Saints at Patriots Week 5 Betting preview, including odds and predictions for this game that is set to take place at Gillette Stadium on October 8, 2023.

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Week 5 odds for the Saints against Patriots game

Here are the Week 5 betting predictions for the Saints vs. Patriots.

Week 5 betting prediction for the Saints vs. Patriots: NOLA

First, here is New Orleans’ Week 5 betting prediction for the Saints vs. Patriots game.

Going into this game, the New Orleans Saints are 2-2 on the year. The Buccaneers were the opposition for the Saints’ most recent game on a football field, which they lost 26-9. Derek Carr completed 23 out of 37 passes for 127 yards. He completed the contest without intercepting a pass and finished with a quarterback rating of 68.2.

Alvin Kamara led the Saints’ rushing attack with 11 carries for 51 yards (averaging 4.6 yards per carry). For a total of 53 yards on 4 receptions, Michael Thomas averaged 13.3 yards per grab. Averaging 3.7 yards per carry, the New Orleans Saints carried the ball 19 times for a total of 70 yards.

They had 61 plays totaling 197 yards when the game was done. 25 of 33 passes, or 75.8%, were successfully completed by the opposing side for a total of 239 yards. The Saints allowed 114 yards on 33 carries, or approximately 3.5 yards per carry, on the ground.

The Saints have gained a total of 1,141 yards thus far this season. New Orleans has accumulated 41 first downs as a unit, but their 24 penalties have cost them 237 yards. When it comes to putting the ball in the end zone, New Orleans has scored two touchdowns through the air and two touchdowns on the ground.

Three interceptions and three fumbles later, they have lost the ball six times. They rank 25th in the NFL for rushing average with 87.5 yards per game. The New Orleans Saints score 15.5 points per contest currently.

The Saints rank eighth in the league in terms of team defense. 19.0 points are surrendered each game. clubs from other clubs are averaging 4.1 yards per carry and 103.3 yards per game this season. They have allowed the opposing team to run for 413 yards through 4 games so far this season.

The Saints are now ranked 12th in football due to their 804 passing yards allowed. They have allowed 59.0% of completions and 201.0 yards via the air per game on average. Their overall average of 304.3 yards allowed per game places them in 11th place in the NFL.

Saints Gambling Tips

New Orleans is winless against the spread this year.
This season, New Orleans has played four games with a fixed total, and none of those games have gone over.
For the first time ever this season, New Orleans will play as the underdog.
The Saints have never faced a bigger underdog than the -105 moneyline set for this game.

New Orleans’ Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 197.8 (791) 21
Rush yards 87.5 (350) 25
Points scored 15.5 (62) 25
Pass yards against 201.0 (804) 12
Rush yards against 103.3 (413) 11
Points allowed 19.0 (76) 9

Week 5 betting prediction for the Saints vs. Patriots game: New England

Next, we have New England’s Week 5 betting prediction for the Saints vs. Patriots game.

This will be the Patriots’ fourth game of the year; they are now 1-3. The Cowboys defeated the Patriots 38-3 in their most recent meeting on a football field. At the conclusion of the game, Mac Jones had completed 12 of his 21 passes for 150 yards, good for a QB rating of 39.9.

He had two interceptions and completed 7.1 of his passes. Rhamondre Stevenson carried the ball 14 times for 30 yards, averaging 2.1 yards per attempt for New England. The top receiver for the Patriots was Hunter Henry. For a total of 51 yards on 4 receptions, he averaged 12.8 yards per catch.

23 times, or 2.3 yards per run, were used to carry the ball for 53 yards by New England. At the conclusion of the game, the Patriots ran 55 plays for a total of 253 yards (4.6 yards per play). 30 of 36 throws were completed by the Patriots’ receiving defense, resulting in 253 yards and an 83.3% completion rate. 30 runs for 124 yards, or 4.1 yards per carry, were surrendered by New England.

With an average of 13.8 PPG, the Patriots are the 30th-best scoring team in the NFL. The Patriots are now in 13th place in the league after passing for a total of 907 yards this season and averaging 226.8 yards per game. They have rushed for a total of 374 yards this season, averaging 93.5 yards per game.

The New England Patriots rank 17th in football with an average of 320.3 yards per game. 24 penalties totaling 188 yards have been assessed against the New England offense. In terms of assisting the opposing team, this places them at 24th in football. They have lost four interceptions, and their adversaries have lost three fumbles. However, they have 45 first downs.

Due to their 3 air touchdowns and 196.0 yards per game allowed, they are ranked 10th in the league. This year, New England has allowed 404 rushing yards (101.0 yards per game) and 4 rushing touchdowns. This season, they have surrendered a total of 97 points.

Their defense has recovered 1 fumble and 1 pick so far this year. 252 plays have been completed by the Patriots defense, which ranks 16th in the NFL. The Patriots rank 21st among all NFL teams in terms of points allowed per game (24.3).

Patriots Information about Betting

All season, New England has only once beaten the odds.
In the only game this season in which they were favored by one or more points, the Patriots won against the spread.
This season, the over has been attained in one out of every four New England games with predetermined point totals (25%)
This season, New England has only been a moneyline favorite once, and it was a victory.
This season, the Patriots were a moneyline favorite of -115 or less in just one game, which they won.

New England’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 226.8 (907) 12
Rush yards 93.5 (374) 24
Points scored 13.8 (55) 30
Pass yards against 196.0 (784) 10
Rush yards against 101.0 (404) 10
Points allowed 24.3 (97) 21

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