In spite of this, the Golden Eagles were unable to pull off a successful comeback, and they finished the season with a deficit of -2.6. Is it possible for them to pick up the Big East tile game once more?

Providence vs Marquette Betting Pick

Without Tyler Kolek, this game versus Villanova would have been meaningless because the attack that they have is not really frightening. Because they are only scoring 76.0 points per game in the Big East Tournament, Providence needs to find a better approach to score in order to improve their scoring potential. The fact that they were able to force Marquette to score only 57 points earlier in the season is evidence of how strong their defense is.

Because it will be difficult for them to score and accumulate points over the entirety of the game, the Golden Eagles are going to have a difficult evening. Rhode Island has a player who is capable of defeating Marquette’s defense since they have the player who was named the BIG EAST Player of the Year. It is very likely that they will relocate on Friday evening.

  • Providence vs Marquette Betting Pick: Friars ML

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