You should be extremely knowledgeable about baccarat betting methods if, like James Bond, you’ve ever fancied yourself as the hottest chick in the room after destroying a few rival baccarat players!

Here’s everything you need to know according to our professional breakdown of the most widely used baccarat betting strategies available today. The baccarat system I taught myself.

Baccarat Betting Systems – Here’s What You Need to Know!

The “self-taught” method is not available online or in any casino betting book. That’s because there’s no better method to learn than on-the-job training, just like there are many other things in life.

It’s not necessary to attend a casino and lose a lot of money before becoming an expert at baccarat and using your own betting strategy. You may learn these skills at home.

As you create your own strategy, you can practice alone or with companions using a pack of playing cards at home.

The 1-3-2-6 System

This is a positive progression approach where the focus is on long-term bet placement rather than winning every hand. This means that during your gaming evening, you should constantly stake one unit, then three, then two, and eventually six if, like the majority of players, you think you can win at baccarat four times in a row. The tenet of this antiquated system is that you will succeed if you leave at the right moment.

The Paroli System

Another positive progression method is the Paroli system, which holds that if you wager one unit and win, you should double the next wager, and so on, until you win three times. Then, you ought to get back into the betting cycle.

The Labouchere System

Being more intricate than most, this is one of the top 5 baccarat betting strategies. The Labouchere System, for instance, effectively recommends that you place a one-unit wager first. You then remove the outside numbers if your wager is successful. Again, if your subsequent wager succeeds, you will have finished a cycle and will need to place a new bet of one unit.


This classic technique takes a similar approach to winning Blackjack players, emphasizing primarily defensive play. This essentially indicates that you typically place a bet on the dealer’s hand to lose rather than on your hand to win.

Having said all of this, never forget that casinos exist to generate revenue. Bet sensibly and enjoy your hunting, aspiring James Bonds.