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On Saturday at 6:09 PM ET at State Farm Stadium (on TBS), the No. 1 seed Purdue Boilermakers (33-4) will play the No. 11 seed NC State Wolfpack (26-14). What a game! The winner will move on to the NCAA National Championship.

It is 9 points that the Boilermakers will beat the Wolfpack when these two teams play. This game has an over/under of 146.

They are 21-15-1 against the spread this season, while NC State is 18-19-3. Twenty-two of the Boilermakers’ games this season have had more than 30 points, while 22 of the Wolfpack’s games have done the same.

Each team scores an average of 159.8 points per game, which is 13.8 more than this game’s total. They are 9-1 overall and 5-5 against the spread in their last 10 games. On the other hand, NC State is 9-1 overall and 7-3 against the spread.

Here’s what you need to know about Saturday’s college basketball game.

Purdue vs NC State Betting Odds

Here are the Purdue vs NC State Betting odds:

+9.5 +345 Over 146
-9.5 -445 Under 146

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Purdue vs NC State Betting Trends

Here are the Purdue vs NC State Betting trends for the game.

Purdue vs NC State Betting: Money Line

Here’s what you need to know for your Purdue vs NC State Betting action on the money line.

  • It looks like Purdue will win 31 times this season. They’re 27-4 in those games.
  • In 17 games where they were the moneyline favorite with odds of -465 or less, the Boilermakers won all of them.
  • The odds say that Purdue will win this game 82.3% of the time.
  • NC State has been a favorite in 19 games this season and has won nine of them (47.4%).
  • Although they were losers by at least 348 points in two of their three games this season, the Wolfpack still won.
  • According to the moneyline odds, NC State has a 22.3% chance to win this game.

Purdue vs NC State Betting: Against the Spread

Here’s what you need to know for your Purdue vs NC State Betting action on the point spread.

  • These 37 games have seen Purdue cover the spread 21 times.
  • So far this season, NC State has won 18 of its 40 games straight up.
  • A game for the Boilermakers needs 83.5 points, which is 11.5 more than the 72.0 points they give up.
  • There is a 25-1 record and a 15-10 record against the spread for Purdue if they score more than 72.0 points.
  • On the road, NC State is 11-13-3 against the spread and 17-10 when they give up less than 83.5 points.
  • Each game, they scored 76.3 points, which is 6.9 more than the 69.4 points the Boilermakers gave up.
  • NC State is 16-8 this season and 11-11-2 against the spread when it scores more than 69.4 points.
  • Purdue is 15-8-1 against the spread, and they are 23-1 when their opponents score less than 76.3 points.

Purdue vs NC State Betting: Over/Under

Here’s what you need to know for your Purdue vs NC State Betting action on the game total.

  • The Boilermakers have scored an average of 2.2 more points than the number of points expected for Saturday’s game (80.2 points vs. 78 points).
  • In 26 games this season, they’ve scored more than 78 points.
  • The Wolfpack are 8.5 points more likely to score more than 69 points in this game than they are to score 77.5 points on average this season.
  • NC State has scored 32 times this year more points than the projected 69 points for this game.

Purdue vs NC State Betting Insights

Here are the Purdue vs NC State  Betting trends for the game.

Purdue is 11-10 against the spread this season when it is down by 9 points or more.

When NC State is behind by at least nine points this season, it is 3-0-1 against the spread.

These two teams score 13.8 more points per game than the over/under for this game, which is 146 points.

141.4% of the time, the teams these two play score 146 points or more, which is less than the spread for this game.

The over/under says that Purdue has scored 6.8 more points than the team has scored so far in the game.

The Wolfpack have scored 2.3 points more than the game’s over/under this season.

For the season, they are 21-15-1 in over/unders.

This season, they are 18-19-3 against the spread.

Purdue Boilermakers Betting Insights

First, we have the Purdue vs NC State Betting insights for the Boilermakers.

With a score difference of +522, Purdue beats its opponents by 14.1 points per game. These guys score 83.5 points per game, which is 10th in college basketball. The 69.4 points they give up per game are 97th in college basketball.

Purdue usually gets 11.6 more boards than the other team. It has the 10th most boards in college basketball, with 40.8 per game. The other team only gets 29.2 boards per game.

Indiana makes 8.3 three-pointers per game, which is 87th in college basketball. They also make 40.6% of their three-point shots, which is second best in college basketball. Their opponents only hit 31.7% of their three-point shots and only make 7.3 per game.

With 106.9 points per 100 possessions, Purdue is fourth in college basketball. Their defense gives up 88.8 points per 100 plays, which is 61st in college basketball.

This season, the Boilermakers have scored 89.6 points per game at home but only 77.1 points per game when they are away.

Purdue Key Players to Watch

Zach Edey is the team leader in both points scored (25.0) and boards (12.2) per game.

Braden Smith is the best player for Purdue because he gets 12.2 points and lends 7.5 assists per game.

Lance Jones is the only Penn State player who makes more three-pointers than 2.1 per game.

Smith and Edey are the best defenders for Purdue. Smith steals the ball 1.5 times a game, and Edey stops 2.2 times a game.

NC State Wolfpack Betting Insights

Now we have the Purdue vs NC State Betting insights for the Wolfpack.

Each game, NC State beats its opponents by 4.3 points. They score 76.3 points, which is 98th in college basketball, and let their opponents score 72.0 points, which is 182nd. There is a difference of +172 points.

The 153rd best team in college basketball, NC State, gets 35.6 rebounds per game. The teams it plays get 36.1 boards every game.

NC State is 225th in college basketball in three-pointers made per game with 7. However, the other team makes 7.2 per game.

Ranking 98th in college basketball, the Wolfpack score 98.2 points for every 100 plays. They rank 174th in defense, giving up 92.7 points per 100 plays.

They average 77.7 points per game at home and 70.9 points per game on the road.

NC State Key Players to Watch

The Wolfpack’s top scorer is DJ Horne, who gets 16.8 points per game. Besides scoring, he also gets 3.4 boards and 2.2 assists per game.

Mohamed Diarra averages 7.9 rebounds, 6.4 points, and 0.6 assists per game for NC State. He is in charge of the boards team. Michael O’Connell has 3.2 assists per game, which is the most of any player. He also gets 3.5 boards and scores 5.8 points per game.

Horne can make three-point shots; he makes 2.6 per game, which is the most in the Wolfpack.

Horne tops NC State in steals (1.3 per game) and blocks (1.0 per game) right now.

Purdue vs NC State Betting Picks

  • Pick ATS: Purdue
  • Pick OU: Over

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