Whether you’re an avid fan of horse racing betting for years or you’re just a casual bettor who enjoys placing bets on the biggest races in the sport, you should be aware that there are a few guidelines that all bettors should abide by in order to place winning wagers on one of the oldest forms of gambling in history.

With a history spanning more than a century, horse racing wagering continues to be the most established and reliable type of betting among all sports. Bettors on horse races who nail their value selections frequently get a big return on a small initial investment.

Let’s now go over the various bets that both existing and potential horse bettors can place and the fundamentals of horse betting.

Lets Start With The Basics

Classic horse racing bets include the standard first, second, and third place, win, and show wagers. That’s exactly what a win wager entails—betting on a horse to win the race. A show wager is a bet on a horse to place third or higher, whereas a place wager is a bet on a specific horse to finish second or higher. $2 is the minimum that can be staked on any win, place, or show wager.

A “across the board” bet is one in which one is placing, winning, or showing a horse. Let’s say you have a preference for the horse rated number two in the second race (Race 2) at Delaware Race Track. On the 2 horse across the board, you have a $2 wager. The wager has a total value of $6. The horse that places second earns $5 for placing and $2.60 for showing. For a $2 place stake, you receive $5 back, and for a $2 show wager, you receive $2.60. Since the horse finished in second place rather than first, you will not receive any compensation for your $2 win wager.

Exotic Horse Betting

The most conventional method of betting on ponies is to place, win, or show a mount. But exotic betting yields the highest payouts. gambling on combinations to appear in a specific race or in several races is known as exotic gambling. The daily double, exacta, trifecta, and superfecta are the most common exotic bets.

Daily Double

You can choose the winner of two consecutive races by placing a wager on what are known as “daily doubles,” which are offered by many racetracks. The traditional daily double and the late double are still available on most tracks. In order to participate in the classic double, horse racing wagerers must select the winners of Races 1 and 2. In the late daily double, wagerers choose the winners of the day’s final two races. The daily double is comparable to placing a football parlay wager involving two teams. You win the bet if both horses triumph. Another name for the daily double is a vertical horse racing bet.


Betting an exacta is placing a bet on the top two finishers in a single race. Assume you have a preference for the 5 and 6 in Belmont Park’s Race 3. You use the 5 and 6 to place a $2 exacta box wager. According to the exacta box, the six horses may place first and the five horses may place second, or the five horses may place first and the six horses may place second. The bet will set you back $4. You win the wager if the race results are 5 first and 6 second, or 6 first and 5 second.


Placing a wager on all three of the top finishers in a single race is known as a trifecta. For illustration, suppose you place a $2 trifecta box wager because you like the 5, 7, and 10 horses in Race 8 at the Fairgrounds in New Orleans. Because you are wagering $2 on each of the six possible combinations, the trifecta box will set you back $12. If any of the six combinations occur during the race, you win: 5-7-10 or 5-10-7, 7-5-10 or 7-10-5, 10-5-7 or 10-7-5.


This bet entails placing a wager on the top four finishers in a particular race. Superfecta betting is abundant, but it may also be very expensive. With a whopping 24 combinations that could come up, a $2 four-horse superfecta box will cost $48. Superfectas can also be exceedingly challenging to master.

Horse racing handicappers typically like to employ a key horse. Assume you have a preference for the No. 2 mount to place first or second and the No. 3 horse to place first or second in Churchill Downs Race 5. You also think that the horses numbered five and six will place third or fourth in the race. Next, you would enter all four of your selections in the third and fourth spots, and input the two and three horses in the first two slots (win and place). This is how your wager would appear: 2, 3 plus 2, 3 plus 2, 3, 5, 6 plus 2, 3, 5, 6

There are twelve (12) possible combinations with this wager. You will lose $24 on a $2 superfecta wager. You can reduce your expenditure for this type of wager in half by using a key horse.

Pick 3 and Pick 4 Wagers

In addition to the daily double, several race bookies provide additional vertical horse racing wagers. To place a Pick 3 bet, you must select the winner of three straight races. As an illustration, wagering on a Pick 3 that begins in Race 1 will include Races 1, 2, and 3. Selecting the winners of Races 6, 7, 8, and 9 is necessary when placing a wager on a Pick 4 that begins in Race 6.

It goes without saying that betting on horse races is one of the most thrilling types of gambling and is frequently a terrific way for bettors to increase their yearly betting bankrolls.

You can now use this information at your neighborhood racetrack or online to your bank.

Bettors on horse races, good luck!