Have you ever found yourself scratching your head over a betting line during an NFL game? You have probably felt that way if you have ever placed a football wager. You can find yourself thinking, “I wonder if anybody knows something.” For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of ten things to take into account when examining NFL lines.

A Team’s Popularity

Remember that straight betting lines are designed in part to balance the odds between the two participating teams. Nonetheless, there are certain NFL teams with far bigger fan following than others. In actuality, a lot of people place heartfelt wagers. This inherent emotional betting must be taken into account when lines are set. A sizable betting community has the power to sway opinions and hurt feelings.

Home Field Advantage

HFA is widely acknowledged to be worth roughly three points. On the other hand, some clubs clearly have a bigger home field advantage than others. Stadiums that serve to magnify crowd noise are home to teams who draw boisterous crowds. For those who are not accustomed to it, Denver’s thin air may be a problem. In some stadiums more than others, wind is a factor. Certain stadiums are just harder for rival teams to play in. NFL stadiums differ from one another despite field dimensions, goal posts, and footballs being the same throughout the league. In the NFL today, 24 teams play in open stadiums, 4 teams have retractable roofs, and 4 teams have domes. The majority of the stadiums are made up of a mix of synthetic surfaces, with natural grass found in about half of them.


A team’s injured players should obviously be taken into account, but you should also look at how many players were “nicked up” the week before. Players’ play is impacted when they are injured. Verifying who is listed as disabled is merely the first step. Who is questionable and how many players are out with nagging injuries might have an impact on lines. Even though the most prominent injuries are those to high-profile players, injuries to the offensive and defensive lines can have a significant effect.


The momentum of a squad can be a major determinant on betting odds. There are clubs that have unexpected runs every season. The NFL betting lines will soon be impacted by these runs. Recall that momentum can be both positive and negative. Teams that are winning often look unstoppable, while losing teams never seem to be able to catch a break. Additionally, one must take into account selective momentum, such as winning streaks at home and on the road.

Performance Against the Spread 

Talking about an impending game, you’ll frequently hear folks analyze how one team or the other does against the spread. Though maybe not for the reason you think, this information is valuable. It’s not like the players get together in a pregame meeting with the intention of beating the spread if the club is winning against it. It is much more possible that earlier statements misjudged the team’s capabilities. Put otherwise, if a team is covering the spread on a regular basis, the line is probably more to blame than the squad’s play. It should be said that the player is “consistently underestimated by the betting line,” not “performance against the spread.”


All outdoor sports, including NFL games held in open stadiums, are impacted by weather conditions. Though weather affects places like Green Bay every week, we prefer to think of it as a factor solely around December. For instance, the three NFL teams that play in Florida do so in outdoor stadiums. Games in the early season can be quite hot and muggy. Both strong winds and heavy rain can affect a game. The closer it gets to game time, the more weather can be taken into account, even though it is challenging to do so in early week lines. Naturally, a team is more vulnerable to the damaging effects of bad weather when it depends significantly on its passing game.

The Schedule

Although NFL games are not played in a vacuum, coaches like to talk about taking it one game at a time. The schedule of a team determines the rhythm of the season. If one side is participating in a match where they had less time to prepare than their opponent, it will have an impact on the betting lines. The NFL schedule includes a lot of bye weeks, with clubs that play opponents that have just finished a bye week at a clear disadvantage.In example, the Buffalo Bills began advocating for this to be a concern in 2012 after playing four opponents during bye weeks. Against those rested clubs, they had a 1-4 record.

Traveling Teams

Travel is taken into account when calculating betting lines; it is not the same as home field advantage. A team’s timetable and internal clock are impacted when they travel to different coasts. Additionally, a team’s performance in a run of back-to-back away games may have an effect. Unfavorable weather in a climate that differs greatly from their native city can have a greater effect on traveling teams.


Matchups are an essential part of NFL lines by nature of the game. Perhaps the most important component in determining lines in the NFL is how the offenses of different teams measure up against each other’s defenses and vice versa.When analyzing these games, unique team and individual matchups are also crucial.

Rivalry Games 

Different perspectives are frequently applied to rivalries than to “normal” games. There are certain teams that have had a long-standing rivalry, such as the Packers and Bears or the Cowboys and Redskins. However, don’t discount the more recent rivalries that have emerged, such as those between the Patriots and nearly every team in the league, the Steelers and the Ravens, and the Patriots and the Jets. Both the teams and the spectators play these kinds of sports with a little bit more vigor. There is undoubtedly rivalry between every NFL team, but some are unquestionably more strong than others. It is important to consider rivalries while examining betting lines.