This is your lucky day if you enjoy items that come in groups of five, whether you’re a fan of the Jackson 5, the Spice Girls, NSync, the Backstreet Boys, or Power Rangers.

You see, if you’re ready for what appears to be another thrilling NFL season waiting to happen and you want to start off strong with a larger bankroll, you could benefit from some professional betting advice that will help you prepare for the 2017 NFL season. And guess what? Whether you’re ready or not, here are five professional NFL football picks for the 2017 regular season!

Analyzing The 5 Betting Tips That Will Get You Ready For The NFL Season

Identify teams on the Rise

Finding teams that are rising and will probably be better than they were the previous season is one of the best and first things you can do before the season begins. Teams with young and developing quarterbacks, as well as those who finished the previous season strong or added game-changing players in the offseason, fall into this category.

Teams who perfectly embody this term are the Tennessee Titans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Ironically, both Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota’s clubs had an encouraging 9-7 record the previous season, demonstrating that they are both franchise signal-callers who are still developing. The Philadelphia Eagles, who added Torrey Smith and Alshon Jeffrey, two experienced wide receivers, might also be considered in this group.

Identify Teams Set to Take a Step Backwards

The next step is to determine which teams are likely to regress a bit in the upcoming season. Every year, a few clubs will undoubtedly not be better than they were the previous year due to a variety of factors, including the loss of important free agents, poor coaching, and careless front office personnel decisions.

After overachieving in 2016, could the Dallas Cowboys or perhaps the Oakland Raiders fit into this category? Last but not least, the Chicago Bears may miss wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey greatly given that Kevin White is struggling to remain healthy. Perhaps the run-starved Minnesota Vikings will miss Adrian Peterson more than they ever thought.

ATS Success?

Finding teams who have won ATS consistently over the course of, say, the previous three seasons, is the next task that needs to be completed. You will be in a much better position moving into the 2017 regular season if you can locate consistent ATS winning franchises, even though you will still need to take into account squad additions and losses as well as other similar factors. Did you know, for example, that the only NFL club to finish among the top nine in terms of over-the-cup triumphs in each of the previous three seasons is Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers?

Did you know that Washington has been inside the Top 10 every year for the past two years, or that Pittsburgh has finished with a winning ATS mark for three consecutive seasons? You should also be aware that the Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Arizona Cardinals, and Houston Texans have all placed inside the Top 9 in two of the last three seasons.

Identify ATS Losers

Finding consistent ATS losing teams can be just as beneficial as, if not more so, than, searching for consistent ATS winners.

The New York Jets have done so twice in the last three seasons, while the consistently dismal San Francisco 49ers and the pathetic Cleveland Browns have both ended in the bottom five in ATS wins in each of the last two seasons. Prior to last year, Tennessee had also ended in the bottom five two seasons in a row, but I wouldn’t exactly count on it happening anytime soon.

The Heart of the Matter

Last but not least, one of the most important and useful pieces of advice I can offer you is to always remember that you should never, ever, ever place a bet using your emotions rather than your head. This implies that you might want to steer clear of betting on your preferred team throughout the great majority of the season in order to reduce the possibility that you will do this classic betting error.